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					Persuade Me!
                Where do I start?
   It starts with an idea
       Stem cell research

   Research both sides of the issue

   Brainstorm a pros/cons t-chart
       How is the research beneficial?
       What are the social drawbacks?

   Choose your stance
       Which side of the fence will I stand?
       State your opinion in the form of a “divided thesis.”
A: Anticipate the      B: State your position

(end with a comma)     (end with “because”)
X: Supporting reason   Y: supporting reason
#1                     #2

(end with “and”)       (end with a period)
Here is an example of a divided
(A) Although stem cell research poses many ethical issues,

(B) it should be funded by the government because

(X) it has the potential to improve people’s lives and

(Y) will encourage society to legally define the boundaries
  of any type of research.
    Once you have a strong thesis…

       For whom am I writing this paper?
       Is the reader familiar with my topic?
       Is my reader interested/ disinterested in the topic?
       What might reader wish to gain?
       Is there a proper format?
            Is this a letter, essay, news editorial…ect?
Write your introduction
1.  Explain/ define your topic
2. Provide a scenario/anecdote.
3. Evoke interest by posing questions to the
4. Use a quotation or an
    interesting/surprising piece of evidence.
Here’s an Introduction example
             HOOK YOUR READER

            Define stem cell research.

        Explain how this research is
        intended to be used by doctors.
                 INCLUDE DATA!

                    State your
                  Divided Thesis
What’s after the introduction?
     Acknowledge     the opposition

     Delve   into your two reasons outlined in your
        divided thesis

       Include facts, statistics, and anecdotes to
        help persuade your reader.
Is there a logical way to organizing
my body paragraphs?
     Oh, yeah! There’s a few ways.

1.    Cause                      effect

2.    Problem                     solution

3.    Order of importance
     1.   Best argument first
     2.   Best argument last
How do I convince my audience?
   Use Logos, Ethos,
    and Pathos

     Logos                          Pathos
     (message)                      (audience)
How Do I Convince My Audience?

   Logos: Appealing to logic and reason.
    Using Evidence: facts, expert opinions,
    examples, reported experience
     Must  be accurate, related to the claim, ample
      to convince reader of the claims
How do I convince my audience?

   Ethos:   Convincing your reader that you are
             credible, ethical, knowledgeable
                Good will, good sense, good moral

                Collect ample evidence
                Reason carefully
                Use appropriate emotional appeal
                Mind your TONE (attitude)
    How do I convince my audience?
   Pathos: Appealing to your audience’s emotions.
    Getting your audience to feel sad, angry, or happy
    can help your argument. Emotional appeals
    require understanding of audience. Not what
    moves you—but what moves them.
     Appeal to values
     Appeal to fear
     Appeal to justice/sense of right vs. wrong
     Appeal to desire to be like others
     Appeal to authority
Write your conclusion
1. Call to action
   Challenge your reader to do something    for this cause
   Forcefully state your desired action

2. Predict the outcome
   Determine   the consequences if nothing is done

3. Offer a solution
   Restate  problem
   State a solution
   State the possible benefits of your solutions
How should I edit my writing?
   S Substitute in those million dollar words

   T Take out unnecessary words

   A Add persuasive words

   R Rearrange words, sentences, or paragraphs

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