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                                  英 语 试 题
                            、第 II 卷非选择题(第 46 ~ 85 题及书面表
  1.本试卷包含第 I 卷选择题(第 1 ~ 45 题)
    达题)两部分。本次考试时间为 100 分钟,卷面总分为 120 分。考试形式为闭卷。
  3.答题前,务必将自己的姓名、准考证号用书写黑色字迹的 0.5 毫米签字笔填写在试

                          第Ⅰ卷 (选择题,共 60 分)
一、单项选择(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,计 15 分)
      从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出一个可以填入句中空白处的最佳答案。
1. Ge You is ______ popular film star in China, who likes listening to music.
   A. a                   B. an                     C. the                 D.∕
2. ______ interesting it is to go sailing in Qingdao in summer!
   A. What                B. What an                C. How                 D. How an
3. — Where’s David?
    — He ______ be in the playground because he is fond of playing basketball.
   A. will                B. may                    C. can’t               D. mustn’t
4. — Can I use your e-dictionary?
    — Sorry. I don’t have ______.
   A. it                  B. this                   C. that                D. one
5. Sandy feels unhappy because nobody seems to ______ her progress.
   A. notice              B. look                   C. watch               D. read
6. — I’ll go to Beijing for the coming summer holiday.
    — ______.
   A. Thank you           B. It doesn’t matter      C. The same to you     D. Have a good time
7. I saw Li Ming ______ near the river on my way home.
   A. plays               B. playing                C. to play             D. played
8. The two cities have reached an ______ to develop science and technology.
   A. education           B. excitement             C. agreement           D. invention
9. Mr. White came to our school in 2008, and since then he ______ us English.
   A. teaches             B. taught                 C. has taught          D. will teach
10. Many volunteers______ food and water to the local people in Japan after the tsunami.
     A. gave out          B. cut out                C. put out             D. found out
11. Plan your time carefully and make sure you have some time ______ what you like every day.
     A. do                B. to do                  C. doing               D. done
12. I ______ along the road when I saw Peter. So we stopped and had a chat.
     A. walked            B. was walking            C. would walk          D. had walked
13. — Is Mr. Black ill?
      — ______. I think he will have to stay at home to have a good rest.
     A. I don’t think so B. I’m afraid not          C. I hope so           D. I’m afraid so
                                英语试题 第 1 页(共 8 页)
14. — Excuse me. Could you tell me ______?
      — It will leave at 4:00 p.m.
    A. how will you go to Shanghai                     B. how you will go to Shanghai
    C. when will the bus leave for Shanghai            D. when the bus will leave for Shanghai
15. — How soon ______ all the work ______?
      — In a week.
    A. will…finish                                     B. is...going to finish
    C. will…be finished                                D. are…going to be finished
二、完形填空(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,计 15 分)
      A passenger (乘客) told an air hostess (空姐) that he needed a cup of water to take medicine
when the plane just took off. She told him that she would bring him the 16         soon.
      Twenty minutes       17 , when the passenger’s ring for service sounded, the air hostess
realized it at once. She was kept so busy that she    18 to bring him the water. Therefore, the
passenger was held up (延迟) to take his medicine. She hurried over to him with a cup of water,
but he 19 it.
      In the following hours on the flight,    20 time the air hostess passed the passenger, she
would ask him with a smile       21 he needed help or not. But the passenger never          22 her
      When he was going to get off the       23 , the passenger asked the air hostess to hand him
the passengers’ booklet (意见簿). She was very 24 . She knew that he would write down
sharp words, which might make her 25 the job. 26                 with a smile she handed it to him.
      Off the plane, she     27 the booklet, and cracked a smile, for the passenger put it, “On the
flight, you asked me if I needed help for twelve times     28 . How can I refuse 29            twelve
sincere smiles?”
    That’s right! It was the twelve smiles of the air hostess that touched (感动) the passenger
   30 and of course she wouldn’t lose her job!
      16. A. milk              B. juice                C. coffee                  D. water
      17. A. late              B. later                C. ago                     D. after
      18. A. remembered        B. forgot               C. wanted                  D. learned
      19. A. accepted          B. took                 C. refused                 D. received
      20. A. some              B. either               C. another                 D. each
      21. A. why               B. when                 C. whether                 D. how
      22. A. paid attention to B. thought of           C. heard of                D. worried about
      23. A. coach             B. bus                  C. train                   D. plane
      24. A. happy             B. cheerful             C. sad                     D. excited
      25. A. lose              B. loses                C. losing                  D. lost
      26. A. And               B. So                   C. Then                    D. But
      27. A. opened            B. closed               C. destroyed               D. hid
      28. A. at all            B. in all               C. of all                  D. all over
      29. A. her               B. your                 C. their                   D. our
      30. A. peacefully        B. comfortably          C. deeply                  D. slowly
                                  英语试题 第 2 页(共 8 页)
三、阅读理解 (共 15 小题,每小题 2 分,计 30 分)
     阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出最佳选项。

