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									                                            Wabash Valley Walk to Emmaus
                                        Southern Illinois Wabash Valley Chrysalis

April                                                                                                           2009
        WVWE 2009 Board
                                                     Welcome New Fourth Day!
    Ex-officio – Helen Hanson       We extend a hearty welcome to our new 4th Day! We are thrilled to have you as a part          of our community. We look forward to meeting you at our next Gathering scheduled
                                    for Saturday April 11th! The evening will start at 5:30 p.m. with Sponsor’s Hour where
         Comm. Lay Dir.
    Sallie York 618-843-2682        you will learn all you need to know to become a good sponsor so you can share the      Emmaus experience with your friends and family members. At 6:30 we will have a
                                    finger food/potluck supper (as our special guests you need not bring anything!) and
       Asst. Comm. Lay Dir.
   Janna Warner 217-549-6959        around 7 p.m. we’ll move into our time of worship and communion. For location and         directions see below. SEE YOU THERE!
     Secretary – Dan England    Men:                                           Women:
    Treasurer – Rich Sherrick       Joe Boehl       Sean Inyart     Jerry Travis   Beulah Allen    Lynn Inyart    Lisa Schilt

        Registrar – Deb Waxler
                                  Chuck           Herman          Allen Waller Lysa Baetke       Deb Kreke      Dorothy Smith
                                  Buchanan        Mattingly                                                     Herman
   Bob Campbell 618-723-2476      Steve Clark     Arlie Mowre     Tim Yocum Linda Black          Karen Pargin   Shanan Strode

            Newsletter            Tony Goodwin    Paul Mullinax                  Karen Boehl     Melanie Regner Pam Thacker
   Janice Thacker 618-947-2269
                                  Andrew Heller   Joe Regner                     Missie Heller   Donna Romack Heather Wehrheim
  Gathering Co-ord. Nancy Volk
                                  Kelly Hemrich   Bill Strode                    Trudy Hemrich   El Saunders     Debbie Yocum
 Women’s Dining Room/Kitchen
      Mary Ann Ricker

   Men’s Dining Room / Kitchen
                                                     WVWE Gathering Sat. April 11th, 2009
  Earl Thacker        The April Gathering will be held at the First United Methodist Church in Olney.
                                    The church is located at 335 S. Fair Street at the intersection of E. Elm and S. Fair just
              Set up                    behind the post office. From Hwy. 250 (Main St.) turn onto Whittle, left onto
     Dan Mullin 618-723-2677
                                    Chestnut, right onto Fair. We plan to eat at 6:30 p.m. with the service to follow. Please
                                      bring your favorite dish or finger food and a drink to share, coffee and tea will be
       4th Day – Steve Totten                      provided. Come meet our new 4th Day from WVWE #40!

             Agape                                    Attention All Sponsors for Walk #40!!
   Sherry Bourne 217-508-0306                            Don’t forget to bring your new 4th Day member                             to sponsorship training hour at the April Gathering!!
               Chapel                   One of the most important responsibilities of sponsoring is to insure new 4th Day
              Jeff Lynn                have all the important information they need to become good sponsors themselves.
                                            Sponsorship training hour will begin at 5:30 p.m. prior to the Gathering.
     Head Spiritual Director
    Loy Bourne 217-218-0327                               A Special Thank-you to 4th Day
                                    A very special thanks to the 4th Day for their many acts of support in all the services
        Spiritual Directors
           Rex Seitzinger
                                    during the Men’s and Women’s Walks. God’s love shown through you. We appreciate       all the time and effort you put forth to show the Pilgrims God’s agape love.
                                    Steve Totten,
              Diane Goff            4th Day Coordinator
                                 Letter from Men’s Walk # 40 Lay Director

I would like to thank my Heavenly Father and also the Emmaus board for the opportunity to serve as Lay
Director for W.V.W.E #40. The Lord blessed me with an awesome team, they were all willing to step up and
do what was asked of them during formation in order to prepare God's team for the weekend. The team showed
the love of Christ to the pilgrims and great friendships bloomed. Thank You team for a job well done. God
poured out his spirit through you and through the pilgrims. All you men served with humility and were humble
servants, God Bless You and Your Families. The fourth day support was awesome also, thank you for your
willingness to serve with an attitude of anonymous servant hood, through sponsorship, candlelight, prayer vigil
warriors, agape, kitchen and dining help, chapel, camp cleanup, Emmaus Board, and any other fourth day that
helped in anyway. Without you the Emmaus Walks could not happen, keep up the good job and may God Bless
You Abundantly. I would like to welcome the new fourth day to our Emmaus Community. Serving you during
the weekend was an honor and truly blessed my heart. We all look forward to visiting with you and your
families at the gatherings and future walks. I will be praying for all of you as you continue your fourth day
journey. Thank You and God Bless You One and All! May the love of Jesus Christ shine ever so brightly from
each of you. Remember Christ is counting on YOU!         DeColores
In Christian Love
Your Brother In Christ
Brian Pride W.V.W.E #21

                              Letter from Chrysalis Community Lay Director

  On behalf of the Chrysalis Board and the Chrysalis 4th Day community I want to extend a Welcome to the
    new 4th Day of Emmaus Walk #40. We have been praying that your 72 hr Emmaus Walk would be an
  opportunity to experience God's Grace and Love in a new and special way, and that through this experience
                         Jesus would renew or transform your relationship with Him.

