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FAVAO Weight Management
The FAVAO weight loss system is different. It works. And the results are lasting – because
FAVAO is holistic.

FAVAO offers you natural (scientifically proven) supplementation combined with simple, easy
to follow fitness and nutrition. Designed by a team of doctors, nutritionists and trainers, the
FAVAO Complete Program actually helps you to reset your body's wellness.

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FAVAO™ Body Cleanse
FAVAO Body Cleanse is a full-body-detoxifying product. Body Cleanse
works on all aspects of cleansing, from deep intestinal cleansing to liver
purification, resulting in more energy, sustained immune function, clarity
of mind and weight management.*

      Supports your body’s natural detoxifying process*
      Promotes healthy liver and kidney functions*<
      Supports digestive system function and regularity, resulting in
       healthy weight management*

Recommended Use: Take 1 ⁄ 2-1 scoop in evening with 4-6 oz. of hot or cold
water. Supplement facts

FAVAO™ Fiber
FAVAO Fiber combines fiber (soluble and insoluble) with prebiotics,
probiotics, and digestive flora, all designed to support what your body

      Provides 2g of insoluble fiber and 3g of soluble fiber to maintain a
       healthy digestive system*
      Provides digestive flora to support digestive functions and absorption
       of nutrients*
      Helps promote the feeling of fullness, aiding in healthy weight loss*
      Helps maintain cholesterol levels already within normal range*
      Helps maintain blood-glucose levels already within normal range*

Recommended Use: Take 1 scoop in the morning, mix with 6-8 oz. of water and add desired
amount of XANGO® Juice. Shake or stir well and drink immediately. Supplement facts

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FAVAO™ Metabolic
FAVAO Metabolic combines mangosteen with other natural ingredients to
promote appetite control, fat burning and a healthy metabolism. This
exclusive formula increases energy and promotes feelings of wellness.*

      Promotes a healthy metabolism and fat burning*
      Increases overall energy levels and promotes feelings of wellness*
      Helps maintain blood-glucose levels already within normal range*
      Helps normalize appetite*

Recommended Use: Take two (2) tablets in the morning and two (2) tablets
at noon, with meals.Supplement facts

FAVAO™ Protein
Get the edge with FAVAO Protein, featuring a combination of whey and
vegetable proteins to provide you with a full spectrum of amino acids.
FAVAO Protein is an immediate source of fuel for your muscles and
metabolism.* This versatile shake can be used as a part of your FAVAO
meals or in before- or after-workout shakes.

      13g protein and under 100 calories per serving
      Provides a blend of BCAAs including leucine, valine and isoleucine to
       stabilize the body’s natural calorie-burning process*
      Combines pea, rice and chia proteins, and available with or without
      Naturally flavored with stevia, organic cane juice and other flavorsRecommended
       Use: Mix 1 scoop with 8-10 oz. of cold water. Take as needed. Supplement facts

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The FAVAO™ Lifestyle Kick Start Guide
No weight loss system is complete without an easy-to-follow diet and
excercise regimen. The FAVAO Lifestyle Kick Start guide walks you through
your 12-week transformation with simplicity!

     Provides daily meal plans and fun, healthy snacks to compliment
      your FAVAO supplements
     Provides cost-saving grocery shopping lists
     Provides workout routines (easy for even the laziest couch potato!)
     Includes worksheets and checklists to make it easier than ever to
      follow the simple FAVAO program
     Includes a one-year subscription to the online community and online
      tools at Favao.com

When XANGO was founded nearly a decade ago, they had one goal in mind: to redefine health
and wellness. And they have. Today XANGO has the solution to one of the world's greatest
challenges. And the solution is FAVAO. We invite you to enjoy your own success story,
starting today.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended
to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary.

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