                         There are four parts in IELTS: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
                    Listening is very important. Are you confident? Have you made good
                    preparation? The book IELTS Listening is helpful for your preparation for

                         Car and Driver is the world's most popular automotive magazine. It
                    provides information and entertainment for people who like cars. It offers
                    the best vehicle tests in the business. The magazine also covers the latest
                    developments in car technology.

                         Once you own the book, you will become a good speaker. Susan
                    Weinschenk’s excellent ideas on how to make a perfect speech are very
                    helpful to you. With the help of the book, you will be confident to know
                    how to give your speech. Also, you will learn how to attract your audience
                    during the speech.
                          The book offers healthy and delicious food. These dishes can all be
                    completed in less than half an hour, and in many cases, in just a few
                    minutes. Sisson and Meier show you how to delight your family or guests
                    every time with quick, delicious meals using local materials, meats, healthy
                    fats (yes, and real butter) and common herbs and spices.
31. Which of the following will help to improve your speech?
    A. IELTS Listening .                              B. Car and Driver.
    C. Quick & Easy Meals.                            D. Designing Effective Speech Interfaces.
32. Who will probably be interested in Quick & Easy Meals?
    A. Car fans.                                    B. English speakers.
    C. Housewives.                                  D. Businessmen.
33. How many of the four short passages are introductions of magazines?
   A. One.                    B. Two.                  C. Three.                D. Four.

     There was a man who had a little son. He loved him very much. Every day after work the
man would come home and play with the little boy.
     When the man came home from work one night, he found that he had some extra work to do.
And he wasn’t able to play with his little son. He wanted to give the boy something to keep him
busy. So, looking around his study, he saw a magazine with a large map of the world on the cover.
He got an idea. He patiently tore the map up into pieces. Then he led his son into the dining room
and spread the pieces on the table. He explained to the boy that it was a map of the world. He told
                                 英语试题 第 3 页(共 8 页)
the boy to put it back together and they could play together when he finished. Surely this could
keep the child busy for hours, he thought.
     After about thirty minutes, the boy came to the man and said, “Okay, it’s finished, Dad. Can
we play now?”
     The man was surprised, saying, “That’s amazing! How did you do that?” The boy said, “It
was easy. On the back of the page was a picture of a man. When I put the man together, the whole
world appeared completely.”
34. Why couldn’t the man play with his son that night?
    A. He had to read a magazine.                     B. He had some extra work to do.
    C. He had to learn something about a map.         D. He had to stay at his office for extra work.
35. What did the man ask his son to do?
    A. To read the magazine to find the map.
    B. To tear the map of the world up into pieces.
    C. To put the pieces of the map of the world back together.
    D. To clean the dining room first, and then read the map of the world.
36. How long did it take the boy to finish the work?
    A. A few hours.          B. About an hour.        C. About half an hour. D. The whole night.
37. Which of the following is TRUE about the passage?
    A. It’s a report about a father’s extra work.
    B. It’s a story between a father and his clever son.
    C. It’s an advertisement for the map of the world.
    D. It’s a poster about how to deal with parents’ problems.

     When you are curious about something and want to know more about it, you can use the way
of asking questions. Asking questions is the first step to make discoveries and find interesting
answers. The following steps can guide you during the research.
     Step 1 Write down the subject that you are interested in on a piece of paper. Just get the main
idea down. For example, you might write:
     Discover more about robots.
     Step 2 Stop and think for a moment about what you have already known about your subject.
List what you have already known like the sentences below:
     1. The first robot appeared in the USA in 1959.
     2. A robot can do housework and act as a teacher.
     3. Sometimes a robot catches viruses and causes a lot of problems.
     Step 3 What can you do with what you want to learn? By asking questions, start writing down
questions about the robots on the paper:
     1. What might robots be like in the future?
     2. What other things can robots do for people?
     3. What kind of power will robots possibly use in five years?
     Step 4 Armed with your list of questions, you can now go to the nearest library or computer
                                   英语试题 第 4 页(共 8 页)
to begin your research. As you learn more about your subject, you'll probably discover some new
      For example, you might discover that robots can help scientists explore dangerous places,
like the sea and outer space. How? What happened? Asking new questions can help you research
your subject more widely.
      The next time you find something interesting to research, take time to organize your thinking
by asking good questions. And remember that learning more always brings more questions.
38. What does the writer advise us to do when we’re curious about something?
    A. To read more books about it.                B. To look it up in the dictionary.
    C. To turn to the teacher for help.            D. To raise questions and find the answers.
39. What does the underlined part “Armed with your list of questions” mean?
    A. Writing down your list of questions.        B. Discussing your questions with others.
    C. Taking your list of questions with you.     D. Putting your list of questions under your arm.
40. What might be the correct order of the steps when you do research?
    ① List what you want to learn.                 ② Find new problems.
    ③ List what you’ve already known.              ④ Choose a research subject.
    A. ④③①②                 B. ④①③②                C. ②③④①                 D. ③②①④
41. What might be the best title for this passage?
    A. Doing Research on Robots                  B. Asking Good Questions While Doing Research
    C. Having Interesting Answers on Robots D. Finding Subjects before Doing Research

