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					                           CRBC NEWS               5th September 2004
       Minister - Neal Smith                 CRBC News Team – Sharon, Roger L,             Church Administrator Sharon Cooke
                                             Steve Jones or Peter Carling or e-mail            (Email:

                               CRBC - building the family of God in our neighbourhood
     " … preparing God’s people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up." Ephesians 4: 12 – 13

We give you a warm welcome                       Neal will be leading the funeral of
after the summer break,                          Irene Swain, which will take place on           Prayer Prompts
especially if you are a visitor.                                                             Clare Richardson - as she prepares
                                                Minister              Administrator
This mornings service is the                    Rev. Neal Smith       Sharon Cooke           to go to India with Oasis in a few
first of our new inclusive                                                                   weeks. Pray for her family and Andy
                                                Deacons               Peter Carling          as they build up to her departure.
services ‘One 4 All’. The theme                 Graham Abbott         Yvonne Platten
is “God created us uniquely                     Tricia Armstrong      Stuart Robinson        Gavin Moss – as he starts his role as
                                                                                             part of the Ambassadors in Sports
and we are valuable to him”,                    Gareth Bailey         Adrian Sutton
                                                                                             NR*G Programme to be involved in
based on Psalm 139v 1-16.                       Ruth Bassett          Carol Ward             Sports ministry.
This Evening’s service will be                  Treasurer             Finance
led by Neal, the theme will be                  Ruth Bassett          Administrator          Pete and Liz Maycock –
“Dealing with the guilt of the                                        Clive Spurgeon
past” - Psalm 32:1-5. Please                     Monday 2.30pm at the Old Cemetery           People who attended summer mission
join us in sharing communion                     Chapel. Irene used to be involved in        events. That seeds sown will promote
together.                                        Church life before her health               a deeper think about Jesus.
                                                 deteriorated. Please remember Joan
                                                 Picton, a life long friend of Irene, at     Students – those are starting new
Visitors – Welcome, we                           this time.                                  schools, college or university. Please
want you to enjoy fellowship                                                                 pray about those who may be
                                                  Events & Dates for Diaries
with us. If you need any help                                                                uncertain about their future.
please ask a steward. Do                         September Diary is available in             Russia – particularly for the children
stay and have a cuppa and                        Church.                                     and families affected by the school
a chat afterwards. Today                                                                     siege. Also for the political situation
                                                 Prayer meeting on Wednesday at              there and worldwide with regards to
there will be cookies and                        7.45pm led by Stuart Robinson               dealing with terrorist threats.
muffins to share in the old                      and helpers.
church.                                                                                      Church activities – that people will
                                                                                             come back to groups after the
                                                 The Church meeting which takes              summer break, and that we will see
        Today’s Service                          place following the AGM has now
                                                                     th                      new people too.
This morning is the first of four slightly       been moved to 20 October                    Please pray for the teams as they
different services which aim to be               2004. (no meeting in September)             meet together to pray, share, review
particularly welcoming and relevant to           Please book this new date into              and plan.
visitors of all ages and backgrounds.            your diary and plan to attend. This
The hope is that they may provide                will allow the Deacons more time            Pray also for any in the
more opportunity for us to invite                to come up with proposals for the
friends and relatives to Sunday
                                                                                             fellowship who are known to us
                                                 allocation of roles within the              or unknown, experiencing difficult
                                                 Deaconate.                                  times, health worries, or concern
As this is the first we would very much
appreciate it if you would give us                                               th   th     for family members or friends.
feedback regarding today's service               Church Weekend Away - 8 -10                 Pray that they may know the
and the next three. Suggestions,                 October                                     Lord's comfort and power at work
comments and any offers of help will                                                         in their particular situations
be gratefully received!                          Congratulations to
Please do talk to one of us.                                                                 Anything missing?? - If you have
                                                 Martin and Jane Hull who were               any news that you want to add to
The co-ordinating team is currently:             married in Torquay yesterday.               the newsletter, then either email
Rachel Bewley, Dorothy Carling, Sue
Carrington, Ian & Andrea Carron,                 Congratulations to Clare Richardson
                                                                                    or contact
Clare French, Michelle Jones, & Carol            and Andy Dungey who got engaged             Sharon
Ward. Many Thanks                                two weeks ago.
Here is a list of all post holding                                                           Tearcraft- Please see Sue Carrington
members for your information                                                                 if you would like to see a catalogue.
      CRBC Children’s                                    Thank You’s                        On Tuesday 7th at 7.30pm the Youth
                                             CYM writes ‘thank you so much for the          team are meeting, in the youth-room,
       Holiday Club                          lovely gift of £100 towards Ben Wale’s         to review and plan the Youthwork
                                                                                            Programme. Those already involved
Go For Gold is a 4 day children’s            Slovakia trip. This is such a help and we
                                             are so grateful to the church supporting       please come along if you can. If you
holiday club we will be hosting,                                                            are interested in getting involved and
packed with creative teaching, games,        Ben in this overseas missionary
                                             experience. We continue to tell people         just coming to the meeting to 'dip your
songs, bible stories, prayers, crafts                                                       toe' in, please speak to Graham A,
and drama. It is aimed at up to a            that you have the best youth work in the
                                             town. May the Lord bless, encourage and        Geoff W or Martin S.
hundred 5 to 11 year olds, with a
