The Influence of Andrew Lloyd Webber on Broadways musicals by yurtgc548


									   The Influence of
Andrew Lloyd Webber
on Broadway’s musicals
       Queenie Mak          (leader)
       Jane Cheung         (ass-leader)
       May Yip             (secretary)
       Stephaine Chan      (secretary)
       Kalista Li           (treasurer)
       Celestina Carneir    (I.Tsupport)
 interestinglearning about them
 about the beautiful music and touching
 study them separately and together
 great influence they bring
 Comparison and conclusion will made
The Phantom of the Opera
Andrew Lloyd Webber
      born on March 22, 1948
     English musical composer
     important  the musical theater
      In the late 20th century
     “Joseph and the Amazing
      Technicolor Dreamboat”.
      music inspired by his parents

      produced 16 musicals
Jesus Christ and Superstar              Dream girls
             The phantom of the opera
                                                  The sound of music



     What is the musical plays?
 theatrical production
   --- songs
   --- choruses
   ---- instrumental accompaniments
   --- interludes
   ---- dance
   dramatic plot
 United States New York City
 influenced 19th-century theatrical forms
Who is your favorit e c ompos e r?

                                     Andrew Lloyd Web
                                     Larry Buck
                                     Leroy Anderson
                                     Mr. Oliver
      Result on Questionnaire
 What   factors affect a composer’s work?
-- 22 Personal experiences
-- 16 Style
-- 13 Music structure
-- 11 topics
           What do you think about the musical plays
                  in the past and nowadays?

   Past                       Nowadays
--More classical                 romantics
                              -- More
--better                 -- enjoyable
--More historical        -- creative
--More grand             -- More special effects
--More stylish           -- Rhythm is lively and brisk
--The rhythm was heavier    tempo
  and deep               -- Higher technique on
--More traditional          decoration
--More formal            -- The scenic design is more
                         -- More focus on costume
The influence of Andrew Lloyd Webber
      on Broadway’s musical plays
      early period pop-opera” was very popular
      - pop-influenced score,
      - large cast
      - large crew
      -spectacular sets
      - dramatic special effects
The influence of Andrew Lloyd Webber
     on Broadway’s musical plays
    adapt his musicals from other sources
    e.g. Poems Cats (from poems of T.S. Eslot)
    e.g. Phantom of the Opera (novel by Gasten Ceroux)
    act inspired many other composers
 e.g. Jason Howland (the writer of The Little Women)
The influence of Andrew Lloyd Webber
       on Broadway’s musical plays
Concept Album
   the idea rose
   Rock stars e.g. Beatles
    made same memorable concept album
   use it in musicals e.g. Jesus Christ the Superstar
                            (religious story with pop music)
   many others to follow Andrew’s footstep.
    More Open Topic/Different angles

 an expert in finish interesting ideas
 ‘Cats”, has a deep musicals
  -with loads of truth
 the ghost-like villain in Phantom
 encourages other to find exciting inspiration
  composed a lot of Broadways musical
 has being a lot of influences
 The symbol of musical’s play
 the musicals are romantic
 affect their emotion and value.
 great improvement on the quality of
  musicals nowadays
          Group’s reflection
-Know more about the musical plays
Thank you

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