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                         Selected Letters to The Editor

Musical Box Combs; G. Planus. (Reprinted V12-4-143)            V3-2-136
Value of Musical Boxes; Anon. (Reprinted V12-4-143)            V3-6-465
Value of Musical Boxes; RevJ. White. (Reprinted V12-4-143)   V3-8-610
Newspaper Article; C. de Vere Green.                           V4-4-310
Newspaper Article; W.K. Harding.                               V4-5-356
Nicole Numbering and Dating; P. McCrossan.                     V4-6-425
Gem Roller Organ - Tuning Scales; J. Hall.                     V7-6-249
Restoration Ethics; G. Webb.                                     V8-1-45
Restoration Ethics; G. Planus.                                 V8-3-140
Trade Marks; C.H. Kok.                                         V8-8-376
Trade Marks; Lyn Wright.                                       V8-8-376
Metzler & Co.; Lyn Wright                                      V9-2-108
La Musicienne Tunes; J.P. Jelmini.                             V9-8-398
Houdins Memoires; T. Wilson.                                   V9-8-398
L'Epee; A. J. L. Wright.                                      V10-4-186
Tuning; G. PLanus.                                            V10-5-224
Britannia Tune List; Coulson A. Conn.                         V10-6-285
Sublime Harmonic; J.M. Powell.                                V10-7-338
Loss of Wind in Organ Boxes; J.P. Hall.                       V10-8-384
Sublime Harmonic; G. Planus.                                   Vll-1-54
Nicole Numbering; W.K. Harding.                               VI1-3-138
Sirdar Polyphon; C.W. Cramp.                                  VI1-4-178
Dead Teeth; J.M. Powell.                                       V13-2-62
Dead Teeth; G. Planus.                                         V13-3-94
"Grammar"; G. Planus.                                         V13-5-174
Kilverts Diary; Ron Leach.                                    V13-5-175
Design Fault; A. Rigg                                         V13-5-175
Playing Time, Blanks & Patents; L. Goldhoorn.                 V13-6-202
Design Fault; Anon. Restorer.                                 V13-6-202
Pin Rake Angle; J.D. Wier.                                     V14-1-35
Amateur Constructors Proposal; W.H. Bossons.                   V14-1-36
Recording Musical Boxes; J. Colley                             V15-3-98
A.G.M. Criticism of Society Meetings. Various Writers.        V15-4-124
Restorers Problems; J.D. Wier.                                V15-7-230
Ducommon Girod Serial No's; D. Gregory.                       V15-8-264
Damper Testing; C.H. Kok.                                     V16-7-205
BoisDurci; D. Shorter.                                        V17-5-137
Ilkley Fair; D. Walsh A. Cunliffe.                            V17-7-175
Presidents Retirement; Dr. Jugen Hocker.                      VI7-8-209
                        J. Phillips.                           V18-1-25
Falling Membership; N.T.O'Shaughnessy                          V18-1-25
Integral Wooden Hinge by James Sandy; G.Cruickshank.           V18-2-54
Chanctonbury Ring; E.E.Brown.                                  V18-2-54
Presidents Retirement; A.WJ.G.Ord-Hume                         V18-2-54
Steeple Church Barrel Organ; A.J.L.Wright.                    V18-4-110
Early Restoration History; A.WJ.G.Ord-Hume.                   V18-4-110
Ducommon Girod 5647; H.TJ.T.Modderman.                        V18-5-142
Co-Axial Drives; D.Snelling.                                  V18-5-143
Blackpool Tower Orchestrion; PJ.Lee.                          V18-6-170
WD40 & Duck Oil; A.Cunliffe.                                  V18-6-171
Tortoiseshell; R.Booty.                                        V19-1-27
Mignon Organette; H.Strengers.                                 V19-1-27
Imhof & Mukle Automatic Piano; N.J.Simons.                     V19-2-55
Jardines Cinema Organ A. Cunliffe.                             V19-3-79
More Recent Musical Boxes; Geoff Mason.                        V19-3-79
News from Down Under; John Gloyne.                             V19-4-91
                                                            Letters List Page 2 of 2 Pages
More Recent Musical Boxes; Repin.                                 V19-4-107
Knapp Barrel Organ Works; M. Knapp                                V19-4-107
New Double Disc Syrnphonion; K. Harding.                          V19-4-107
Society Visit to Switzerland (Museum Information); E.E.Brown.     V19-6-162
Piano or Organ (Hicks?); David M.W.Evans.                         V19-6-163
Course Threads; Keith Reedman.                                    V19-7-192
More on Old Christy; Paul Bellamy.                                V19-7-192
Tuning Pitch & Temperament; David Evans.                          V19-8-205
In Line M/Box, Identification of Maker; Paul Shronder.            V19-8-222
Reply to K. Harding's Article in V19-No.8 An Insoluble Problem;
         A.H. King & H.A.V.Bullied.                                V20-1-32
Reply to P. Shrouder's Letter V19-No.8 In Line Movements;
         Lyn Wright.                                               V20-1-32
Reply to A.K. Clarkes's Wade Tankards V19-No.7; AJ.Robb.           V20-1-33
Tuning Scale & Tunes Wanted for Nicole No. 7703;
          Phil Procter.                                            V20-3-76
William T.T. Poulett. (Cover V20-No.2); K. Beers, C.G.Winn,
         O. Tillotson.                                             V20-3-97
Buckingham Palace Organ; Mrs. Shirley Goddard.                    V20-4-125
Tuning, Pitch & Temperament; Peter Howard.                        V20-6-201
Memories of Past Members; David Shankland.                        V20-6-201
Tuning - Cents & Hertz; John Harold.                              V20-7-237
Cylinder/Snail Cam Sequence; Tony King.                           V20-7-237
More on Orphenion; John Ward.                                     V20-7-237
Snails and Things; Robin Biggins.                                 V20-8-269
Memories of Harold Smith; Alison Biden.                           V20-8-269
The Fleetwood Story; Ruth Ord-Hume.                               V20-8-269
Birthplace of the Musical Comb; Uendrik Strengers.                V20-8-269

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