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    Learning piano is an enjoyable and fun experience. Most piano players are always looking to better understand
    concepts in rhythm. Learning piano chords is a very important part of the process, but it does require a certain
                                                 degree of patience.
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                                     Be Kind To Your Piano When You Put It In Storage
                                                                 By D Ruplinger

   You own a piano you love. But, you find that you need to put it in storage for a while. How should
you go about doing it?

Many experts will tell you to avoid storing a piano if at all possible. It’s suggested to do everything you
can to find a relative or friend who can keep the piano in their home or apartment until you’re ready for
it again.

But what if that’s not possible?

A climate controlled storage facility is the best storage choice. Then the piano won’t be subjected to big
temperature swings and big humidity changes, both of which can cause a lot of damage to a piano.

Pianos are very sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. Frequent, severe swings in
temperature and humidity can wreck the wood piano case; doing things to it such as drying it out to the
point of cracking if it’s too dry for a long time or warping it and wrecking the wood if it’s too humid.

Frequent or severe temperature and humidity changes will also cause the piano to go out of tune
sooner than it normally would. It can also cause the wool cloth in the piano actions on better quality
pianos to deteriorate.

If you have a piano at an unheated summer home or cottage, it’s probably better to keep the piano
there during the cold winter months than to move it back and forth every year. If a person has to
choose between storing a piano in a place that’s very hot versus very cold, the piano will usually fare
much better in the cooler place. Some experts suggest placing moth balls in the piano during the winter
storage period, taking care to make sure the moth balls don’t touch the finish of the piano. Just be sure
to remember to remove them before you start using the piano again.

One additional warning comes from “The Piano Book” by Larry Fine (an excellent and comprehensive
resource book on pianos). He says a piano that has been kept for years in an area that was damp or
unheated should never be moved to a dry location or a well-heated location. Larry says pianos that
have had this done to them have been known to “self destruct” in a short period of time.

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D Ruplinger is a featured writer for http://www.pianoscentral.com For more information about pianos,
both new and used, visit http://www.pianoscentral.com.

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                                    Piano: Choosing Between Digital and Acoustic
                                                           By Simon West

The piano musical instrument has come a long way since its discovery hundreds of years back. The
original edition has now been simulated and enhanced innumerable times, following-on in a big
quantity of diverse piano designs and with the most recent technology, digital pianos have emerged
and turn into a well-liked substitute. But which one is exactly for you? That depends significantly on
what you plan to do and how much would you be willing to shell out. Yet, there are many advantages
and disadvantages for both sides.


 The acoustic piano is a complex configuration. When the keys are pressed the result is that a string
vibrates whish is responsible for sound production. This is improved by the piano’s soundboard
providing a rich, accurate piano sound, and quite appreciated at concerts and recitals. On the other
hand, an acoustic piano needs a lot of room, maintenance and funds.

 When choosing an acoustic piano, there are many things that you need to think about. First, is that it
requires a standard tuning, especially during weather changes or if the piano is transported from one
place to another.

 Second while it requires regular tuning and maintenance, nothing beats then sound of an acoustic
piano making it a worth it investment.

 Third, acoustic pianos let any musician to play softly or loudly, depending on the kind of piece being
played and the mood it portrays.

Fourth, acoustic pianos are heavy and huge and take a lot of space because of its size.

 Lastly, acoustic pianos are generally expensive. Most affordable ones are usually full of defects and
not worth buying at all.


 The digital piano is a duplication of an acoustic piano. Unlike an acoustic piano, the digital piano uses
a device, which is usually a recorded notes from an acoustic piano that produces sound. Digital pianos
are the most preferred instrument by bands as they are handy and very light.

 Just like an acoustic piano, there are many things to consider when buying a digital piano. First, is the
price generally, digital piano are cheaper compared to acoustic pianos.

 Second, digital pianos have less sensitivity in its keys, making it difficult to interpret piano pieces

 Third, if you enroll in a piano class, you will find that most teachers recommend the use of acoustic
pianos than digital ones. Therefore, most of them will not teach you how to manipulate a digital piano.

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Fourth, digital pianos are very handy and light, they even have a carry bag for better handling.

 Fifth, a high end digital piano contains features and styles in a wide selection. These include drum
tracks and notes which were recorded from several instruments and kinds of pianos.

 Sixth, unlike an acoustic piano, digital pianos need no tuning even when the weather changes

 The debate between acoustic pianos and digital pianos goes on and on up to this point in time.
Classical pianist claims that nothing beats the sound of acoustic pianos. However, digital pianos are
commonly used especially for bands as they are very handy and don’t take much room for storage.
They are also cheap compared to acoustics. So if you were to choose, which would you prefer -
acoustics or digital?

Be the best piano student. Visit http://learnpianoreview.com and read reviews on piano lessons such
as Instrument Master Piano review.

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