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									101.4    CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS (Approved 10-1-90)

         School board members are not required to accumulate continuing education points
         beyond the policy requirement. However, board members are encouraged to accumulate
         an average of ten points per year or a total of fifty points during a five-year term.

Section 100 - Procedures                                            Sapulpa Public Schools 2-2007


         The Deputy Superintendent is directly responsible to the Superintendent of Schools and
         assists with the general administration of the school system as assigned and directed by
         the Superintendent. The Deputy Superintendent assumes the authority of the
         Superintendent in his absence in those matters that require immediate attention. He/she
         is responsible for the general management and supervision of personnel services and
         general administrative details in the areas of student discipline appeals. The Deputy
         Superintendent has authority over all other school personnel in his areas of responsibility.
          He/she is responsible for the management and operation of transportation, child
         nutrition, and building and grounds departments and shall supervise the director of each
         of these departments. The Deputy Superintendent will develop an on-going program of
         building maintenance and facility improvement. He/she shall be skilled in all areas of
         business management and take an active role in interpreting and representing the
         schools to the public.

         Specific duties of the Deputy Superintendent include:

           1. Supervises all principals in cooperation with and under the direction of the
           2. Supervises the personnel work of selecting, recruiting, dismissing, assigning,
              transferring, counseling, and administering employees
           3. Attends board meetings and prepares such reports for the Board as the
              Superintendent may request
           4. Reports on the status of district programs and services at the request of the
           5. Prepares drafts of needed Board policies and administrative procedures for the
              Superintendent's review and action
           6. Serves upon assignment by the Superintendent as a resource person to all
              division directors in the district
           7. Communicates to the Superintendent the requirements and needs of the district as
              perceived by staff members
           8. Interviews and recommends employment and salaries for various support
           9. Reviews and alters transportation routes
          10. Serves as Chief Negotiator for the Board of Education, Residency Office and Title
              IX/504 Coordinator
          11. Administers all transfers in and out of district
          12. Supervises Resident Teacher Program
          13. Handles student/parent complaints
          14. Supervises the Wellness Program
          15. Coordinates the Community Education programs

Section 100 - Procedures                                                 Sapulpa Public Schools 2-2007
          16. Supervises student teacher placements with universities
          17. Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the
              Superintendent may assign

Section 100 - Procedures                                      Sapulpa Public Schools 2-2007
121.2    EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF FINANCE (Approved 11-6-2000) (Revised 9-6-05)

         Specific duties:

         1. Supervises the accounting processes in all administrative areas, to ensure accurate
             accounting and timely reporting
         2. Supervises payroll, accounts payable, and purchasing to ensure accuracy,
             accountability, and timeliness
         3. Assists building level administrators with data processing services in order to improve
             school operations
         4. Works with the administration to develop a plan and sequence for implementing
             administrative software
         5. Coordinates with the State Department of Education in those areas where alternate
             accounting is required to be certified
         6. Supervises the system security, providing for access and passwords, with periodic
             reports to the Superintendent
         7. Develops specifications for the purchase and installation of additional hardware when
         8. Supervises the District's various insurance programs
         9. Develops and administers a program for purchasing materials and equipment
         10. Performs all other related duties and assumes responsibilities as assigned by the

Section 100 - Procedures                                               Sapulpa Public Schools 2-2007

         Specific duties of the Assistant Superintendent/Instruction are:

           1.    Assists the Superintendent in directing the administration and coordination of
                 the district's educational programs and makes appropriate recommendations
           2.    Plays a significant leadership role in fostering professional growth and building
                 of staff morale throughout the district
           3.    Interprets the programs, philosophy, and policies of the district to staff and the
                 community at large
           4.    Serves as school liaison with social, professional, civic, volunteer, and other
                 community agencies
           5.    Supervises district staff development, including programming and budgeting
           6.    Supervises subject and grade committees in K-12
           7.    Supervises the selection and ordering of textbooks
           8.    Supervises Federal and State funded programs (EESA Title II, Title VI, Drug
                 Free Schools, Carl Perkins, Learn & Serve, Reading Sufficiency, Class Size
                 Reduction, Advanced Placement, Alternative School Arts Grant, Artists in the
          9.     Supervises vocational programs and grants (Program Assistance, Technology)
         10.     Coordinates state mandated testing
         11.     Supervises AIDS education
         12.     Prepares state reports and claims as needed
         13.     Coordinates school publicity (press releases, promotional materials,
                 Superintendent=s Newsletter)
         14.     Coordinates Kindergarten Roundup
         15.     Supervises Proficiency Testing
         16.     Assists with Sapulpa Public School Foundation activities
         17.     Coordinates the district North Central Accreditation School Improvement Model
         18.     Attends various professional meetings
         19.     Performs all other related duties and assumes responsibilities as assigned by
                 the Superintendent

Section 100 - Procedures                                                Sapulpa Public Schools 2-2007
121.4    DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL SERVICES (Approved 11-6-2000)

         The Director of Special Services is responsible for the coordination and administration of
         special education programs and support services, compensatory education, and
         gifted/talented programs for the school district. The Director's immediate supervisor is
         the Deputy Superintendent. The primary responsibility is to provide an appropriate
         education to students with special needs within the guidelines of all applicable state and
         federal laws. The Director gives general supervision to all special education, Title I, and
         G/T personnel in cooperation with the school principals.

