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									                          Division of General Internal Medicine
                                       January 2009
                                    Happy New Year!
On 16 January 2009 Dr. Ernesto L. Schiffrin began his term as President of the Société québécoise
d’hypertension artérielle, of which he was one of the founding members. Dr Schiffrin is Associate Editor of the
journal Hypertension. Please press Control+click to go to the SQHTA site and see his welcome as President:

Dr Susan Kahn and Dr Andrew Hirsch, along with Dr John Granton (collaborator from U of T), are co-
Principal Investigators on a newly funded 4-year CIHR Operating Grant for the ELOPE Study (Prospective
Evaluation of Long-term Outcomes after Pulmonary Embolism).

                                             Inter-Division Rounds 23 February
                                                    Aronoff Lectureship
                Dr Alexander Aronoff will attend the Inter-Division Rounds on Monday evening
                23 February at the Hotel Vogue, Salle Florence. Dr Sharon Straus, University of Toronto,
                and Dr Barbara Young will present.
                PLEASE NOTE: There is no pharma sponsorship for these Rounds so the costs will be covered
                by the McGill Division account. An accurate count of attendees has to be given to the Hotel in
                the week prior to the event. All no-shows will be required to reimburse the McGill Division
                account their share of the costs.

                                  Videoconferences 2009
    The Division Videoconferences now rotate amongst the hospitals and
    presentations are more structured to enable opinions and discussions to be heard
    from all. The first one from the MGH was a great success. Tune in at Noon on
    Monday 9 Feb for a presentation from F3.10, RVH. Go to D6.248 at the
    MGH and the LDI, Rm G18-102 at the JGH.

    The Periop Videconferences are held on the third Monday of each month from
    4:00 – 5:00. The next one will take place on Monday 16 Feb. Rm G-500 at the
    JGH, A1.05 at the RVH and D6.248 at the MGH. See presentations by the
    GIM Fellows!

    y the GIM Fellows!
                      International News
                         Dr Pilote will be flying in from her academic sabbatical in Jerusalem for
                         the week of 23rd February for the GENESIS Conference.
                         Check your emails of 27 January for the invitation and flyer!
                             Ride to Conquer Cancer with Dr Harvey Chang

                             If you’d like to sponsor Dr Chang for a few dollars, press control +
                             click to go to his website:
                             http://www.conquercancer.ca/goto/harveychang. Dr Chang says you
                             may want to first check if there are any of your staff also
                             participating who would appreciate your support. Dr Chang would
                             be happy to share participating in the event (and the preparations)
                             with his colleagues.

                             Please check the email forwarded to you on 29 January

                       Dr Joyce Pickering and Dr Ken Flegel: Two more internists join the
                       Royal Victoria Hospital Foundation Host of Guardian Angels!

Please send any items for the next Newsletter to Antoinette by 15 February 2009 antoinette.sevensma@muhc.mcgill.ca

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