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					                              Heriot Primary School
                                 R D 2 Tapanui, West Otago
                                     PH/FAX 03 204 2007

NEWSLETTER TERM 2 NUMBER 12                                                 18 May 2007

                            Recent West Otago Junior Rugby Results
                  Liam Robinson – ‘Player of the Day’ W/Otago U7 Blue – 12/5
                 Claydon Young – ‘Player of the Day’ W/Otago U7 White – 12/5
                      Sean Duff – ‘Player of the Day’ W/Otago U9 – 12/5
                      Selected to Attend South West Rugby U38Kg Trials
                                  Dion Falconer & Zach Roulston
                 Sam Perkins – ‘Player of the Day’ 10th Grade West Otago Soccer
                    Thomas Adam - Recent Ballroom Dancing Exam Results
              3 Juvenile Novelty, 2nd Juvenile Boy Latin, 1st Juvenile Boy Ballroom,
                                        1st Boys 10 & Under
                   All 4 exams were passed with Honors – Well done Thomas!

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Community

As you are aware the children will be singing some songs at the Heriot 150 Years
Celebration opening tonight, Friday 18 May. I’ve talked to Mrs McHutchon again this week
and our singing time is going to be around the 7.15pm time slot. I would like children to be
at the Heriot Community Centre by 7.00pm please, rather than the earlier time of 6.30pm.
This will mean less waiting time before we get our songs underway. If students could
assemble in the foyer of the Community Centre, we will then lead into the hall for our songs
at around 7.15pm. A good turn out of our students is needed to make the singing session
successful. We would like to do our bit for the community event. I know that this time on
a Friday evening doesn’t suit everyone, but it has been organised so it doesn’t clash with the
children’s Saturday sporting events. If your child/ren are unable to attend would you
please let the school know. Once the singing is finished we will file out of the hall and
parents are welcome to take their children home. The songs will take about 10 minutes to
complete. Our thanks to Mr Rea who is going to accompany us on the guitar. We need as
many children there as possible to make the singing successful please.
New World is once again giving away $10,000 each to 10 South Island primary and
intermediate schools. Between 28 May and 17 June 2007, every time you shop at New
World, save your till dockets and give them to your child to bring to school. We’ll join them
together to make one long docket that we will measure at the end of the competition. Ask
your family, friends and neighbours to help out by saving their dockets too. Don’t worry
about the size of the docket – big or small – (they divide the length of the docket by the
number of primary and intermediate students enrolled). This year there are three
     Schools with over 200 students
     Schools with 101 – 200 students and
     Schools with 100 students or less
Three schools from each division will win $10,000 each. And there will be one prize of
$10,000 to the school with the longest overall docket, regardless of the number of
students enrolled.

The school has a website that can be accessed at The website is still
under construction at the moment, but there are regular items that we are endeavoring to
have on the site that will be useful e.g. newsletters, school information book, email contacts
etc. There is an updating issue with the site at the moment and I am trying to get this
sorted out with the Internet Service Provider.

On Tuesday 22 May we will be hosting Annette Knowler, a storyteller from Oamaru. Mrs
Knowler is a member of the New Zealand Guild of Storytellers. Mrs Knowler will spend
about half an hour with both the junior and senior students sharing stories. There is no
charge for Mrs Knowler’s visit, but a gold coin donation would be appreciated to help with
her travel costs. Also on Wednesday evening at the Tapanui School Library, Mrs Knowler
will be offering an open workshop that is open to the public. This starts at 7.30pm.

The Kiwi Golf representative from Otago contacted me this week offering to complete
some coaching with children. He will be here on Friday 25 May for the day. Each class will
have the opportunity to spend a session with Regan. The cost is $2 per child. Students
enjoyed the last session they had with the golf coach learning and practicing skills and
techniques. Please send the two dollars along in an envelope marked Kiwi Golf.

Teachers have had a visit from the GRITS facilitator this week, Bronwyn Fennessy.
Bronwyn is working with all the cluster schools to help teachers develop and integrate
Information and Communication Technology (ICT for short) into the every day classroom
programme. Each staff member is looking at areas they want to up-skill themselves in also.
Teachers will be visited and supported several times during the year to help their
development in this area.
The school is in the process of purchasing eight laptop computers, a digital projector and a
storage unit for the laptops called a COW (computers on wheels). This equipment should be
arriving in the next few weeks. The purchases have been possible due to a grant from Pub
Charity of $5000.00, the stock fundraising scheme $4,040.00 and funds donated by the
PTA which the board has allocated to this project.

Please return all Room One Review Books and Sample Books (from entire school) as soon as

Please have a look round at home and return any Room One math games to school.

Due to outstanding accounts, all stationery accounts (however large or small) are now being
posted out at the end of each month. Please pay at office as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who helped or donated food for last week’s catering we did for the
McElrea’s morning tea. Rochelle Falconer

                                        HEALTH CORNER
                                    FOCUS   ON:   NUTRITION
     Your children’s teeth will be affected by what they eat and drink, and how well the
     teeth are looked after. Loose or rotten teeth and bleeding gums make it very hard
     to chew a lot of Foods! Your children will need your help:

           Calcium is important for teeth and bones. Calcium levels are particularly high
            in dairy products, such as milk, cheese and yoghurt. Other good sources are
            nuts and green vegetables.
           Eating sugary foods too often can cause tooth decay, so avoid your children
            snacking on sweet foods for a prolonged period of time, or drinking sugary
            drinks out of a sipper bottle. If you want to give them a sweet treat, give it
            to them just after a meal.
           Some drinks, such as orange juice and fizzy drinks, have high acid levels,
            which dissolves tooth enamel – this includes diet drinks. Sugar in drinks
            promotes tooth decay, so limit these drinks to occasional treats.
           Make sure your children drink water out of a tap, as this contains fluoride
            (this is area dependent, so check with your local dental service). Fluoride
            helps to strengthen tooth enamel.
           Brush their teeth twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste. If they are
            under six, they will need your help to brush properly. Use only a small amount
            of toothpaste (a smear), and get them to spit out the excess toothpaste.
           Your children should see a dentist or dental nurse every year.
Fri           18 May               Heriot 150 Years Celebration, HDCC, 6.30pm
Mon           04 Jun               Queens Birthday – SCHOOL CLOSED
Fri           08 Jun               GLOWWORM CAVES TRIP (NB: NEW DATE)
Fri           29 Jun               Term 2 Ends
Mon           16 Jul               Term 3 Begins
Fri           21 Sep               Term 3 Ends
Mon           08 Oct               Term 4 Begins

Colin Volp

                                                                                    

                            JUNIOR SOCCER DRAW – SATURDAY 19 MAY
                     8 Grade vs East Gore Rovers  Hyde 5     11.00am
                     10 Grade vs St Mary’s Barron Hyde 5     10.00am

                                          BMC U11 & U13 RUGBY
                            Blue Mountain under 11 & 13 yrs rugby photos will be
                            taken Wednesday 23 May before practice at
                            4.00pm. Please ensure children are in their uniform
                            & have clean boots.
                            Jackee Peat

                                             DUNROBIN CUBS
    We have been asked to participate in the Heriot 150th celebrations by playing old time games.
    Please have your children at the Heriot Domain at 11am (if possible). For those who are
    participating in Saturday sport please just attend when you are able. Cubs to wear their
    uniforms please. Any queries contact Mike McElrea 2040860.

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