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					                                  HASLAND JUNIOR SCHOOL
                       Broomfield Avenue, Hasland, Chesterfield, S41 0LY
                                      Tel: 01246 234250
                       Headteacher: Mrs V M Miller B.Ed Hons, MA(Educ)

                                                                                             11th September 2009

Dear Parent/Carer,

Welcome to a new term at Hasland Junior School. Many exciting events and activities are planned for pupils in
their new year band. The dates for these follow at the end of this letter. Please look out for individual letters
regarding trips and activities as these will be sent home with children from the classes concerned.

Activity Club
This term we have introduced a club that allows pupils to stay in school supervised until 4.30p.m. This is in
response to parents concerns over child care when the end of the school day changed to 3.30p.m. We originally
called it a homework club as pupils have the opportunity to complete their homework there. However we are
keen to introduce more activities and interests. If you would like your child to take advantage of this club it
meets in the library daily and runs from 3.30 to 4.30p.m. There is a charge of £2.50 per session. Look out for
details of further clubs and extended activities later in the year.

Derbyshire Personalised Learning Award
          At the end of the summer term we were delighted to receive the Derbyshire Personalised Learning
           Award. This was the result of much hard work from staff and pupils. The award recognises the
           important part your children play in their own education. Our Pupil Councils, (incl.ECO and Charity)
           and the many opportunities given to the children to take part in activities and decision making were
            highly praised. We are one of the few schools in Derbyshire to receive the full award.

International Status
Our school has also won International Status for the many exciting things we do in school. Pupils
study many global issues and learn about the world through international links. Staff have
travelled abroad and looked at education in other countries. We teach foreign languages and have
music and dance from all around the world in our curriculum. Everyone has worked hard and we
are delighted to have gained this award which will be presented in London next month.

           A Harvest assembly will be held in school. Please look out for details as we would like to receive
           donations that we can distribute in the community. We use this assembly as an opportunity to invite
           the older members of our community into school.

This year, as last year, classes from year three will put on a Christmas performance and classes
from year five will organise a Carol Service. Classes from year four and year six will put on
productions in the summer term. By spreading the performances over the year more parents will
be able to attend and staff will have better access to the hall and other resources. Classes will
not miss out on Christmas fun: there will be parties and activities for all year bands.

            Morrisons are running their “Let’s Grow” scheme again this year. Last year we collected over 5000
          vouchers and were able to exchange these for garden tools and seeds. Please send any vouchers
       you collect into school to Miss Rawlin’s classroom.
Safety Around the School
As part of the Every Child Matters initiative we would like to work with you in keeping your child
healthy and safe. There are lots of ways in which you can help us. If you need to come into school
please use the main entrance only as this allows us to see and record who is entering the building.
(If you need to speak to a teacher you will always be welcome but the end of the day is often
better than when a teacher is meeting his/her class in the morning). Please ring in if your child is ill
as attendance is closely monitored.

                    Secondly children are not allowed on the playground equipment before or after school. The
                    Health and Safety Team want me to remind parents of this, as the school cannot accept
                    responsibility for any injury that may occur. Please supervise all the children that you bring
                    onto the site.

We continue to work closely with Hasland Hall and the police to ensure pupils arrive safely in school.
Hasland Hall and ourselves are concerned about the number of cars coming on the school premises.
Consequently both school have agreed that for a temporary trial period we will stop all cars and
only allow parents/carers with genuine needs to come onto the site. This will happen on Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday of this week. This will allow us to monitor Broomfield Ave at this
time. I appreciate the difficulties parents have in dropping off their children during a busy morning but we must
keep children safe from cars. Parking on or near The Green, if you are unable to walk to school, is still the
preferred option for most parents as there is a safe crossing and walkway into school. However cars must not
park on the zig-zag lines. The governors and I would like to thank parents for their co-operation and comments.
May I reiterate that we are always willing to work with parents on devising safer routes for pupils. Please let us
know if you would like to discuss other options.

           Eating Healthily
              Our school kitchens have become Gold Award Winners for Primary Lunches. Pupils like the
              new menus and staff work hard to please. We would like you to continue to encourage your
             children to eat healthily; I know many of you do already. However there are still pupils who have
           many chocolate bars and sweets in their lunch boxes on a regular basis. Often sandwiches are
            thrown away. In order to stop this we will ask children to take home the food they have not eaten so,
            that you are aware. At breaks on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only healthy snacks
are permitted. This means no to high fat and high sugar snacks such as:

    X Crisps             X
                       Sweets                   X
                                            Chocolate bars               Nuts.     X
Nuts are banned because pupils with severe allergies to nuts may touch books, tables or other objects
touched by pupils who have handled nuts and this will cause a reaction.

