Student Portal Guide by Hqde1U


									          Miller-Motte College Student Portal Guide

To set up your student portal account:

   1. You must have the Miller-Motte student email account with Windows Live before beginning.

   2. Go to

   3. Click the orange “connect” button in the top right corner of the screen

   4.    Enter your email address and password
   5.    Enter your email password and hit connect
   6.    Re-enter your email address and select the MMC-Greenville campus in the drop down box
   7.    A message will flash on the screen saying your account has not been activated yet.
   8.    Go to your Miller-Motte Windows Live email account
   9.    You should have an email with an activation link
   10.   Click on the link and it will take you to the Connect screen again.
   11.   Click on connect again.
To access your student portal account:

 1. Go to

 2. Click on "Connect"

   3. User name is email address


    4. Password is your student ID # located on the top left corner of your schedule

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