Tables and Graphs by xuyuzhu


									                     Tables and Graphs (Activity 1)
Instead of reading a paragraph about a subject sometimes people use graphs,
charts, or tables to show information. Look through this website and answer
the questions.

Find the answers to questions 1 and 2 under Review of Tables
   1. What is a cell?

   2. What does the table title explain?

Find the answers to question 3 under Review of Circle Graphs
   3. What does each sector of a circle graph represent?

                        Circle Graphs (Activity 2)
Circle graphs are used to compare the parts of a whole set of data, such as
how a students spends all the hours in a day. The whole set of data would be
the 24 hours in a day and each hour can be spent in different ways such as 1
hour for homework and 8 hours sleeping. Use the circle graph on the
website below to answer the questions.

   4. What activity does this student spend the most time doing?

   5. What does the green sector represent?

   6. What is the sum of all the percentages

   7. Describe what would happen to the sectors of the circle graph if the
      sleep was decreased and the time spent playing outside was increased.

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