     It’s a goal for millions and millions of families every year to keep the Christmas spending
within a certain amount of money, but you can still afford the gifts because your loved ones will
enjoy them. This concern (忧虑) is becoming greater and greater theses days. Even so, there are
several things that you can do to help.
     Hit the sales. No one wants to get up at four o’clock in the morning and fight to get a good
                                  deal (交易) on Black Friday ( the first Friday at Christmas time).
                                  It’s surely very difficult to pick up the courage and get out there in
                                  the cold for a good deal. But sometimes it can be well worth.
                                  Many retailers (零售商) offer specials all through the day. Some
                                  even offer online Black Friday specials, so we may still be able to
                                  get a great deal on Black Friday.
     Read advertisements regularly. Once the Christmas shopping season is coming, retailers
will be hungry for business. They will try their best to get us into the store. Please read the weekly
advertisements of sales among the major retailers from time to time. We may be lucky enough to
find different prices for the same thing in different shops.
     Shop online. Some of us don’t like running from store to store to get the best price on the
perfect gift. Some of us don’t like to go out in the cold at all, and then, we can do online shopping.
     The world of online shopping makes it possible for us to visit all the major retailers and some
specialty stores on the Internet. We can find exactly what we are looking for at the best possible
                                  英语试题 第 5 页(共 8 页)
price without even having to leave the house. With traditional Christmas shopping, it will always
take us a long time to wait if we want to get the perfect gift.
42. The underlined word “specials” in Paragraph 2 means______.
    A. 赠品                       B. 奢侈品                   C. 特价商品                  D. 圣诞礼品
43. We can have more choices to get a good deal ______.
    A. on the Internet          B. in specialty stores   C. from salesmen        D. from retailers
44. In this passage the writer wants to ______.
    A. tell us to shop online
    B. tell us the best way to do shopping
    C. show us how hard it is to do Christmas shopping
    D. give us advice on how to get a good deal at Christmas time
45. From the passage we can infer (推断) that ______.
    A. people are surely able to get a good deal on Friday
    B. it is possible for people to buy the perfect Christmas gifts with less money
    C. retailers will be hungry because they are busy selling Christmas gifts
    D. with traditional Christmas shopping, people can’t buy the perfect gifts

                           第Ⅱ卷 (非选择题,共 60 分)
四、任务型阅读 (共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,计 10 分)
     We all need a healthy environment, but we produce waste every day and it does harm to our
environment. Though we are young, we can still do something to help. In fact, even the simplest
everyday activities can make a real difference to the environment. Here are some ideas for you to
live a green life.
     Remember these three words: reduce, reuse and recycle.
     Reduce means “use less”. Don't waste things. This saves money and reduces pollution and
waste going into the environment. Before we buy something new, think if it is really necessary or
maybe the old one will be just as good! When we do buy things, choose local products if possible,
and try not to buy too many things from abroad.
     Reuse means “use again”. Use things for as long as possible. When we buy things, make sure
that they last a long time. We should take care of them so that they will last, and we should repair
them if we can instead of throwing them away and buying new ones. Don't use a paper cup or a
paper bag. It’s better to use a china cup and a lunch box because you can use them again.
     Recycle means “change things into something else”. Although it takes energy to change
something into something else, it’s better than throwing things away or burning them. Find out
what can be recycled in your neighbourhood and take part in recycling programmes. We should
also buy products made from recycled materials, such as recycled paper, to help save trees.

