Setting up your Google AdSense account Part 4 AdSense code

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					Setting up your Google AdSense account – Part 4 (AdSense code)

Once you are done with all the customizations, your AdSense code is
generated in the AdSense Code box. You just need to copy this code (which
is in the form of a programming script) from the AdSense Code box and
paste it in your website as per the guidelines from Google. Since Google
allows only three ad units per page, you can add the code at more than
one place in your html code.

The next step is to save your web page to the designated web server (as
per the instructions from your web hosting service provider). Please note
that Google AdSense program does not require you to send over your
website’s html code to them; neither does it ask to load it onto their
servers or do anything else with it. The addition of AdSense code to your
website’s code is the only thing that you need to do. Separate procedures
are available with Google for people who want to use AdSense Ads with
their blogs (you can check these on Google’s website for AdSense

Now that everything is done and dusted, you need to wait for a few hours
(might be lesser than that) before Google’s web crawlers find your web
page or blog that has AdSense code on it and you start seeing AdSense Ads
on your web page or blog. You might see some PSA (charitable Ads)
initially (almost immediately) but these will soon get replaced with the
AdSense Ads that will earn revenue for you. If the content on your
website violates the AdSense program’s policies, you might keep seeing
PSAs even after few hours. In all such cases (or if you find
objectionable Ads that don’t go even after you have applied appropriate
filters), you will need to contact Google who will sort out the problems
for you.

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