; Learning German Words and Umlauts
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Learning German Words and Umlauts


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									                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                             Learn German Words And Umlauts
                                                        By Shareen Aguilar

   In the German language, there are at most 39 useful German words that are commonly used for
both conversation and written communication purposes. The German words consist of German vowels
A, O and U and those that have umlauts.

Umlauts or to be specific, Germanic umlauts are the fronting of vowels in the German language caused
by assimilation to an original front vowel. The vowels in Germanic language appear as: Ä, Ö and Ü.

Ä is pronounced similar to the e of the English language as in the word “bed”. This is the short form of
pronouncing this vowel. The long form is similar to how the English word their /eir/ is pronounced. Ö is
similar to how you pronounce “bird” /ir/ in the English language. And lastly, Ü is similar to the French
language u and the English way of pronouncing the words “mule” or “music” /yu/ and the German place

Germanic Umlauts are just a small bit of the German language. But the way you memorize German
words doesn’t require special classification; just a method to help you remember them. Figure how the
sentence below can help you remember it.

The man who throws confetti each town festival has extremely big hands that can hold any huge object
in one grip and uses jam to help him hold any object in his hand.

So what is the relevance of the story to the example words given? The German word selected for this
sentence is Konfiture which means “jam” in English. The English word used to represent Konfiture is
confetti. You can also locate the word “jam” somewhere in the sentence. The purpose is to choose a
similar sounding word to link to the English translation of Konfitur. Also, the example appears ludicrous,
but it’s meant to appear that way so the reader (and the human brain) can easily recognize the
difference above other sentences and remember the sentence easier. even easier.

Five chunky hotdogs didn’t make it on time for packaging because there were humors about them that
they should be on the chicken dog section because of their cream color instead of juicy red.

Italian word = cinque English translation = five

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                                          Presented by Daniel Toriola

The Italian word for five has been replaced with an English word “chunky” because of the similar sound
the two words have in common. This method is usually use for easier memorization even with plain
items within the English language, but it has been proven to work good also with foreign languages.

Shareen Aguilar is a writer for http://learn-german-program.com which has Memory Improvement
Books and Memory Game Software for better Germanlanguage memorization.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                     Learning German And Pronouncing The Words
                                                          By Shareen Aguilar

 Learning a foreign language takes time. It is something that no person can accomplish in a day. And
even so, when a second language is being practiced for some time now, let's say years, the speaker
may still stumble in his grammar, vocabulary and other small details. This is the fact with learning
another language other than a person's mother tongue.

Most likely, people who have adopted a second language for learning on their own or through a course
would still meet problems which will not surface until later experiences require it. But as a person's
learning capability progresses on, so is his ability to speak the language even more properly. The
German language may have many words that are similar with the words of the English language but it
does not entirely mean that it means the same thing.

The pronunciation is the key in using the German language. Nobody expects you to be perfect at first
try but of course there is always room for improvement if you just let yourself have it. Notice how the
letters have their own distinguishing sound in the German vocabulary regardless you are referring to
the letter W in English while pronouncing a German word.

One must realize that the German language has extended pronunciation patterns on some of its
consonants and on most of its vowels. There are both short and long proper pronunciation patterns on
it's a's, e's, o's and u's. Aside from this, there are words in German which require Umlauts. These are
the letters which has symbols right on top of it.

Though many people focuses on the grammar points in learning a language, the proper way of
pronouncing the words of a language also counts. This way, an evident and clear understanding
between you and the listener wouldn't be so difficult to achieve. Learn what you can at first, this of
course includes the proper way of constructing the words in sentences. When you are full with what
you can, speak it, let it flow out of your mouth and be open to corrections that are bound to be made by
listeners and natural German speakers nearby.

Shareen Aguilar is a writer for Learn German Program http://learn-german-program.com which has
Memory Improvement Books and Memory Game Software for better German language memorization.

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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