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									   MCMAHON & HUFFORD. - American Journal of Botany 89(12): 1884-1898. 2002. - Supplementary Data - Page 1

MICHELLE MCMAHON AND LARRY HUFFORD. 2002. Developmental morphology and structural homology of
corolla-androecium synorganization in the tribe Amorpheae (Fabaceae: Papilionoideae). American Journal of
Botany 89(12): 1884-1898.

Table 1. Species examined and voucher information. All vouchers are deposited at WS.

Taxon                                                                                     Voucher
Dalea bicolor Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd. var. bicolor                                       Fishbein 3760
Dalea candida Michx. ex Willd.                                                            McMahon 337
Dalea capitata S. Watson                                                                  Fishbein 2990
Dalea formosa Torr.                                                                       McMahon 458
Dalea mollis Benth.                                                                       McMahon 429
Dalea pulchra Gentry                                                                      McMahon 495
Marina calycosa (A. Gray) Barneby                                                         Fishbein 2930
Marina maritima (Brandegee) Barneby                                                       McMahon 401
Marina parryi (Torr. & A. Gray) Barneby                                                   McMahon 424
Psorothamnus arborescens (Torr. & A. Gray) Barneby var. pubescens                         McMahon 457
   (Parish) Barneby
Psorothamnus emoryi (A. Gray) Rydb.                                                       McMahon 430
Psorothamnus fremontii (Torr. & A. Gray) Barneby                                          McMahon 339
Psorothamnus kingii (S. Watson) Barneby                                                   Hufford 3737
Psorothamnus polydenius (Torr.) Rydb. var. jonesii Barneby                                McMahon 345
Psorothamnus polydenius (Torr.) Rydb. var. polydenius                                     McMahon 447
Psorothamnus schottii (Torr.) Barneby                                                     McMahon 509
Psorothamnus scoparius (A. Gray) Rydb.                                                    McMahon 364
Psorothamnus spinosus (A. Gray) Barneby                                                   McMahon 507b
Psorothamnus thompsonae (Vail) Welsh & Atwood var. whitingii (Kearney                     McMahon 338
   & Peebles) Barneby

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