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					Code Composer Studio v4 for Academia

Code Composer Studio v4 is TI’s Integrated Development Environment
(IDE) and it is based on the Eclipse open source software framework.
                                                                             New Development Environment:
                                                                             • A comprehensive windowing
                                                                               solution that allows you to
Code Composer Studio includes a compiler, assembler, linker, and debugger.
                                                                               maximize the available screen
Everything needed to program and debug your device integrated into ONE
A8, ARM9, C5000 and C6000 families!                                          • CCSv4 includes an excellent editor
                                                                               with comparable functionality to
Easy                                                                           commercial editors
Code Composer Studio v4 is based on Eclipse as it offers an excellent        • Eclipse plug-in development
software framework for building software development environments. It is       environment allows the creation of
becoming a standard framework used by many embedded software vendors.          your own custom tooling wizards
                                                                               very easily.
Code Composer Studio v4 combines the advantages of the Eclipse software
framework with advanced embedded debug capabilities from TI resulting in a   New Technical Features:
rich development environment for developers and academics.                   • CCSv4 has a complete scripting
                                                                               environment allowing the
        Totally new IDE based on Eclipse                                       automation of repetitive tasks such
                                                                               as testing and performance
                                                                             • The integration of FlexNET
                                                                               licensing allows a variety of
                                                                               licensing options
                                                                             • CCSv4 allows you to set the
                                                                               version of the compiler and
                                                                               DSP/BIOS that each individual
                                                                               project will use. This allows projects
                                                                               in maintenance mode to continue to
                                                                               use the tools they were deployed
                                                                               with, whilst enabling new projects
                                                                               to use the latest high performance

                                                                              The special Academic Edition
                                                                              provides 100 floating licenses
                                                                                 and is free-of-charge to
                                                                               Lecturers and Researchers
                                                                                    on request to the
                                                                              European Customer Support

                              Grace Plug-in for MSP430 development                    ASKTEXAS@TI.COM
Make the change from CCSv3.3 to CCSv4!

   •   What does upgrading to CCSv4 mean for your lectures?
       This transition needs to be planned and cannot be done in a hurry. Please be aware of these key points:
       - CCSv4 has a very different graphical environment, which means that you need to change the screenshots in
           course notes, slides and lab exercise books
       - The projects from CCSv3.3 must be imported into CCSv4.

   •   What are the main benefits of CCSv4 for student lectures?
       - It covers all the processors that TI uses, MSP430, ARM and DSP. This means that you only teach the
         software environment once. As your students then progress, they can use different processors to meet new
         requirements, without having to learn a new development environment.
       - CCSv4 is fully supported on Windows 7 allowing upgrade of your Lab’s computers
       - Software updates are easy with the last version of Code Generation Tools through “update advisor”
       - We have a free 120 day edition (download or ROM) which students can use for their homework

   •   What resources are available to help this transition?
       - The European Customer Support Center (formerly E-PIC and now AskTexas):
       - Yeditepe University’s manual which describes how to switch from CCSv3.3 to CCSv4 using the 6713 DSK
       - Code Composer Studio v4 wiki:

   •   Which of our Teaching Materials are covered by CCSv4?
       - C2000: based on the F28335 (Delfino, floating-point) Peripheral Explorer Kit and 28027 Piccolo
       - C5000:based on the C5505 and C5515 eZdsp low-cost tools
       - OMAP L138/C6748: beta test October 2011, final release by end 2011
       - Stellaris (Cortex M3): beta test end 2011, final release April 2012
       Download or request all our Teaching ROMs now!

   •   Should I go straight to CCSv5?
       TI is trialing Code Composer Studio v5. It will include some new features particularly relevant to multicore
       devices, and will integrate new User Interfaces like Grace, C6Flo and C6Run.
       We do not recommend CCSv5 for academic use until it is fully released and has been on the market for several
       months. CCSv4 is now fully debugged, stable, and well supported, making it the safe choice.

Technical Support and Requests

We will help you with any inquiry regarding TI European University Programme:
        - Technical problems with our products.
        - Recommendation of product for projects.
        - Set up a new lab for teaching.
        - Requests of Tools and/or Code Composer Studio v4.


