WCHA Spring 2010 Newsletter by 1A9161


									                                            Whelan Crossing Homeowners’ Association

                                                       Spring 2010

        Kidz @ Play !                      As you probably know, our Rules    Checks will continue to be made
                                       and Regulations prohibit yard sales    payable to:
   It’s SPRING and that                with the exception of this one
                                                                                      Whelan Crossing
means we have children                 community event usually held the
                                                                                     Homeowners’ Assoc.
playing throughout our                 first weekend in May.
community. We’d like                      The annual yard sale is not an
                                                                                The new name and address to
to remind residents and their guests                                          mail your checks to are as follows:
                                       HOA sponsored event. Planning,
who are driving through Whelan         advertising, implementation, and          Kelly Financial Services
Crossing to obey our speed limits,     clean-up for this yard sale are           400 Bridge Street, Suite 4
stop at all stop signs, and WATCH      always done by volunteers, with the       New Cumberland, PA 17070
OUT for children at play who could     prior approval and oversight of the
quickly dart onto the roadway from                                               In addition, since we have posted
                                       HOA. Thanks so much to Pat A. for
between parked cars while chasing a    volunteering once again this year to   the payment coupons on the Forms
ball or a wayward pet.                 coordinate this fun-filled event.      and Documents page of our website,
       ____________________                                                   we are no longer going to include
                                            ____________________              them     with     our    newsletters.
                                                                              Everyone having web access who
    Annual Community                     New Name & Address                   would like to use the payment
       Yard Sale !!!                        for HOA Dues                      coupons should print them from our
                    The date for the      Although       we
                  Annual Whelan                                                  If you do not have internet access
                                       have sent out letters
                  Crossing     Yard                                           you can ask a friend, neighbor or
                                       to all residents,
                  Sale has been set                                           relative to print them for you or you
                                       emails to everyone
                  for     Saturday,                                           can also obtain them by contacting
                                       on our email list,
May 1st, 2010, from 7:00 am until                                             Mary Miller, HOA President. (Mary
                                       and    have      this
1:00 pm !!!                                                                   will print them for anyone who does
                                       information posted on our website,
                                                                              not have internet access.)
   Join your friends and neighbors     we figured it wouldn’t hurt to also
as we enjoy this one time per year     include it in our Spring 2010
opportunity to clean out our garages   Newsletter.                                  Do We Have Your
and basements, and make some              As you may have read in one of            E-Mail Address?
extra cash at the same time.           the previously mentioned sources,         Don’t miss out on
   This year, once again Pat A. has    the name and address for mailing       important up-to-date
volunteered to organize this event.    HOA dues has changed.                  information      from
Anyone wishing to participate in the      Our accounting service was          your HOA!!!        We
community yard sale must pay $2 to     purchased by Kelly Financial           periodically send out
help defray advertising costs.         Services, and although the location    emails with information concerning
Simply bring your $2 advertising fee   remains the same, they have added a    trash pick-up schedules, snow
to Pat A’s house at 4068 Rufus King    “suite number” to their address.       removal,     clean-ups    by   our
Court before May 1st.                                                         landscapers, and other information
                                                                              of general community interest.
    We’d like everyone to receive       least three seconds while making         accessed during a fire emergency.
these important updates, but we only    multiple checks in all directions for    Make sure you know how to operate
have email addresses for a small        young children, vehicular traffic,       your fire extinguishers.
number of our residents. If you         pets, pedestrians, and any other            Fire Evacuation Plan: Consult
would like to receive periodic          dangerous situations. We will be         information available from safety
informational email communications      asking township police to patrol our     experts about developing and
from the Whelan Crossing HOA,           stop signs again this year. Please do    practicing a Fire Evacuation Plan
please make sure we have your           not ignore our stop signs!!!             with all members of your family.
