The Digestive System and Excretory System by xuyuzhu


									                The Digestive System and Excretory System
                               Study Guide
1. What type of energy      chemical energy
does food provide to
2. What are the three       1. break down food into molecules the body can use
functions of the            2. absorbs molecules from food into the bloodstream
digestive system?           3. eliminate wastes
3. What is chemical         The breaking down of food using chemicals that permanently
digestion?                  change the food into molecules to be used by the body.
4. What is mechanical       The breaking down of food into smaller pieces (a physical
energy?                     change)
5. What body system         The circulatory system
transports the nutrients
from food to the body?
6. What is a nutrient?      Nutrient- a substance an organism needs in order the thrive
                            and survive
What are the basic
nutrients needed by the     Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water
human organism?
7. All organisms need       energy
__________ to survive.
8. How does the body        Sends a message to the brain you are hungry
respond when energy
levels become too low?
9. What are the main        Mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine,
organs of the digestive     rectum, anus
10. What is the function    To remove liquid and gaseous waste from the body
of the excretory system
for the human
11. What is the unit to     calorie
measure the chemical
energy in food?
12. What is saliva?         Fluid released in the mouth to aid in the first part of chemical
                            digestion of food
13. What are villi?         Small finger-like structures in the large intestine
14. What is peristalsis?    A muscular contraction (squeezing) to move food through the
                            digestive system
15. Why are the “gastric    The fluid of the stomach that is highly acidic and aids in
juices" import to the       chemical digestion of food
digestive system?
16. How does the shape      - pointed teeth indicate meat eaters (carnivores) because of
of teeth help to identify   tearing flesh
the type of food            - flat teeth are for grinding and indicate plant eaters
consumed by an              (herbivores)
organism?                   - animals with both are omnivores (eat plants and animals)

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