            In our community this experience is also offered to young men and women ages 15-19
                                    and it is called a Chrysalis Flight.

  A Chrysalis is the transformation process that a Butterfly goes through in its development, beginning as a
    Caterpillar which is then transformed into a Butterfly. This is the theme of our 72 hr Chrysalis Flights.
 As part of our 4th day community you can participate in this process in many ways. Respond to Jesus' call ....
                      Reach out to that young man or woman that needs this experience....
                              Take action and sponsor them on a Chrysalis Flight.
                 Our next Chrysalis Flight will be Memorial Day Weekend (May 23-25) 2009.

  Other ways that you can respond to His call is to be apart of the team that serves on the Chrysalis flight, by
        attending Candlelight & Closing services, writing agape letters, providing snack, table or bed
                                             agape, participating
                            in the 72 hour Prayer Vigil or by helping serve meals.

 We also invite you to participate in our monthly Chrysalis gatherings which are called Hoots....come join us...
 bring other adults.... bring other youth... bring someone you might want to sponsor...they are all welcome!

                     New updated Chrysalis Caterpillar Applications & Team Applications
                 are available on our web site or by contacting me or another board member.
                           Call or Email anytime..... DeColores and Fly With Christ!

                                             Wayne Hodson,
                                        SILWV Chrysalis Lay Director
                              or 217-254-4584
                                                                                 SILWVC 2009 Board
                         Spring Flight #28                                          Community Lay Dir.
                        Memorial Weekend                                              Wayne Hodson
                         May 23-25, 2009
                                                                                 Asst. Comm. Lay Director
                                                                                       Megan Leggett
      Jim Earleywine will be the Lay Director for Flight #28!          

 Please be in prayer for those you might sponsor and start the                          Matt Stump
  process of getting them registered. To receive or send in a
                Caterpillar application contact:                                        Secretary
         Dustin Allison 239 W. Locust Street Albion, IL 62806                          Debbie Baker
                  If you do not have access to the internet
         you can call 618-455-2013 (home) or 618-445-1735 (cell)                       Procurement
                                                                                       Noel Madding

                        What a Hoot!!!                                              Liaison to Emmaus
                                                                                     Jessica McDowell

                         Saturday April 4th                                       Fourth Day/Hoot Co-Ord
                               6:00—8:00                                               Wendy Voyles
 “Lighthouse” youth center next to the United Methodist Church in Albion 

                                                                                    Assistant Fourth Day/
Pizza will be provided — please bring dessert items as well as any appetizers.
                                                                                       Hoot Co-Ord
                                                                                      Morgan Weissert
                          Saturday May 2nd
                                    6:00                                                 Caleb Fifer
                          Location to be determined                                  Set up/Tear down
                                                                                       Mike Quillen
 Plan on bringing some agape to put together and to help others do the same.           618-838-2010

                          Saturday June 6th                                            Quentin Kenard
                   United Methodist Church in Olney
                         5:30 sponsorship hour                                          Dustin Allison
         6:00—6:30 bingo with Christian Cd’s being given as prizes     

              Come celebrate the arrival of the new butterflies                  Comm. Head Spiritual Dir.
                      Bring your family and friends                                      Tim Pearce

                                                                                       Spiritual Dirs.
                         Saturday August 1                                              Gary Pearce
                                5:00 – 8:00                             
                            Olney Central Park
                                                                                         Gregg Hall
                  Under the gazebo next to the playground

                     Outdoor games will be provided.
          Bring your favorite dishes, your family and your friends.
                      WVWE is in need of a good used golf cart.
                 If anyone would like to donate a good used golf cart,
                       or donate financially to our golf cart fund,
           Please contact Rich Sherrick at RR 1 Box 38, Albion, IL 62806.

                WVWE Board Meeting                    Chrysalis Board Meeting

                                                    (Date change due to Maundy
                    Thursday May 7th                         Thursday)
                       7:00 p.m.                        Thursday, April 2nd
                                                             7:00 p.m.

               They said to each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us
   while he was talking to us on the road, while he opened the scriptures to us?” Luke 24:32

  Wabash Valley Walk to Emmaus Board Would like your opinion!

       We are considering having the Support Team go to formations,
                  along with the Conference Room Team.
    If the majority is in favor of this, the following would be expected:
            There would be formations 4 consecutive Saturdays,
                plus the Dedication Service at the Gathering,
                          They would need to attend.
        The requirement would be to attend 3 formations out of the 4.
                 This would allow the teams to bond better
    and the Support Team would have more time to plan for the Walks.
                           However, on the Walks,
                the Support Team will still be Anonymous
                           and in the background,
                 to support the pilgrims and their needs.
     If you have any questions, please contact Sallie York at 843-2682.

Please send Sallie an e-mail ( to let her know if you
          would like the Support Team to meet at formations or if
          would not like the Support Team to meet at formations

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