TI European University Programme                                                          
   Texas Instruments’ Policy for Academia

Common issues with using the tools supplied with the hardware such as DSKs:
       - Students cannot work outside the Lab without the hardware, or CCS only works with specific hardware (node-
       - There are no drivers for an XDS if an emulator is to be used
       - This generates calls for support, to which the frequent answer is “you need a newer version of CCS”.
Our solution:
       - Give each Lab a donation of the full CCSv4, with a special in-built licence for installing up to 100 users with
            floating licences (not hardware locked)
       - This package supports ALL TI processors: C2000, C5000, C6000, ARM9, ARM Cortex A8, ARM Cortex M3
            Stellaris and MSP430.
       - Based on the industry standard “Eclipse” platform allows it to interface with many additional plug-ins.
       - If Students require CCS for self-study or "home" projects, there is a 120-day time-limited and also an MCU
            code-size limited edition of CCSv4 which can be downloaded from TI' website.
The results:
       - More Students can go through the DSP & MCU classes without disruption
       - The hardware can be swapped around without problems
       - Each workstation can be upgraded individually (up to 100 users)
       - Less issues for the Lab Manager and less issues for TI AskTexas to deal with!
Our aim on Academia:
       - We would like ALL members of Academia using Code Composer Studio to have a full and up-to-date version!
       - CCSv4 covers all TI processors including the MSP430 low-power microcontroller. One development
            environment for all processors. Simple!
Your feedback:
       We would love to hear about your projects with TI – successful or otherwise - we really appreciate your feedback.
       Join in our TI E2E Community European University Forum:

   Plug-ins and Additional Resources

   MathWorks tools support Code Generation Tools from TI DSPs running under CCS 4.x. A CCS4 makefile can be
   generated from a Simulink block diagram. This makefile needs to be opened with CCS4 for compilation, build and run.
   Note: There is no embedded link between the Mathworks development environment and the CCS4.x IDE. The user
   needs to open CCS4 manually, which is different to the closer links that existed with CCSv3.x.

   Grace and C6EZFlo Plug-ins
   Grace is a plug-in to Code Composer Studio that allows you to configure ADCs, DACs, timers, clocks, serial
   communication interfaces and more, by interacting with buttons, drop-down menus, and text fields. Navigate through
   the MSP430 MCUs highly integrated peripheral set with ease.
   Download the standalone Grace Installer from:

   C6EZFlo is a free graphical development tool that provides you the possibility to create C6000 working projects with
   an intuitive block diagram view, giving optimized processing algorithms and peripheral I/O support.
   Download C6EZFlo v1.0 from:

   After installation in CCSv4.2 or later, the IDE should detect the presence of the new plug-in and XDCtools
   components and confirm that they should be installed. This way the plug-in will appear inside the CCS IDE.

 TI European University Programme                                                             
Frequently Asked Questions

   • How can I request a copy of Code Composer Studio v4 with 100 floating licenses for my lab?
   Send an email to with the following details: Full details of the lecturer in charge of the donation,
   purposes of the academic use of the software and full shipment details (no P.O. boxes!).

   • Can my students work with Code Composer Studio v4 at home?
   The students can download the 120 day free version of CCSv4 or the Code Size Limited version at the following link:

   • Can I upgrade my Code Composer Studio v3.3 or previous to the v4?
   No, Code Composer Studio v4 is a totally new platform based on Eclipse. You will need to request CCSv4.

   • Where are the instructions to setup a license server?
   See all the steps at:

   • How long is my Code Composer Studio v4 license good for?
   There is no time limit on the licenses unless you are using the 120 days time-limited download.

   • Can I run CCS on the same machine that is running the license server?
   Yes. One way to achieve this is to edit the first line of the licenselocation.txt file to read @localhost.

   • How do I change the license that Code Composer Studio v4 is using?
   The license system in CCS caches the license that it is using but you can force it to search for a new license by
   editing the eclipse.ini file in \ccsv4\eclipse and add the line -DFORCE.REG
   You should also edit the licenselocation.txt file and remove the reference to the old license so that CCS doesn' try to
   use it in the future. In newer versions of CCS this file is in your user folder.

   PC Requirements
   • Is Windows 7 supported on Code Composer Studio v4?
   Yes. We recommend turning off User Access Control (UAC). Note that there are several levels to UAC in Windows 7,
   we recommend turning it completely off. If you are required to have UAC on make sure to not install in Program Files
   or Program Files (x86) directories as CCS will not function properly.
   UAC will block CCS from writing to this folder during operation which will prevent a number of features from working
   such as the update tool. In general we recommend installing in a folder other than Program Files on Windows Vista
   and Windows 7.

   • Does Code Composer Studio v4 support 64bit Operating Systems?
   CCS supports XP 64, Vista 64 and Windows 7 64 however the key thing that you need to check is that your emulator
   vendor provides 64 bit drivers. The driver support is currently with Spectrum Digital, Blackhawk, TI XDS560, XDS100,
   MSP430 USB UIF, Stellaris embedded USB emulator (the device driver must be installed manually).
   For the status of 64bit driver support from other vendors please check with the vendor.

TI European University Programme                                                                      

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