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					                                       Terms of Reference
                                     Short-Term Consultant


The Extractive Industries Task Group, with the support of the Public Sector Governance Unit, is
developing a series of guidance notes addressing the challenges of public financial management
in resource rich settings. The guidance notes will cover four broad thematic areas: macro-fiscal
considerations; revenue management arrangements; inter-governmental fiscal arrangements; and
expenditure management arrangements.
The guidance notes will be based on existing source materials and consultations with
practitioners. This includes a literature review, a desk review of WBG extractive industry
projects and supporting policy and investment operations, key informant interviews with WBG
practitioners and broader consultations with the GOXI community of practice. The team will
constitute an expert group, including representatives of key stakeholders (industry, regulators,
central finance agencies, civil society and international organizations) to advise on the
appropriate design and content of the guidance note, with a view to responding to concerns
raised by practitioners.
The guidance notes are intended to support policy dialogue in resource dependent countries.
There are two broads audiences: public expenditure management practitioners and practitioners
working directly with extractive industries. Public financial management practitioners include
the staff of central finance agencies, WBG economists and PFM specialists involved in decision-
making on the design of management arrangements for expenditures financed from natural
resource revenues. Practitioners working with extractive industries will include commercial
entities and specialist public entities such as ministries of mines and extractive industry
This activity is part of a broader program of work seeking to improve the development impact of
extractive industries. PRMPS, SEGOM and WBI have put in place a Extractive Industries Task
Group that seeks to develop and disseminate knowledge for clients and practitioners. This
collaborative effort works closely with the key global initiatives, industry and CSO stakeholders,
MDBs and national authorities on “hot topics” that a seen as critical to the development impact
of extractive industries. The Task Team has developed an Extractive Industry Sourcebook, an
interactive resource for practitioners, GOXI a community of practice and a NRM Knowledge
Portal to facilitate knowledge sharing. The proposed programmatic knowledge product will be
implemented as part of and supported by this collaborative effort.
The Concept Note for this activity is available on the GOXI site:
This Short Term Consultant will support the preparation of the guidance notes of Public
Financial Management in Resource Rich Settings. The consultant will:
1. Identify key stakeholders at a global and regional level and generate a contact list.
2. Organize the expert group meeting, identifying expert practitioners that will participate,
   coordinating with administrative staff to ensure that logistical arrangements are made to
   ensure their participation, coordinating with field office and others to ensure that the
   logistical arrangements for the expert group meeting are undertaken. This will entail some
3. Review the published literature on public expenditure management arrangements, part four
   of the scope of work, and prepare an annotated literature review. The purpose of the review is
   to facilitate the incorporation of the materials into the guidance note and facilitate access to
   dispersed materials. The review should be drafted with a view to publication on the internet.
4. Review documentation on WBG operations and analytical work on extractive industries and
   interview key WBG staff that have been involved in these operations with a view to
   identifying sector and project specific expenditure management issues.
The Consultant will be contracted by the Public Sector Governance Unit for a period of up to
forty working days and will work in Washington DC under the direct supervision of the Public
Sector Specialist acting as Task Team Leader (TTL). The Consultant will work in close
coordination with other members of the Extractive Industries Task Group. The consultant will
     An operational plan for the expert working group within ten working days of the start of
      the assignment, updated thereafter as deemed necessary by the TTL.
     A draft literature review (2 above) within twenty days of the start of the assignment.
     A draft review of WBG operations and analytical work (2 above) within thirty days of the
      start of the assignment.
The Public Sector Governance Unit will provide comments on the deliverables within five days
of receipt. The consultant should provide final reports by the end of the assignment.

   Masters Degree in Public Administration, Public Policy, Finance, Economics or a related
   A minimum of three years of relevant experience. Ideally the consultant will have
    experience working on extractive industry issues and / or public expenditure management.
   Excellent written communication skills.
   Experience in developing countries and emerging markets preferred.

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