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									                       Oconto County Lakes & Waterways Association
                          Minutes of the 3 November 2007 Meeting

President Matt Marty called the meeting to order at 9 a.m. at the Best Western Inn in Lakewood.
Lake associations represented at the meeting were Waubee, Boot, Crooked, Townsend Flowage,
White Potato, Paya, Bass, Maiden, Machickanee, Archibald, Inland P&R District #1 Townsend
and the White Potato Lake Sportsmens Club. Also present was Dale Mohr, Community
Resource Development Agent for Oconto County.

There being no one wishing to speak during the public comment period, Matt asked the Secretary
to read the minutes of the August 4 meeting. There are two corrections. The final paragraph of
page one should include the phrase “OCLAWA objects to a one-size-fits-all Slow/No Wake
county wide ordinance.” In the matter of a Board of Directors vacancy, vacancies can be voted
upon only at the annual meeting. Don Preuter is therefore appointed to fill the vacancy until
brought to vote at the May meeting. The minutes were then approved.

Treasurer Dick Hiebing reported we have 18 member associations, and a checking account
balance of $1,049.67. Treasurer’s report was approved.

Slow/No Wake Decision – As reported at the October 3 Law Enforcement Committee meeting,
State Statutes prohibit the Oconto County Sheriff’s Department from enforcing township
ordinances (other than speed limits). Corporation Counsel advised that such enforcement would
require a change in state statutes. President Marty called for discussion on the association’s next
step. Speaking against any further action on Slow/No Wake were Mary Gilmeister of Boot lake,
Mike Winius of Bass Lake, Eric Loritz of Waubee Lake, Dan Benoit of Townsend Flowage,
Arliss Ausloos of Crooked Lake, Milt Alsteen of White Potato Lake Sportsmens Club and Dick
Hiebing of Inland Lakes P&R District #1 Townsend. The pending motion for OCLAWA to
support an effort to change state statutes to allow county enforcement of town ordinances was
defeated unanimously.

Mary Gilmeister asked if the association could perhaps back an effort to allow county enforce-
ment of town ordinances by establishing a municipal court system for northern Oconto County.
President Marty stated this project was recently dropped because of the cost, and also no grants
are available to support a court system. Mike Winius offered that an economic/political crisis
will someday mandate such a court system in the future.

Lake Classification Status – Matt explained the Proposal, which resulted from18 months of
meetings by the Lake Classification Ad Hoc Committee, is in the hands of the Planning/Zoning
Department, being held for release to the county board until the DNR has completed their
changes to NR 115. Mary Gilmeister asked that the Proposal be added to the OCLAWA
website. Steps will be taken to accomplish this.

White Potato Lake Herbicide Spill – Matt Marty and Bruce Kilmer reported on a Simazine
Contaminant either spilled or dumped into a lagoon off Walkers Bay at White Potato Lake in
April 2007, resulting in fish kill. The DNR and the Department of Agriculture Trade &
Consumer Protection were called in and contracted with Veolia Environmental Services to
remove the granular Simazine from the concrete pier and the water using a vacuum truck, a
tanker truck and other response vehicles. The recovered simazine and water were transported to
Mineral Springs for analytical sampling and disposal. Residents were advised to stay away from
the area, not use the water for irrigation or drinking, and finally to avoid eating any fish until
further notice. This report was given to remind waterfront property owners to remove weeds in
an acceptable manner and only after receiving a DNR permit.

2008 Election of Officers – Matt reported the terms of President, Vice-president and one
member of the board of directors will expire in May 2008, and asked for volunteers to form a
nominating committee to propose candidates. Board member Mike Winius indicated his
willingness to stay on, while Matt Marty and Judie Gowaski declined to run for election. No
volunteers came forward; the matter will be discussed again at the February meeting.

Conservation Lobby Day – Matt Marty reported the 2008 meeting will be January 30 at the
State Capitol. Purpose is to meet with other citizens of the state and legislators to urge them to
vote “green” on natural resource issues. In 2007 over 430 Wisconsin citizens took part. The
2008 priorities are: (1) Keep the Great lakes Waters in the Great lakes, (2) Restore Conservation
Integrity, and (3) Stop Global Warming. Matt offered free lodging to anyone from OCLAWA
who would like to attend.

2008 WAL Convention – The largest lake convention in the nation will be held April 17-19 at
the KI Center in Green Bay. This year’s workshops will be geared to county lake associations.
Matt urged everyone to attend and take advantage of the knowledge to be gained.

2008 Projects – Suggested county-wide projects were “Get The Lead Out”, the Loon Watch
Program, distribution of literature on phosphorous-free fertilizer to local hardware stores, and
distribution of literature on invasive species to sporting good stores and bait shops. Arliss
Ausloos of Crooked Lake requested further Clean Boats/Clean Waters training for Crooked Lake
volunteers. Matt Marty and Bruce Kilmer agreed to do the training in Spring 2008.

2008 Meeting Dates – February 2 – May 3 – August 2 – November 1. All meetings will be held
at the Lakewood Best Western Inn. Meeting times may vary due to availability – watch for
postcard notices.

There being no further business, and no one wishing to speak at the public comment period, the
meeting adjourned at 10:35 a.m.

Judie Gowaski

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