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Organizational Transformation Opportunity
Glo Gordon, Vice President, Communications
Matt McFerrin, Sr. Industry Director, Oracle Communications
Initial Thought On Organizational Change

“Technological change is like an axe
   in the hands of a pathological
    -Albert Einstein, Really Smart Guy
       AT&T Restructuring
       From regional to Consumer and Business LOBs
An interview with Jeff Weber , vice president of
video products for AT&T

“CED: What’s AT&T’s approach to satisfying
growing consumer desire for the convergence of

JW: We made an organizational change last year,
and we’re implementing it now. Wireless and
broadband and video have been brought together
under Ralph de la Vega, who was in charge of
wireless, and now is the CEO of the combination.

Sometimes organizational changes don’t matter.
We think this one does. The change is significant.
Product teams now report to one marketing
manager. More conversations are now happening
in the normal course of business on how to bring
all this together, conversations that may not have
happened before. It’s a competitive advantage for
us if we continue to execute on it.”.”
         Oracle ERP
          Modular Applications
                                                                              • Analytics
                                                             PROC             • Sourcing On Demand
                                                                              • Sourcing

• UPK                                                                                                • Demand Signal
• Management Pack                                                                                      Repository
• Application            AT                                                                   SCM
                                                                                                     • Advanced Planning
  Integration                                              Procurement
                                                                                                       Command Center
                                                                                                     • Service Parts
                                            Applications                 Supply                        Planning
                                            Technology                    Chain
                                                                                                     • Manufacturing
                                                             Oracle                                    Operations Center

                                             Financials                  Human
                                             & Projects                  Capital

                                                           Customer &
                                                           Master Data

                        PROJ                                                                  HCM    • Analytics
 • Projects Analytics                                                                                • Incentive
 • Federal Financials                                                                                  Compensation
   Analytics                                                                                         • Learning
                                                                                                     • iRecruitment
                                • Site Hub                     MDM

                                • PIM for Retail                                                                           4
  Old World – Supply chain by business function
  Tactical approach, with specialized processes tied into core financials

          Fixed Assets                    Core                             Core
                                         Fixed Assets
       Financia                       Financia                         Financia
     Capital GL Account
    Capital ls                     Capital GL Account
                                    Capital ls
      Projects    Payable                                           Capital GL Account
    Projects      A/C                Projects
                                   Projects      Payable                          Payable
                                                 A/C                Projects
          Fixed Assets
                                         Fixed Assets
                                                                          Fixed Assets

     Retail                    Direct Fulfilment                    Network
 Supply Chain                   Supply Chains                     Supply Chain
• Retail focus vital to      • Supply chains specific to       • Ideally, network planning
  wireless growth              channels - call center, self      driven by Financial
• Typically disparate from     care and enterprises sales        planning
  storefront systems and     • Typically disparate from each   • Network processes
  other customer channels      other and the retail supply       disparate from customer
  (e.g. enterprise sales)      chain.                            channel processes

        New World : Consolidated Supply Chain
        Examples Of How Oracle Strategy Enables The Transformation
A Leading, global carrier is                                            Oracle’s Demantra
transforming business by                                                Demand Management
consolidating network and                                               lets you sense and
retail supply chains and                                                respond to demand
tying all to core financials                                            from multiple data

                                                                            BT transforming to
                                       Fixed Assets
                                             Core                           a foundational
Oracle                                     Fixed
                                          Financials                        supply chain -
Transportation                        Capital GL Account
                                  Capital GL                                wrapped with edge
                                      Projects        Payable
Management                        Projects           A/C                    applications - in
                                             Fixed Assets
automates logistics                                                         support of next
for all processes,                                                          generation services
modes, and                                                                  strategy across
geographies                                                                 customer channels

                                       Analytics                Oracle EPM links management
   Oracle AIA delivers an open                                  strategy to execution and applies
   standards based framework             SOA
                                                                analytics to drive enterprise-wide
   for orchestrating cross-app                                  supply chain performance
   business processes                                           improvement.

      Sprint Creates BMG
      From CDMA and iDEN to Consumer and Business LOBs

Sprint Forms Standalone Business Markets Group with Singular Focus -- Business
and Government Customers

“OVERLAND PARK, Kan.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar. 31, 2009-- Sprint (NYSE: S) announced today
the formation of a new unit dedicated solely to business and government users of
communications services. Composed of more than 4,000 sales, support, marketing and
operations personnel, the Sprint Business Markets Group enables a sharpened focus on the
needs of enterprise, general business and public sector customers.”.”

