PRESIDENT                                                                        SECRETARY
           JOHN D. MALINOWSKI, P.E.                                                          KELLY E. BRENNAN, P.E.
           W ILBUR SMITH ASSOCIATES                                                           Parsons, Brinckerhoff
      810 GLENEAGLES COURT, SUITE 306                                                       100 South Charles Street
             BALTIMORE, MD 21286                                                                Tower 1, 10 Floor
             PHONE: 410-339-6355                                                           Baltimore, MD 21201-2727
    EMAIL:                                                       PHONE: 410-727-5050
               VICE PRESIDENT
           ANTONIO A. MAWRY, P.E.                       DIRECTORS                                   TREASURER
   Wallace, Montgomery & Associates, LLP          W. ARTHUR BARRETT, P.E                     MARK S. RICHMOND, P.E.
          110 West Road - Suite 300                  FRANK KAUL, P.E.                     HOWARD COUNTY GOVERNMENT
           Towson, Maryland 21204                AMANDA D. SCHINDHELM, P.E.          6751 COLUMBIA GATEWAY DRIVE, SUITE 514
       PHONE: 410-494-9093 - EXT 1200                CHRIS HEYN, P.E.                       COLUMBIA, MD 21046-3143
  EMAIL:                                                         PHONE: 410-313-6413

                             AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS
                                     MARYLAND SECTION

        DATE:                              September 13, 2006

        LOCATION:                          Engineering Society of Baltimore

        IN ATTENDANCE:                     BOARD MEMBERS
                                           President                          Amanda Schindhelm
                                           Vice President                     John Malinowski
                                           Treasurer                          Mark Richmond
                                           Secretary                          Tony Mawry
                                           Director                           Joe Kittner
                                           Director                           Kelly Brennan
                                           Director                           Frank Kaul

                                           Hospitality                        Chris Heyn
                                           District 5 Director                Ray Darvishian

1) President Amanda Schindhelm called the meeting to order.
2) Secretary’s Report – Meeting minutes from the August meeting were approved. Tony also noted that the letters
   were sent to advertisers for the 2006-2007 year and suggested that next year letters be sent in the late spring.
3) Treasurer’s Report – In Marks absence, Mandy presented the report. Receipts since the last report included
   payments for newsletter ads and the final SPAG funds for the Future Cities project. (We have received 7
   checks for the newsletter ads to date.) Fiscally, there is minimal activity this time of year. Mark would like to
   hold the budget discussion at the October meeting. Frank voiced a concern about the disparity in $8,000 in
   inflows versus outflows.
4) Programs – Rizwan reported through Frank Kaul that we do need speakers for the December meeting and
   forward meetings. He has ideas which he is pursuing.
5) Committees
       General - John has received replies from all and has updated the org chart.
       Professional Objectives - Randy Peterson wants more direction. His responsibilities appear to mirror those
        of NSPE. Joe quoted the bylaws relative to the committee responsibilities and Tony will follow up with
        Randy. Frank suggests that Randy keep us informed. Ray suggests that we ask National for information
        and advice. Mandy suggests that we invite new P.E.’s to an ASCE meeting.
       Younger Members – Carrie Nicholson (PB) will be taking over the newsletter. Tony suggests that we tie in
        Young Members Committee (and SEI) with the ASCE regular meetings, perhaps by scheduling their events
        at 4-6pm on the same day as the regular meeting.
       SEI - SEI postponed the LRFD Training until Spring since SHA has one planned for the Fall.
         Web Site - Jake needs help and is putting a group together to revamp the MD Section web site.
6) Annual Report – Needs to be prepared by November by the Secretary with input from the Treasurer. Tony will
   give Kelly a copy from the prior year.
7) 100 Anniversary Committee Status – There has been no committee formed. John will meet with Matt Fenton
   to discuss archived information. It was suggested that we promote or pursue the National Convention in
   Maryland for 2014, if possible.
8) Eastern Shore Meeting - Dave Elberti will mobilize this effort in the next few weeks.
9) Student Chapters – The board would like to know when student chapter meetings are held.
10) Capstone Class - Dr. Vannoy would like 5 firms to host his students in October and November. It was agreed
    that the Board firms would handle this. Kelly will coordinate with Dr. Vannoy. Tony will send Kelly information.
          The October firms and contacts will be:
                SHA – Russ Anderson
                Wallace Montgomery – Tony Mawry
                Parsons Brinckerhoff – Kelly Brennan
                Whitney Bailey – Frank Kaul
                JMT – Christine Cline

          The November firms and contacts will be:
                SHA – Russ Anderson
                Wilbur Smith – John Malinowski
                KCI – Chris Heyn
                STV – Joel Oppenheimer
                Gannett Fleming – Art Barrett

11) Excellence in Journalism Award – Mandy handed out the nominations ballots and requested that we promote.
12) Ray expressed his thanks for the opportunity to serve as Director. He discussed his past experience and his
    role in new governance change. He suggested we use our Governors for assistance to the maximum extent
    possible. Finally, he suggested that Board members fill out the survey for the ASCE PAC. Raza opposes the
    PAC and expressed his feelings.
13) Chris Heyn needs the name of the new ESB contact in order to switch reservations. Joe suggested that Chris
    contact national to set up a MD section email, i.e. to eliminate the need
    to continually change the reservation email. Chris also suggested that we eliminate Evite as a means to
    reserve and the Board approved. Chris will contact Jake in order to update the website.

                                                         Respectfully submitted,

                                                         Kelly Brennan, PE
                                                         Secretary, Maryland Section ASCE

cc:       Board and Committee Members

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