current email address.                        ____________________
                                                                                     Careful & Considerate Use of
   If you are not currently receiving        Fire Safety Tips                    Smoking Tobacco Products: If
email from us that indicates we do
not have your email address. You
                                          Following Fourth Fire                  you must use smoking tobacco
                                                                                 products, always use extreme care to
can get this information to us any         in Our Community                      make sure all burning products are
number of ways – the easiest would          As everyone knows by now we          fully and safely extinguished. Do
be to simply send an email to:          have had yet another fire in our         not throw cigarette butts anywhere
    WCHAonline@gmail.com                community a couple weeks ago.            in our community, including out of
                                        This was another tanbark fire which      car windows, in yards, in tanbark
   In order for us to put you on our    also caught the shrubs on fire on the    beds, etc. Cigarette butts are litter –
email list we need to know that you     side on the townhome. Let’s face it,     plain and simple. Littering our
are a resident of our community, so     most of these tanbark fires are          community with your cigarette butts
be sure to include your name and        typically the result of careless         is not only extremely inconsiderate;
address. If you are a landlord,         smoking. (Hold the emails and            it can also be extremely dangerous.
please make sure your tenants are       letters – you know we are right !!!)     If you must smoke, do so outside 25
also on our email list.                                                          feet away from a building. Properly
_____________________________              Flames from this particular fire
                                                                                 dispose of all smoking-related litter
                                        reached over twenty feet high and
                                                                                 after making absolutely certain it is
                                        destroyed the shrubs and much of
                                                                                 fully extinguished.
                                        the siding on one side of the
                                        townhome. Even with all of the               Careful Use of Candles:
                                        windows closed, an adjacent unit         Candles are the cause of many house
                                        became filled with smoke.                fires. Consult information available
                                                                                 from professionals concerning how
                                           Fire is one of the possible dangers
                                                                                 to safely burn candles. Never leave
                                        of living in attached housing.
                                                                                 burning candles unattended. Never
                                        However, there are a number of
                                                                                 leave burning candles where pets or
                                        precautions that can be taken to
                                                                                 children can tip them over. Always
 Speaking of Stop Signs !               reduce the risks. Obviously, it’s
                                                                                 follow the safety precautions
                                        always best to consult the advice of
                                                                                 provided by experts and candle
   We’d like to once again remind       safety experts, but here are just a
residents that the stop signs in our    few of the many things you can do
community are here for everyone’s       when living in attached housing:             Careful Attention to Prevent
safety.     We repeatedly observe                                                Cooking Fires: Cooking fires are
                                           Smoke Detectors: Always make
residents failing to stop at our                                                 another major cause of house fires.
                                        sure you have an adequate number
marked intersections, or simply                                                  Always remember that grease or oil
                                        of properly placed and properly
rolling through our stop signs.                                                  heating unattended or attended in a
                                        operating smoke detectors in your
                                                                                 pan can instantly become a flash
   We have a strong message for         home.
                                                                                 fire. Consult expert information to
anyone who fails to stop at our stop       Fire Extinguishers:     Always        learn how to prevent flash fires
signs. Your carelessness is going to    make certain you have the correct        involving grease or oil.
cause an accident or worse yet,         type of properly operating fire
cause a young child to be seriously                                                Careful use of Space Heaters,
                                        extinguishers in places throughout
injured or killed. STOP at all of                                                Extension Cords, and Small
                                        your home that can be immediately
our stop signs, remain stopped for at                                            Appliances: Always be cautious

when using these items. Consult                                                           Winter Snows !
information available from safety
experts and from manufacturers of                                                     Wow, what a winter!!! With the
these items.                                                                      recent 80+ degree temperatures, it
                                                                                  all seems so far behind us, but we’d
    Obviously, there are many causes                                              like to take this opportunity to thank
of home fires, and many precautions                Dog Stuff !                    everyone who understood that the
we can take as homeowners to help                                                 snow clean-up following the record
                                           Do we really need to remind dog
prevent home fires. Seek out as                                                   snowfall we had this past season
                                        owners that they are responsible for
much information as possible on this                                              was a bit more challenging than
                                        immediately cleaning-up after their
topic. Always keep in mind that you                                               other winters in recent memory.