        To remain competitive, Sprint announced a number of
        related organizational changes focused on streamlining
        operations, reducing labor costs and achieving greater
      Multi-Channel Strategy
      Impacting Field Channel Process - Lead to Oppty to Contract to Order

        Contact Center     Retail           Field        Mobile        Web        Partners
                                                                         Improve Customer Experience
                               Ordering                Bid                 Master system of record
                                                                              improves all customer
                                             Deal                               business process

                                Customer Foundation

                                                                               Customer             Business
                                            Infrastructure                                         Intelligence

               Order                                          Supply
             Management               Billing                  Chain         Financials

    Enhance Service Delivery                 Retail/Network Transformation            Operational efficiency
Real time provisioning dramatically         Demand driven network planning       Integrated financial Intelligence
  improves order process for key                  improves deal margins              improves deal governance
            transactions                                                                      processes
     BT 21CN
     Focused on improving processes across organization lines

An interview with Karsten Lereuth, President Global Telecom Markets, BT
Global Services

“For the business world, history shows that organisations constantly adapting to the
changing environment have more chance of being competitive and a better chance of
assuring their futures.

In the carrier world today, survival also depends on adapting. Specifically, it means
being willing to transform…”.”

      As part of their transformation, BT and Oracle focused on
       3 overarching business processes on Concept to Market,
                  Lead to Cash and Trouble To Resolve
High Level Architecture - Process Blueprints
Starts                                                                                                                                                                                                                …ends
with…                                                                         Concept to Market                                                                                                                        with
                                         Concept to Market – from idea to service launch or withdrawal
                       Manage and         identification.        Concept                                 Design and            Testing and            Launch / Beta                              Manage
                                                                                    Specify & Plan                                                                       Project Closure
                     review portfolio     Insight & idea        Evaluation                               implement                Trial                  release                                  in-life

     Note: Whilst C2M is a critical enabler to the Customer Experience, the experience capabilities are delivered through L2C and C2M

                                                                                        Lead to Cash
          Lead to Cash – from contact initiation through to customer acceptance and payment made
             Manage Contact                                      Sell Service                            Supply Service                                           Obtain Payment                              Confirm
                        Identify    Establish                                Identify     Accept                                                                                                                and
          Open            and          and       Choose     Understand         and       Contract Produce     Plan        Implement      Commission                                            Manage          close
        customer        Validate     Register    Service    and Validate     Propose     and Place Solution Solution       Customer        Customer            Collect   Produce      Receive  Payment       customer
       interaction     Customer     Customer     Option       Needs          Solution      Order   Design    Tasks          Solution        Solution           Events    Invoices     Payment Exceptions    interaction

                                                                                                                   Manage                                                   Present
                                                                                                                                    Keep                                                          Execute
                                                                                                      Monitor    exceptions                       Manage                  and Change
                                                                                                                                  customer                                                        Service
                                                                                                      Progress      and                          Escalation                 Service
                                                                                                                                  informed                                                        Options
                                                                                                                  jeopardy                                                  Options

                                                                                                            Manage Progress                                               Configure Service

                                                                           Trouble to Resolve
                                           Trouble to Resolve – from problem identification to resolution
               Manage Contact                                                             Resolve Problem                                                         Obtain Payment                              Confirm
                         Identify    Establish                                                                                                                                                                  and
                                                                                        Analyse                           Plan             and
            Open           and          and       Choose                                                                                                                                       Manage          close
                                                                                        Problem                        Resolution /    Commission
          customer       Validate     Register    Service                                                                                                      Collect   Produce      Receive  Payment       customer
                                                                                        Incident                         Change        Resolution /
         interaction    Customer     Customer     Option                                                                                                       Events    Invoices     Payment Exceptions    interaction

                 Monitor Service          Monitor Usage                                                                                   Manage             Keep
                                                                      Execute Component Tests                          Monitor                                            Manage
                Performance and                and                                                                                    exceptions and       customer
                                                                                                                       Progress                                          Escalation
                 Present Alerts           Present Alerts                                                                                 jeopardy          informed
                                                                               Execute E2E Tests
                 Monitor & Assure                                                                        Slide 8                  Manage Progress

