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                                                   The Chiropractic College Guide
                                                               By John Furnem

   A chiropractic college develops and educates professional physicians who specialize in treating
patients with skeletal, muscular and nervous disorders, while avoiding surgical and drug interventions.
A chiropractic school’s programs includes at least 4200 hours of combined laboratory, clinical and
classroom experiences. The chiropractic student learns how to diagnose patients and develop
doctor-patient relationships while enhancing their communications skills.

Treatment techniques, physical therapy, professional issues, manipulation, spinal adjustment and other
therapeutic procedures are taught as well. The clinical and laboratory components are an integral part
of a chiropractic college. Students are given the opportunity to put what they have studied into practice
and begin treating actual patients while under close supervision.

Prerequisites required for entry into a chiropractic college include successful completion of at least 90
semester hours of undergraduate education, classes in all the basic sciences (e.g. Biology, Anatomy
and Physiology, Nutrition...), and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. Most applicants to chiropractic
schools already possess a baccalaureate degree, usually in one of the sciences. The Council on
Chiropractic Education (CCE) sets forth guidelines which colleges must follow when establishing
standards and admission requirements.

Most chiropractic colleges offer a typical four-year education, although some have a three-year
accelerated program. The first two years strengthen the background in basic sciences, while the
second two focus more on clinical application. The average cost of tuition varies widely from $11,000
to $20,000 a year, depending on whether the program runs 9 or 12 months a year. Traditional financial
aid is available however. On successful graduation from a chiropractic college, the student receives the
degree Doctor of Chiropractic and is then eligible to sit the State boards examination and become

After graduation, the prospects are almost endless. There is an employment rate of nearly 100% for
new graduates and chiropractors rarely ever go through career switches. The chiropractic field is one
of the fastest growing career fields out there and is expected to increase even more because of the
interest in natural healing. Most graduates become private practitioners or enter group practices while
a few conduct research, work in hospitals or teach. To maintain licensure, 12-48 hours of continued
education is required yearly. In this way, chiropractors are enabled to earn their diplomat status in

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

specialties such as sports injuries, pediatrics, neurology, rehabilitation, family practice, nutrition,
radiology, internal disorders... Many chiropractors are beginning to use alternative therapies such as
massage or heat therapy and are focusing on holistic healing and lifestyle changes.

Currently there are 19 chiropractic colleges that are accredited by the CCE. Finding the perfect one
involves analyzing and comparing what each offers. Check out the school environment and the
curriculum. Find out if the program teaches alternative or adjunct therapies and if a broad spectrum of
manipulative techniques is included. Explore the clinical setting and see how involved the students are
and how many patients they get to treat. For most students, hands-on application is the most important

A chiropractic education is an excellent choice with many benefits. More and more of the chiropractic
colleges are developing pre-chiropractic training so the education can be completed all at one place.
The average annual earning of a chiropractor is upwards of $60,000 and steadily increasing.
Compared to this, a chiropractic education is relatively inexpensive and quickly pays for itself.

John Furnem is a dot com veteran, specializing in human resources and work psychology he has
written articles about relief and stress management. John currently writes Stress Relief and
Chiropractor articles for

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                                                              Chiropractor College
                                                                      By Kerry Ng

 A chiropractor college offers many different challenges for people wishing to get into that field. Many
colleges have very high academic standards and expand their offerings for education. A good
chiropractor college will put emphasis on strong educational preparation and clinical training in the
chiropractor field. The clinical training allows the graduate to realize how successful they can be in a
solo practice.

Students are offered an outstanding education at a chiropractor college, and there is high level of
excellence. A good chiropractor college will mentor the student with practicing doctors, familiar with
every aspect of chiropractic medicine. They will learn chiropractic care, and be enthusiastic in their
practice. The curriculum continually grows and teaches the science, art and philosophy that a
chiropractor needs to know. Another benefit to a good chiropractor college is that it offers two masters
degree programs that help to prepare the student for professional practice as licensed acupuncturists
as well. The student should leave feeling competent and confident as a practitioner with an
understanding of theoretical concepts. The students will learn by doing, and will integrate theory with
practice while working closely with educated and experienced practitioners.

In the end, a good chiropractor college will provide students with all the training and skills that are
needed to help alleviate pain maintain wellness and establish a successful and fulfilling career. There
should be high standards at a chiropractor college to help bring out the full potential of the student. The
instructors will be highly involved and should offer hands-on training. There should be reputable
doctors of chiropractic medicine in the program, and there should be new academic choices in
acupuncture as it is often used hand in hand with chiropractic medicine. Research and internship
opportunities should be available for the students. These areas should help to bring out the students
highest potential, as this is one of the goals of a good chiropractor college. When the student
graduates, they should be able to run a profitable practice.

Kerry Ng is a successful Webmaster and publisher of The Chiropractor Info Blog. Click here for more
helpful information on Chiropractors:

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