                                        dogs – whether on their own
are living in attached housing and                                                   Thanks so much for being so
                                        property or when out for a walk in
that one careless act can seriously                                               understanding about the huge piles
                                        our community? Unfortunately, the
impact the lives of many of your
                                        answer is, “yes”.                         of snow which may have caused
friends and neighbors!!!                                                          some minor inconveniences, some
      ____________________                  While we have many responsible
                                                                                  yard and shrubbery damage, and just
                                        dog owners in Whelan Crossing,
                                                                                  plain frustration. We’d also like to
                                        based on the number of complaints
                                                                                  thank D & F for their tremendous
                                        received about the common areas
                                                                                  efforts this winter.
                                        and some private yards filled with
                                        dog feces, apparently for some
                                        reason, there are others who are less         Broken or Missing
                                        responsible.     ALWAYS clean-up
    Non-Operational                     immediately after your dog! It’s not
                                                                                     Sewer & Water Caps
    Vehicles, Expired                   only inconsiderate to fail to do so;         We always get a lot of calls about
     Registrations,                     it’s illegal and carries a $600 fine in   the broken white plastic sewer caps
                                        Hampden Township.                         and the broken or missing cast iron
   Commercial Vehicles                          ____________________              water caps in the front of homes.
   Whelan Crossing Rules and                                                      Individual home owners are
Regulations prohibit non-operational     Annual WCHA Meeting                      responsible for the repair of these
                                                                                  pipes and caps.
vehicles in our community. This          Date Set for June 16th !
includes any vehicles that cannot                                                    PA     American      Water      has
physically or legally be operated on       Be sure to mark your calendars         informed us that if an individual
roads and highways. Some of the         for Wednesday, June 16th, at 7:00         homeowner calls they will actually
more common reasons for these           pm, for the WCHA Annual Meeting.          come out to level and fix the cast
types of vehicles are flat tires,       As usual, the meeting will be held at     iron water pipe, as well as replace
expired       registration,   expired   St. James Presbyterian Church at          any missing cast iron caps for free.
inspection stickers, etc. Please keep   1425 Orr’s Bridge Road.
this in mind – no one wants our                                                      However, our contact with
community to become a storage yard         We love to see all our friends and     Hampden Township concerning the
for non-operational vehicles. The       neighbors and cannot emphasize            white plastic sewer pipes resulted in
ACC will issue warnings and fines       enough how important your                 a different response. The township
for all such vehicles.                  feedback is in helping us keep our        informed us that not only are
                                        community the kind of place you           individual homeowners responsible
   While we’re on the subject of        want to live in.                          for engaging a plumber and having
vehicles, our rules also prohibit                                                 the white plastic sewer lines and /or
commercial vehicles. A commercial           Come early, get good seats, bring
                                        all of your great ideas, mingle with      caps fixed, they will also issue
vehicle is any non-passenger-type                                                 warning letters and/or fines to
vehicle with or without printing. In    friends and neighbors, and be a part
                                        of the solution!!! We need and            residents if they have broken pipes
addition, all vehicles displaying
                                        value your input more than you can        or missing caps.
printing,     advertising,    company
logos, etc., are also prohibited.       imagine!!!
                                              ____________________                      ____________________
        Reminder:                       your neighbors (even as far as           routinely bombard the neighbors’
                                        several homes away) enjoy listening      decks and patio furniture. Move
    No Mulch This Year                  to your dog bark?                        your feeders the required 15 feet
    We’d like to remind everyone                                                 away from neighboring properties.