Water Bottles and spare tops are available to buy in school. Pupils are encouraged to drink plenty of water but
please note we do not allow pupils to bring in bottles of squash. Plain water is the healthier option to sugared
drink and drinks with additives and artificial sugars. These can be bad for the teeth, encourage children to
develop a ‘sweet tooth’ and are sticky when spilt. Staff have no way of telling these drinks apart. Please
encourage your child to drink water.

Dinner Money this term is £1.85 per day i.e. £9.25 per week. If paying by cheque please make this payable to
Derbyshire County Council or DCC. Please place money/cheque in a sealed envelope
with child’s name, class and amount enclosed. It would be very helpful if all money
could be paid on a Monday. We are no longer allowed to let parents go into arrears
for more that a few days, please contact the office if you have concerns over this.

Medicine in School
      If your child requires any medicine/inhalers in school please can you contact the school office for a form
      that needs to be completed in order to allow this to happen.
Family Resource Worker
Francesca Leyland is a family resource Worker for our cluster of schools. We are very lucky to have her based
here with us. She is able to support families in any difficulties you may have. She can work confidentially in your
home or with your child in school. There are many things she can help with, for example bereavement, difficult
behaviour, drug and alcohol abuse, child care, benefits advice and building self-esteem. If you think she may be
able to help you she can be contacted through the school office.

             Skills Challenge
               Libraries in Derbyshire are running a Skills Challenge- do encourage your children to get
              involved. They must read six books borrowed from Derbyshire Libraries between 7 September
             and 28 November and they could win £100 in book tokens. Pick up a challenge bookmark at any
           Derbyshire library.

Celebration Community Book
At school I am compiling a book to be on display in our main entrance showing the many
activities we take part in in the community. If you have any newspaper photographs of your
children in shows, sports or other activities including school trips and would like them to go in
the book please send them into school. We will be able to photocopy them and return originals
to you.

I am always happy to receive feedback from parents and carers on newsletters or on the items they contain.

If you would like to receive the newsletter in large print, Braille or other form please discuss this with the office.

15th September                    Y6 Trip Eden Camp leave at 8.30am return at 4.30pm
23rd September                    Y4 Trip to Haddon Hall leave 9.15am return by the end of school
25th September                    Y6 swimming starts (during school time every Friday)
6th October                       5JH Southwell Workhouse leave 9.30am return by the end of
13th October                      5DS Southwell Workhouse leave 9.30am return by the end of
13th October                      Lower school Harvest Assembly
14th October                      Upper school Harvest Assembly
15th October                      5BS Southwell Workhouse leave 9.30am return by the end of
16th October                      Photographer in for individual and family photographs – family
                                  groups can come in from 7.45am
20th October                      Parents’ Evening 3.45 – 6.45pm
21st October                      Parents’ Evening 3.45 – 5.45pm
23rd October                      Break up for end of Term 1
20th November                     INSET DAY
4th December                      Swimming finishes for this term – starts again in January
9th December                      Y3 Christmas Concert
14th December                     Y5 Christmas Carols
15th December                     Y4 Christmas Party (during the school day)
16th December                     Y6 and Y3 Christmas Party (during the school day)
17th December                     Y5 Christmas Party (during the school day)
18th December                     School Closes
              Hasland Junior School – Term Dates

      5 September 2008 to 24 October 2008 (36 teaching days)
      3 November 2008 to 19 December 2008 (35 teaching days)
      5 January 2009 to 13 February 2009 (30 teaching days)
      23 February 2009 to 3 April 2009 (30 teaching days)
      20 April 2009 to 22 May 2009 (24 teaching days)
      1 June to 24 July 2009 (40 teaching days)

Training/planning day

      5 September 2008, 8th September 2008, 3rd November 2008 and 5th
       January 2009

Bank holidays

      25 and 26 December 2008
      1 January 2009
      10 April 2009 (Good Friday)
      13 April 2009 (Easter Monday)
      4 May 2009
      25 May 2009
      31 August 2009



      4 September 2009 - 23 October 2009 (36 teaching days)
      2 November 2009 - 21 December 2009 (36 teaching days)
      4 January 2010 - 12 February 2010 (30 teaching days)
      22 February 2010 - 1 April 2010 (29 teaching days)
      19 April 2010 - 28 May 2010 (29 teaching days)
      7 June 2010 - 23 July 2010 (35 teaching days)

Training/planning days

      4 September 2009 and 21 December 2009

Bank holidays

      25 December and 26 December 2009
      1 January 2010
      2 April 2010 (Good Friday)
      5 April 2010 (Easter Monday)
      3 May 2010
      31 May 2010
      30 August 2010

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