The Lab by yurtgc548


									One fine sunny morning a boy named Tim was
  late for school. He walked to the hall until he
  thought to himself, I should go to the lab. He
  walks down the corridor into the lab.
In the lab he hears lots of noises. He herd water
   dripping, steam and foot step he saw the steam
   beakers and liquid. He saw glass and other
   stuff. The beaker was over flood with the
   steam. the water was red and green. He looks
   around some more and scopes a chair. The
   chair had a science coat on it.
He herd a voice say “ are iv been expecting you”.
  He gets scared. He tries to find the guy. He
  cant find him and gets really scared. He leaves
  the lab and walks down the hallway. He herd
  another voice say, “ where are you going”. Tim
  tries to find his class but they are nowhere to be
Someone poor's a bucket of water on Tim and
  laughs. He saw a boy running to his class. The
  boy just keeps laughing. Tim yells, “ hey. I will
  get you”. An then he walks away. He finds his
  class and tells his friend what happened.

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