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					                                       c a t e r i n g

Daniel requested a menu featuring Spanish tapas (hors d’oeuvres) to host
 close friends and family as they toasted his mother’s 80th birthday, but
                also needed to include some vegan items.


                     Cracked Olives Marinated in Herbs & Chilies
             Spicy olives steeped in a marinade of garlic, coriander, lemon, thyme & fennel

                                     Garlic Pan-Fried Bread
                      Served with chorizo, a traditional, spicy Spanish sausage.

                               Breadsticks of Ham and Honey

                                     Spanish Cheese Table
            Imported Spanish cheeses, served with a variety of decorative, delicious breads

                            Assorted Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
                        Cherry tomatoes are stuffed with three different fillings:
                         anchovy & olive, crab salad and black olive & caper

                                         Minted Eggplant
                          Steamed eggplant, marinated with garlic and herbs

                           Roasted Eggplant & Bell Pepper Dip
                                       Served with crusty bread

                                         Ensaladilla Rusa
               A classic Spanish potato salad with carrots, peas, green beans, peppers,
                                   cornichons and hard-cooked egg

                                  Sautéed Garlic Mushrooms
                                     Served hot, with crusty bread

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                                   c a t e r i n g

                                   Roasted Asparagus
                                with and without Serrano ham

                                       Crab Tartlets
                                    crab, cheese & parsley

                                 Lime Drizzled Shrimp

                              Scallops in Saffron Sauce
               Large sea scallops, sliced and sautéed in white wine and saffron

                          Avocado & Serrano “Carpaccio”
          A salad of sweet avocado & marinated Serrano ham served in avocado bowls

                                      Avocado Salad
                                With lemon parsley vinaigrette

                           Chicken with Lemon & Garlic
                                   served with crusty bread

                                   Chicken Empanada
               The classic Spanish torta, stuffed with chorizo, raisins and olives

                       Serrano Ham & Goat Cheese Terrine
            finely compressed layers of cream goat cheese and imported smoky ham

62 Sixth Avenue, Nyack . phone (845) 358-0821 . fax (845) 358-6804 . alex@dish-catering.com

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