         Specific duties of the Director of Special Services are:

           1.   Prepares appropriate forms, policies and procedures for special services within the
           2.   Provides or obtain and coordinate appropriate evaluations for students referred
           3.   Coordinates or obtains appropriate instructional programs and related services for
                children with special needs
           4.   Supervises the individualized educational programs of children attending special
                classes outside the district for whom Sapulpa is responsible
           5.   Meets with parents or concerned individuals regarding appropriate children and
                specific needs
           6.   Acts as liaison between parents and school, should negotiations be needed in the
                resolution or parental concern
           7.   Acts as a liaison between the district and the State Department of Education in
                matters concerning special education
           8.   Completes the "child counts" as required by the State Department of Education for
                students with disabilities and gifted students
           9.   Completes data for appropriate agencies regarding special education within the
         10.    Maintains confidential records of students
         11.    Supervises, coordinates and evaluates school psychologists within the district
         12.    Serves as a catalyst in the provision or development of in-service activities for
                special teachers, and regular teachers, when appropriate
         13.    Attends appropriate meetings and return information to the school system
         14.    Makes appropriate public presentations as requested
         15.    Develops and distributes appropriate public relations materials regarding the
                school district and special services provided
         16.    Oversees an ongoing "search", a community information campaign designed to
                locate exceptional children not receiving services
         17.    Coordinates screenings and evaluations to identify gifted students in need of
                differentiated curriculum
         18.    Prepares the Gifted Educational Plan and participate on the G/T Advisory Board
         19.    Prepares proposals for future programs, and coordinate program for the district

Section 100 - Procedures                                                Sapulpa Public Schools 2-2007
         20.    Prepares and reports to the board periodic reports of progress regarding special
         21.    Coordinates Respite Care Program for students with disabilities
         22.    Supervises Medicaid program implementation
         23.    Performs all other related duties and assumes responsibilities as assigned by the

Section 100 - Procedures                                              Sapulpa Public Schools 2-2007
121.4.1 TECHNOLOGY COORDINATOR (Approved 11-6-2000)

         Specific duties of the Technology Coordinator are:

          1.     Coordinate the overall District technology program
          2.     Coordinate District level long-range planning
          3.     Develop and facilitate ongoing District technology training
          4.     Help develop and maintain District web site (including tech resource area)
          5.     Work with teachers to integrate technology into existing curriculum
          6.     Screen and recommend appropriate educational software
          7.     Assist building Computer Coordinators with site-level problems
          8.     Develop District technology communication
          9.     Communicate with technician(s) to coordinate maintenance efforts
         10.     Recommend appropriate hardware
         11.     Complete and file e-rate applications for District technology discounts
         12.     Performs all other related duties and assumes responsibilities as assigned by the

Section 100 - Procedures                                               Sapulpa Public Schools 2-2007
121.4.2 DIRECTOR OF SUPPORT SERVICES (Approved 11-6-2000)

         Specific duties of the Director of Support Services are:

           1. Supervises the personnel work of selecting, dismissing, assigning, transferring,
              counseling and administering support employees at the Service Center
           2. Supervises the District=s supporting services through the Child Nutrition Director
              and Transportation Coordinator
           3. Supervises plant expansion planning and construction programs
           4. Assumes responsibility for the comprehensive overall planning and scheduling of
              maintenance and repair requirements of the District
           5. Recommends for purchase necessary equipment and supplies
           6. Inspects all school buildings, grounds and installations on a regular basis to
              determine that high standards of workmanship, cleanliness, safety and security are
           7. Keeps informed of the latest trends, developments and products in the areas of
              maintenance, repair and upkeep, and encourages innovation and experimentation
              as appropriate
           8. Maintains a coordinated inventory control program for all areas of the department
           9. Is the responsible person for the AHERA program
          10. Is responsible for compliance with the Hazardous Communication Act as related to
              support employees
          11. Supervises the rental program for school facilities
          12. Purchases by competitive bidding, informal quotes, in compliance with Board
              Policy, items of supply equipment necessary for the operation of the District
          13. Prepares for the Assistant Superintendent/Finance periodic reports relating to
              purchasing function when requested and implementing OCAS
          14. Is responsible for Job Descriptions of support personnel at the Service Center
          15. Administers the budget for support services
          16. Is responsible for support evaluations at the Service Center
          17. Is responsible for implementing all requirements for AThe American With
              Disabilities Act@
          18. Performs all other related duties and assumes responsibilities as assigned by the
              Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent

Section 100 - Procedures                                             Sapulpa Public Schools 2-2007

         The Director of Indian Education is responsible for the operation, management, and
         supervision of all Indian education programs. The Director is responsible to the
         Superintendent and has authority over all Indian education personnel. The Director
         shares supervision of personnel with building principals as appropriate. The Director
         coordinates Indian education programs with regular school programs working with
         building principals when needed or requested. The Director acts as a liaison between the
         school administration and the Title IX and JOM Parent Committees.

