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					                                  Long Street Primary School
                              Newsletter No. 2 Term 1 18/02/2011

                           We will strive together as a cohesive community to realize each child’s potential in the DECD learning areas
                                                              to develop global citizens of the future.

                   citizens of the future.

DIARY                Annual General Meeting
                     The Long Street Primary School Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday,
DATES                February 21, at 6pm in the school library where the 2010 Annual Report will be
                     delivered and elections for new Governing Councillors held. Nominations for people
                     wishing to join the Governing Council will still be accepted on Monday, February 21.
 2011                The first Governing Council meeting of the year will take place immediately after the
                     AGM and will conclude at 8pm.
 Monday Feb.21       Materials and Services Charge
  6:30 – 8:00        School fees for 2011 are due by March 5. Payment can be made in the following
   th                   - cash, cheque or bankcard
 25 February
“Emperors New
                        - electronic funds transfer via internet banking
  Beat Box”             - by applying for School Card
                        - instalment payments by negotiation with the Principal
    Interviews       Prompt settlement of these accounts is greatly appreciated.
 th   th  th
6 , 7 , 8 March
                     Parent/Teacher Interviews
Adelaide Cup Day     On Monday 7, Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 March (week 6), parent/teacher
   17 March          interviews will be held. These meetings will provide an opportunity for you and your
                     child’s teacher to meet and discuss priorities for his/her learning for the year ahead.
   Governing         The process for scheduling meeting times will take place over the next two weeks.
   21 March
                     Safety Reminder
                     Recently, there have been a number of near-misses involving students exiting and
     Term 1          entering the school through the staff car park. Please be aware that this car park is
   31/1 – 15/4       frequently used by service vehicles and delivery trucks making it dangerous for
                     children to be in this area. Please ensure that all children enter and exit the school
     Term 2          via Long Street, Eyre Avenue, Skurray Street or the parent/visitors’ car park.
    2/4 – 8/7
                     Road Crossing Monitors – Week 4 and 5
     Term 3          Week            Name                 Name                                                 Name
   25/7 – 30/9
                       4    Bini Riis Oleson      Shanice Buss                                           Samantha Golanski
     Term 4            5    Kayla Linsell         Heidi Medwin                                           Cameron Marsland
  17/10 – 16/12
                     Thank you to Brooke HcHugh, Milly Head and Miya Crompton for undertaking road
                     crossing duties during week 3.

                     Community Use of School Facilities
                     Over the coming months, a number of sporting clubs will be making use of the
                     school’s grounds after hours while upgrades to their own facilities take place. We
                     welcome these groups and are pleased to have the chance to showcase our school
                     in the broader community.
                     Monday                                  Lions Soccer Club                      4:00 – 5:30
                     Tuesday                                 Warriors Netball Club                  4:00 – 8:00
                     Wednesday                               True Blue Netball Club                 4:00 – 8:00
                     Thursday                                Lions Soccer Club                      4:00 – 6:00
                                                                        Long Street Primary School welcomes
                                                                          the following students and their

                                                                        Sophie Camwell, Billy Camwell, Nikiya
                                                                        Rudd, Hannah Robinson, Matthew
                                                                        Herbert, Seth Trenwith, Georgia Brown,
                                                                        Joseph Micallef, Preston Issom, Jessy
                                                                        James, Zachary Dix, Connor Walden,
                                                                        Raiden Rudd, Gabbi Travers, Brittany
                                                                        Rudd, Riley Richards, Chavelle Pooley,
                                                                        Brittany Griffin, Brett Roesler, Lilly
                                                                        Wright, Cheyenne Rudd, Jason Herbert,
                                                                        Stephen Buss, Conner Stiling

                                                                          We hope your experiences here are
                                                                              enjoyable and satisfying.

                                           New Staff
                 Tara Nielsen                                                     Michelle Potter
               Tara joins us from                                                  Joins us from
                Risdon and Port                                                   Kangaroo Island.
               Germain Primary                                                       Year 3/ 4
                    School.                                                          Room17
               Year 2 – Room 8

    Tara Herewane                                                                              Anne-Marie Reschke
   Is beginning her                                                                            Joins us from Quorn
    teaching career.                                                                               Area School.
   Year 4/ 5 – Room                                                                            Year 5/ 6 – Room 13

                                              Samantha Cassar
                                           Joins us from Whyalla
                                           Stuart Primary School.
                                            Year 1/ 2 – Room 5

   WHYALLA CALISTHENICS                   NORTH WHYALLA JUNIOR                         CENTRAL WHYALLA
          CLUB                                  FOOTBALL CLUB                             FOOTBALL CLUB
    FUNDRAISING EVENT                                                                JUNIOR REGISTRATION
                                             REGISTRATION DAY
                                           SUNDAY 27TH FEBRUARY                      FRIDAY 25TH FEBRUARY
Junior Disco of Friday 25th February            12 noon – 4.00pm                                 5.00pm
at the                                  Jumping Castle, free sausage sizzle          UNDER 8's TO UNDER 14's
Boat Owners Club – Whyalla               and more. Player training begins             Counter Tea available from
foreshore. 7 yrs – 13yrs. Boys and        4.30p.m. Tuesday 1st March for                         6.00pm
girls welcome. 7.30pm -9.30pm.          Under 12’s and 4.30p.m. Thursday            Contact Margot Byrne (secretary)
$3.00 per entry . Fully Supervised       3rd March for Uner 8’s and 10’s.                       86454762
Event, D.J Games and prizes. Many          For further information phone                         or email
items available for sale between $2 -                                                margotbyrne@internode.on.net
                                                     Secretary                           for further information
$5.                                                 040 040 7730                   ALL NEW PLAYERS WELCOME

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