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                                                        Dish Network Smart Card
                                                             By Frank Johnson

    In researching Dish Network as a satellite TV provider, you may have asked yourself…

Just what is the Dish Network Smart Card?

In an effort to combat signal piracy, satellite providers have faced quite a challenge: keep their
broadcasting secure from unauthorized users while providing uninterrupted service to their base of

For Dish Network, the result is the Smart Card.

In the past, Dish Network satellite receivers used a blue access card to assist with activation and
programming setup. Those old blue cards have been replaced by new, yellow smart cards. And quite
smart they are.

Already popular in European applications, the Smart Card is now starting to take off in the States as
well. Used in credit cards, wireless communications and sensitive personnel identification, the Smart
Card is becoming more prevalent as our dependence on technology grows.

The Dish Network Card is similar to the size and shape of a credit card. But that's where the similarities
end. Unlike the magnetic strip on your credit card, the Dish Network Smart Card has a microprocessor
inside. Where magnetic strips can be easily damaged, erased or worse, read, the microprocessor is
much harder to crack, keeping sensitive information secure from prying eyes. The card reader in your
satellite receiver actually talks to the microprocessor to determine what programming access you
should have and make sure that programming is delivered to you on schedule. It also checks to see
that the programming you're receiving is done through the receiver you purchased. This prevents any
signal theft in the event your Smart Card is lost or stolen.

Another interesting feature of the new Dish Network Card is that it improves Dish Network's ability to
manage your account through more accurate billing. The microprocessor keeps up with any premium
programming you might purchase so you're only billed for what you actually watched.

To protect your Dish Network Card, keep it away from magnets and static electricity. The Smart Card

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

should be inserted gently into the receiver ensuring the card is correctly positioned and free of any
foreign materials.

I am first and foremost an observer of life. I enjoy analyzing and exploring all aspects of life on planet
Earth, and expressing my personal perspective on the nitty gritty of it all. As a result of my
observations, I have become a freelance writer.

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                                 Dish Network DVR, Better Than The Original TiVo?
                                                        By Timothy Cashman

Surprisingly to some, TiVo is not the only vendor out there then it come to DVRs. There is also Dish
Network, or as their product is officially called, the Dish Network DVR.

The amazing thing about this DVR is that the company has more units than any other company. So in
a sense what TiVo started, Dish Network seems to be finishing. Probably the most likely reason Dish
Network is winning this battle is the simple fact that they are giving it away for free as an incentive to
purchase their entire Satellite TV package.

Its safe to say that the Dish Network DVR is very similar to that of TiVo. Again a DVR is a device that is
basically a giant hard drive that let's you record live television.

Dish Network lets you record upwards to about 180 hours of television programing. Let me say for the
record that this is A LOT of television. The number of hours is dependent on what kind of model you
get from Dish Network. 100 hours is actually the norm.

Also very similar to TiVo, Dish is very easy to use and fairly straight forward in some of its options.

There are many options you can pursue and all of this takes place over the on-screen guide which I
have found to be very easy to use.

As for the unit itself, I personally nor have anyone I have met come across any major expenses when it
comes to servicing your Dish Network DVR. At the most is the inconvenience of swapping out the unite
when you have a problem that cannot be fixed by the customer service people. And then the most you
will incur is the cost of shipping the unit.

The question one really needs to ask yourself in terms of comparing the original TiVo to the Dish
Network DVR is really whether or not Satellite Television, of which Dish Network is a part of, is right for
you. Personally I prefer the original TiVo, but that is mostly because I have had it for much longer.

However, if you're a Satellite TV customer, then I really cannot say anything against getting a Dish
Network DVR. You're programming experience is only sure to blossom!

If you would like to know more, please visit Timothy
Cashman is an independent reviewer on products & services. You can find further information at

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