         Specific duties of the Director of Education include:

           1.    Write grant proposals
           2.    Recruits, selects, assigns, and evaluates all Indian education personnel with
                 advice from the appropriate Parent Committee and with the approval of the
                 Superintendent under the direction of the Board of Education
           3.    Coordinates Parent Committee activities
           4.    Supervises personnel
           5.    Prepares and manages budget
           6.    Aids teachers in understanding needs of Indian children
           7.    Submits financial reports and project reports as required by various agencies or
                 the Superintendent or as requested by an appropriate Parent Committee
          8.     Maintains accurate project records
          9.     Acts as a liaison between the school and Indian community
         10.     Develops programs and activities

                 (Indian preference must be exercised. Public Law 93-638, the Indian Self
                 Determination and Education Assistant Act of 1975 now directs "Indian
                 Preference" to be used in hiring for all Title IX vacancies.)

Section 100 - Procedures                                              Sapulpa Public Schools 2-2007
121.6 ATHLETIC DIRECTOR (Approved 11-6-2000)

        The Athletic Director reports to the Superintendent for all Districtwide functions and to the
        secondary school principals for specific athletic activities pertaining to their particular
        schools. The relationship between school principals and the Athletic Director is one of
        cooperative coordination of functions following District policies and guidelines. Evaluation
        will be by the Superintendent in cooperation with the school principals.

        The Athletic Director supervises all competitive athletic coaches grades 7-12 and all
        support personnel assigned to his control.

        Specific duties of the Athletic Director include:

          1.    Participate with other administrators and the Board of Education in the
                development of District athletic philosophy and policies
          2.    Develop procedures and regulations for implementing District policies
          3.    Develop and maintain an athletic handbook
          4.    Develop and manage athletic budgets
          5.    Determine program and student needs in conjunction with secondary principals
                and make recommendations to the Superintendent
          6.    Supervise the maintenance of fields, tennis courts and all athletic equipment; and
                in cooperation with the school principals, supervise maintenance of the
          7.    Analyze facility and equipment needs and make recommendations to the
          8.    Conduct public relations programs including publicizing and promoting athletic
                programs and events
          9.    Recommend the employment and dismissal of all coaching personnel to the
                Superintendent in conjunction with secondary principals
        10.     Keep Superintendent informed about state athletic issues and local problems
        11.     Recruit, assign, evaluate and supervise all secondary personnel concerning their
                coaching duties
        12.     Maintain an inventory of all athletic equipment and furnishings
        13.     Enforce and administer the rules and regulations of the Oklahoma Secondary
                Activities Association including eligibility requirements, physical examinations and
                officials= reports
        14.     Schedule all athletic events and facilities
        15.     Organize and operate all home events including assignment of gatekeepers,
                officials, etc.
        16.     Coordinate awards, banquets, etc. for athletic teams
        17.     Arrange with Sapulpa Auxiliary Police for supervision at athletic events
        18.     Attend appropriate meetings of the state association, conferences, etc.
        19.     Supervise athletic events in cooperation with the school principals

Section 100 - Procedures                                                 Sapulpa Public Schools 2-2007
        20.     Performs all other related duties and assumes responsibilities as assigned by the
                Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent

Section 100 - Procedures                                              Sapulpa Public Schools 2-2007
122.2       SCHOOL NURSE (Approved 11-3-80)

            A. General

                To organize and administer a health service for a public school system, K-12.

                The duties will be directed toward administering the health program, screening for
                disease prevention, providing in-service training for staff, and supervision
                management of outbreaks of contagious diseases, emergency first aid.

            B. Specific Duties:

                  1. Health screening and referral
                     Vision and hearing: Grades 1,3,5,7,10
                     Scoliosis: Grades 4,5,7
                     Dental: K-6 (Creek County Health Department handles this)
                  2. Supervises the state immunization program through the building principals
                  3. Develops policies and procedures for handling outbreaks of contagious or
                     dread diseases
                  4. Coordinates the school health program with county and state health
                  5. Attends appropriate county and state meetings related to school health care
                  6. Interprets trends and issues in school health care to the school administration
                  7. Serves as a resource person to teachers in health related curriculum areas:
                     Drugs, alcohol, smoking, nutrition, CPR, safety, growth and development,
                     prevention of disease, and etc.

Section 100 - Procedures                                                 Sapulpa Public Schools 2-2007
130.   Administrative Flow Chart needed

Section 100 - Procedures                  Sapulpa Public Schools 2-2007

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