                                           Is your front porch or yard a
that the HOA will not be providing
                                        collection of lawn ornaments,               Do you fail to immediately clean-
mulch this year. As you know, we
                                        figurines, garden flags, pots full of    up after your dog in your rear yard,
provided mulch in 2009, and only
                                        dead flowers, overgrown annuals or       or do you frequently allow your dog
provide it periodically (we try for
                                        overgrown weeds, etc.? Our front         to wander into your neighbor’s yard
every other year) as the budget
                                        yards are far too small to have more     to do his business? As mentioned
allows. However, we originally did
                                        than a couple items in them. Use         elsewhere in this newsletter, be a
not plan to provide mulch in 2010,
                                        good taste and make sure the             considerate dog owner. If we kept
and as indicated in the preceding
                                        number and condition of your lawn        detailed statistics on every call or
article, it was also a rough winter,
                                        ornament collection is appropriate       email we received, this would
which had a larger than usual impact
                                        for our very small yards and             probably be our number one
on our budget.
                                        porches.     Remember, our rules         complaint in Whelan Crossing.
      ____________________              specifically prohibit things like pink   While we recognize we do have a
                                        flamingoes, collections of garden        number of considerate dog owners,
Some Thoughts on Being                  gnomes, plywood cutouts, planters        unfortunately, we also have a large
  a Good Neighbor . . .                 made from car tires and other such       number of inconsiderate dog owners
                                        items generally considered to be         – enough to make this our number
   It’s easy to forget that being a     “tacky” or not in good taste.            one complaint!
good neighbor is essential to
everyone’s enjoyment of life in a          Do you play loud music inside             The bottom line to all of this is
community such as ours. Based on        your home (how about the bass), do       being a considerate neighbor. Very
the number and types of complaints      you play a radio or TV outside on        simply, if we didn’t continually
we hear, many folks don’t realize       your deck, do you smoke within 25        receive complaints about these types
the tremendous impact they can          feet of your neighbor’s home, do you     of things we wouldn’t need to
have on their neighbors. We ask         stay out on your deck or patio late at   continually write about them in our
everyone to re-read our rules and       night talking loudly? Loud noises        newsletters. Obviously, these are
regulations and apply some good old     (and even some that are not so loud)     just a few examples of things we
common sense when it comes to           and cigarette smoke can be major         regularly receive complaints about.
being a considerate neighbor. Some      annoyances to folks in neighboring       EVERYONE, please be aware that
of the more frequent complaints we      townhomes. BE CONSIDERATE!!              you have neighbors on both sides of
hear are listed below. Ask yourself     When you’re outside, keep it down.       you (in most cases), and in all cases,
if you are “guilty” of any of these     Even when you are playing music          living so closely to you that they
and if so, consider a change – BE A     inside, keep it down (especially that    share your every sound and your
GOOD NEIGHBOR:                          annoying bass from your surround         every smell. Please be considerate
                                        sound that can cause a neighbor’s        of others!
   Do you have wind chimes?             walls to reverberate.) If you must             ____________________
While wind chimes always sound          smoke outside during warmer
lovely to their owner – they are an     weather when your neighbors have           WCHA Newsletter - Disclaimer
absolute nuisance to neighbors as far   their doors and windows open, be
as several doors away who can’t                                                  The WCHA newsletter is for general
                                        considerate enough to stay at least      informational purposes only. Information
open their windows or can’t sleep at    25 feet away from all neighbors.         contained in this newsletter is not a
night because of your wind chimes.                                               substitute for expert advice which should
For this reason, our rules prohibit         Do you have bird feeders within      be provided by appropriately trained
wind chimes.                            15 feet of a neighboring property?       professionals.     The WCHA is not
                                        Your love for our feathered friends      responsible for any actions of residents
   Do you leave a barking dog home      could become a major nuisance for        resulting from information contained in
alone inside all day? Do you leave      your neighbors as their flight path      this newsletter, nor are they responsible
your dog outside on the patio, deck     takes them directly over your            for any errors or omissions in this
or in the rear yard to bark? Do we                                               newsletter.
                                        neighbor’s deck where they
really have to tell you how much                                                        ____________________

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