significant number of non-Church             use you to bring people to faith’.
goers.                                                                                               Generation X
On the table near the front doors are        Ruth Carling writes ‘thank you ever so         This is for people in the 18-30ish age
leaflets with a list of roles that need to   much for the £100 from the Mission             range. All are welcome to join in the
be filled. Whatever your age, ability or     Opportunity Fund, it will be very helpful      social held once a month. We hold an
gifts you will be able to help. If you       and I will use it to cover the cost of the     evening meeting normally the first
would like to make Go for Gold a             rail fares in Hungary and other day to day     Tuesday of the month.
success please pick up a leaflet and         costs. I am also extremely grateful that the   To confuse matters there will be no
consider how you could assist.               church will be praying for us while we are     meeting this month, and next months
Graham Carrington.                           away, and thank God that I am part of a        will be on Tuesday 12th October
                                             community which cares so much about            (rather than the 5th).
                                             it’s members’                                  This months social will be held in late
         Can you help?                                                                      September - date and event details to
If you could help be a driver                          Football News                        be confirmed next week.
occasionally, one Friday a month,                                                           Please pray for the leaders who will
                                             The new season is almost upon us
and assist in the collection of                                                             be meeting on Tuesday 14th
                                             again. The first game will be on
attendees to Sunshine Club, your                                                            September.
                                             Saturday 18th September at 6pm,
help would be greatly appreciated.
                                             against Holly Lodge. If you would like
Details of what is required can be                                                          If you want to know more, please
                                             to get involved in playing in the
sought of Anita Evans, or Neal.                                                             speak to Karen or Adam Ghosh.
                                             league, or just want a kick about, then
                                             there will be a practice at St. Johns
Northgate Coffee Bar
                                             Church on Monday 13th September                Our Safe to Grow policy recommends that
We are looking forward to opening
                                             from 7.30p.m.        As well as your           we have a minimum of 3 people
our doors again to the students
                                             footballing      accessories,    please        supervising in crèche.       On a recent
from Northgate school (ages 15-18)
                                             remember to bring along a pound coin           occasion, there were only 2 people
this Tuesday lunchtime. We offer
                                             to help pay towards the cost of hiring         available to supervise. Normally there are
them free tea and coffee and sell
                                             out the 'pitch'. Look forward to seeing        3 to 4 rostered supervisors/helpers every
snacks and our famous chocolate
                                             you there. Gareth/Steve.                       week, however, situations do arise, albeit
cake!! Last year we were able to
                                                                                            infrequently, which prevent people from
donate      £540      to     various
                                             Music Group and Technical team.                attending church at the very last minute.
organisations from our profits.                           th
                                             Thursday 9 will be a joint band                A list of church members and friends who
Please, Please can you help us (on
                                             practice. Please, if you can, try to be        have been 'Safe to Grow' cleared is now
a regular or occasional basis) as
                                             there, or chat to Graham A or Andrea.          on display in the crèche room. I have
we get through at least 5 chocolate                          th
                                             Thursday 16 at 8pm will be a                   asked members of the crèche team to refer
cakes/sponges a week. Please
                                             technical team meeting, if you are             to the list should they find themselves in
speak to Sue Robertson, Linda
                                             involved or are interested in getting          the position of requiring additional
Reynolds or Barbara Barker if you
                                             involved please come along. There              assistance at short notice. If at any time
can help or would like the recipe.
                                             will be cakes and coffee.                      in the future you are approached to help
Cakes are important but even more
                                                                                            out under these circumstances, please may
we value your prayers for the
                                             I am very conscious that over the              I ask for your co-operation in assisting the
students and for us as we seek to
                                             last few weeks, services have                  crèche team as required. This, obviously,
share Jesus with them. Thank you.
                                             unintentionally been increasing in             will be subject to your own availability
                                             volume. We are seeking to adjust               through other church commitments.'
Coffee Club will be using the main
church for Wednesday mornings,               our playing and equipment so
                                             please bear with us as we do this.             Thank you,
please help stack away chairs on a
                                             Thanks Graham A.                               Gareth.
Sunday evening to facility this
successful outreach activity.
Also,     could   you    help    on              Sun     5        10.45 am          Morning worship – One 4 All Service
Wednesday mornings to chat to                                     6.30 pm           Evening worship – Communion - Neal
mums, make tea, or play with                               th
toddlers? All help is valuable, so               Mon 6            7.30 pm           Deacons’ meeting
please speak to Michelle Jones if                Tues 7           12.00 noon        Northgate Coffee Bar
you feel God calling you to service                               2.00 pm           Ladies Fellowship – Rev Neal Smith
in this area.                                                     7.30 pm           Youth Team Meeting in Youth Room
                                                 Wed 8            9.45-11.15am      Coffee Club meet in Main church
If you would like to get involved                                 7.45 pm           Prayer Meeting led by Stuart Robertson
in producing the newssheet,                      Thurs 9

then contact Steve Jones.                        Fri
                                                       10 12 noon                   For 12.30 pm Sunshine Club Meal
“The lord is good to everyone.                   Sat     11
                                                                  10 – 3.00pm       Deacons Retreat
He showers compassion on all                                      2.45 pm           Torch
his creation.” Psalm 145 v9                      Sun     12       10.45 am          Morning worship – Neal
                                                                  6.30 pm           Evening worship – Neal

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