Note: The order of the steps will change in some cases, depending on the nature of the customer journey.
      Demand Driven Adaptive Planning
• Improve demand
  visibility with
  inputs from
  multiple sources
  of demand:         Sense
  Customer,          Demand                                   • Align demand plan
  channel, order                                                with business
  and shipment                                    Respond       goals
  history                                         To Demand   • Enable
• Use statistical
                                       at the                   collaborative
  analytics to                          Core                    planning process
  improve the                                                   for consensus one
  forecast                                                      number plan
                                                              • Monitor plan to
                                     Shape                      budget against
• Use new product introductions to   Demand                     KPIs
  capture demand                                              • Automate
• Model promotions and sales                                    exception process
  incentives to shape demand

 The demand driven company runs on real-time information

    MTN Functional Restructuring
    Revised sales, service, marketing, and strategy

As part of the increased focus on improving capacity to deliver
on the business strategy, MTN South Africa has been
restructured into a functional organisational design. This has
resulted in revised sales and service, marketing, and strategy
and business development departments being implemented.
This structure has been supported by a number of senior

Extended Store POS & CRM operations with Supply Chain
   Planning, Demantra, and Demand Signal Repository

       Retail Business Information Model
                                                 POS (Point-of-Sale)

                 Sell-Side                   •
                                                 Web stores & Catalog
                                                 Order Management
                                             •   Inventory Optimization          • Strategic Sourcing
                                             •   Advertising & Promotions        • Advanced Planning &
Customer & Consumer Interaction              •   Customer Service           Scheduling
                                             •   Workforce Scheduling       (Demand Driven)
                                             •   Personalized Marketing   • Inventory Optimization
                                                                          • Pricing Strategy
                                       Retailer     Sales    Marketing    • Cost Forecasting
                                      Knowledge   Knowledge Knowledge
                                                                          • Purchase Order Mgmt.
                                            Demand      Consumer          • Retail Partnerships
                                          Knowledge    Knowledge
                                                                          • Warehouse Mgmt.


•   Manufacturing/Sourcing                                                                       Partners
•   Sales Forecasting
•   Inventory Optimization
•   Distribution & Logistics
                               Inventory                    Data
    Effectiveness                                                                               Suppliers
                              Knowledge                   Warehouse
•   Financial Management
•   Human Resources & Training
•   Corporate Governance
                               Forecasting    Mfg Perf.              Knowledge                   Distributors
                               Knowledge     Knowledge

Retail Store Supply Chain Logistics

           Collaboration         Workflow        Integration        Visibility


                       Store        Store             Store
    Receiving          Inbound      Operations        Outbound              Shipping
                   • Transfers     • New Orders       • Store-to-Store
                   • Receipts      • Shipments          Transfers
                   • POs/ASNs      • Supply           • Returns /
                                     Availability       Reverse
                   • Inbound                            Logistics
                     Cartons /     • Stock Counts
                     LPNs          • Serialized
                   • Demand          Tracking
                     Management    • Merchandise

          EBS R12+ Demand Signal Repository

     Retail Store Data                                                                                         Front Office Applications
                              Demand Signal

                                                                                      SOA-Based Integration
•    POS sales                Repository                                                                      Trade Promotion Management
•    Price
•    Store inventory
•    Promotional plans
                                                                                                              Retail Execution
•    Store replen. rules
•    Store forecasts                                                                                          Product Lifecycle Management

                                                                                                              Enterprise Performance Mgmt

        Retail DC/


     Distributor Data

• DC shipments                                                                                                 Demantra

                                                                                      Pre-Built Integration
• DC inventory
• DC replenishment                                                                                               Predictive Trade Planning
  rules                      • Data sources centrally cleansed,
                               harmonized and aggregated
                             • Pre-built dashboards and reports                                                  Sales & Operations Planning
                             • Powerful BI capabilities
       External Data
                             • “Sense & Respond” event                                                           Demand Management
 • Retail loyalty              management
 • IRI/AC Nielsen
 • Demographics
 • Causal (weather,
                           • More timely data - to better sense, shape and respond to demand
 • RFID/EPC                • More consistent data - usable across teams and applications
                           • Reduced manual effort and cost

Final Thought On Organizational Change
  “Twenty years from now you will be more
disappointed by the things you didn't do than
   by the ones you did do. So throw off the
  bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.
     Catch the trade winds in your sails.
         Explore. Dream. Discover.”
    -Mark Twain, Humorist, Author, Occasional Cynic

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