                                     英语试题 第 6 页(共 8 页)
                                Title: 46        to Live a Green Life
        We produce waste every day and it is          47        to us. We can do something to help.
    Ideas                              Dos                                               Don’ts
                Use less                                                      * Don’t buy too many things
  To    48
                  * Try to save something.                                    from foreign    49      .
                Use    50
                  * Use things for as long as possible.                       * Don’t use     52      cups or
  To reuse
                  * Buy things that last long.                                bags.
                  * Take care of things or       51        the old things.
                Change things into something               53
                                                                              * Don’t    55    things
 To recycle       *Join in recycling programmes.
                                                                       away or burn them.
                    *Buy 54        made from recycled materials.
五、词汇(共 25 小题,每小题 1 分,计 25 分)
56. We all know that Millie has a ▲ (宠物) dog named Eddie.
57. We are going to celebrate the 90th birthday of our Party on       ▲ (七月)1st, 2011.
58. A strong wind came from behind ▲ (突然) and we lost the umbrella in the wind.
59. The roads are becoming more and more ▲              (拥挤的) because of too much traffic.
60. I’d love to join you in the camping, but I ▲         (允诺) to go cycling with John yesterday.
61. My mother was so tired that she fell a ▲ when watching TV.
62. E ▲ fresh vegetables and doing enough exercise will be good for your health.
63. Kung Fu Panda II is a fantastic film and I want to see it. But I can’t d ▲ when to go.
64. It’s dangerous to run w ▲       in all directions when an earthquake happens.
65. We are good friends and seldom speak or act a ▲ each other.
66. My family live on the      ▲    (five) floor of the tall building.
67. Simon and Linda didn’t tell us the news. They wanted to keep the secret to ▲ (they).
68. Young ▲ (read) are crazy about Guo Jingming’s books.
69. Listen! The lovely birds are singing nicely and      ▲ (soft) in the trees.
70. Ricky had a ▲ (please) trip to Lushan Mountain last spring.
B.用方框中所给词语的适当形式填空,使短文正确、通顺、连贯(每词限用一次)                                                   。
              job, chance, fourth, why, live, easy, honest, good, in order to, come out

      Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I’m here today to share a good lesson with you. It is a
true story about an overseas student 71 in Germany.
     After years of hard work, this student graduated with amazing achievements. Everyone
thought he was going to get a good         72   easily and have a bright future. But to his
disappointment, he was not even given the     73     for an interview! The third time he was
refused, he couldn’t help telephoning the company to ask     74     they didn’t want him. The
answer was simple. “We don’t offer jobs to 75      people in Germany.”
     What was wrong, you might wonder? The truth is, shortly after he arrived in Germany, this
clever student found that it was  76 to skip buying subway tickets. So     77     save money,
                                 英语试题 第 7 页(共 8 页)
he often went without a ticket. As a result, he had been caught without a ticket in the subway
  78       times.
      From this story, we learn that we may get short-term benefits in dishonest ways, but the truth
will 79        sooner or later and the cost is high. So remember: honesty is the      80 rule.
      That’s all for my speech. Thank you!
六、翻译句子(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,计 10 分)
81. Amy 擅长游泳。
    Amy is                                ▲                                       .
82. 为什么不尽你最大的努力去帮助需要帮助的人?
               ▲             try your best to help people            ▲            ?
83. ORBIS 医生们几乎没有空闲时间与家人团聚。
    ORBIS doctors              ▲              have any            ▲            to get together with
    their families.
84. 因为公共场所禁止吸烟,我相信越来越多的人将会戒烟。
      I guess more and more people will               ▲            smoking because it’s not allowed
      in            ▲            .
85. 最近,盐城已经成功地举办了两场为贫困儿童筹款的慈善演出。
     Recently two charity shows               ▲            successfully in Yancheng to raise money
     for             ▲           .
七、书面表达(共 l 题,计 15 分)
      初中三年的英语学习中,我们与北京阳光中学的同学成了朝夕相处的朋友,其中 Daniel
的善良和助人为乐等优秀品质给我们留下了深刻的印象。                                        请根据课本内容及下表提示,                    用英
语写一篇题为“My Friend Daniel”的短文。


                                                    Dislikes         sports
                             helpful——help an old woman cross the road
                             kind——work at the Helping Hands Club
                             creative——create a TV programme
                                  What can you learn from him?

     1. 词数:80 词左右(已给出的文章开头不计入总词数)                           ;
     2. 文中不能出现真实姓名、校名等信息;
     3. 文章必须包含表格所提供的主要信息,并作适当发挥。
                                     My Friend Daniel
         My friend Daniel comes from Beijing Sunshine Secondary School. He

                                  英语试题 第 8 页(共 8 页)

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