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									                     Requirements for EYPS applicants
                                (Please read this page carefully)

   A full degree in any subject* (or an Early Years related Foundation Degree that must be
    topped up to a full degree by the end of the course).

   GCSEs at grade C or above in English and maths**

   An enhanced CRB check (We will send CRB forms out to all applicants for the Fulltime
    Pathway, so please return these urgently. For those applying to part-time Pathways, your
    manager must complete the relevant details on p4)

   If applying for a work-based Pathway: you must currently be working at an eligible setting.
    Unfortunately if you are employed by a maintained school you are not eligible, unless you
    are also employed for at least 50% of your time by a Children’s Centre.

   If applying for the Full Training Pathway: you must not currently be in full-time work and
    must be able to commit a minimum of four days per week to EYPS studies.

   Communicating effectively. You must show that you can read effectively and are able to
    communicate clearly and accurately in spoken and written English.

    * We are not able to accept equivalent level qualifications that are not full degrees.

    ** Level 2 Adult Literacy/Numeracy certificates are insufficient on this occasion. Please contact us to
    check whether we are able to accept your GCSE equivalents. If you are not currently able to provide
    evidence of these GCSEs, we will be unable to accept you onto the Short Pathway.
                                                 Application guidelines
   1. Please complete all sections of the application form fully

   2. If completing the form by hand, please write clearly in capital letters

   3. You must include copies of your degree, maths and English certificates with the completed
      enrolment form. Without evidence of your degree as a minimum, we will be unable to process
      your application.

   4. If you gained your qualifications outside of the UK, you must include confirmation from NARIC
      that they are accepted equivalents (www.naric.org.uk).

   5. If you’re in the UK on a visa, please enclose a copy of your documentation.

   6. It is essential that you have an e-mail address that you check regularly. Please ensure that
       the address you supply is accurate.

   7. Places for each intake will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Any missing
       information or evidence of qualifications will delay the processing of your application and may
       result in your place being released.

   8. If applying for a part-time Pathway, you will be sent a written exercise to complete and return.
       Should you meet the initial entry requirements, you will need to have a short interview with a
       tutor to confirm your suitability for the course and for them to recommend the most suitable
       training Pathway for you.

                                 EYPS application checklist

I have included:

            degree certificate
            maths/English GCSE certificates
            confirmation from NARIC if qualifications were obtained outside UK
            written exercise (we will send the template to you if you don’t already have it)
            relevant documentation if in the UK on a visa

Fax, email or post your application and certificates to:

1-4 Portland Square

T 0117 983 8800 F 0117 315 0427 E chayma.benkhoud@tribalgroup.com W www.eypsattribal.co.uk
            Early Years Professional Status Enrolment Form
V10.1 (* denotes required information)
Candidate details
Forename*                                               Preferred name


Previous surname*
(if applicable)
Home address*:

Post code*
Home telephone*

Mobile phone

Please ensure the email address you supply is accurate and that you check it regularly.

Date of birth*

NI Number*

Local authority of
your employer*
(Your LA if unemployed)

Would you be happy to be contacted for feedback about EYPS?*
Yes     No
Would you be happy for CWDC to share your contact details with your local authority for the purpose
of supporting EYPs?*
Yes       No

Preferred training location* (We only run the Fulltime Pathway from Newham & West Norwood)
Brixton (International House)
Carshalton, Surrey (Carshalton College)
Croydon (Croydon College)
Kensington (The Isaac Newton Centre)
Newham (Newham College of Further Education - East Ham Campus)
Wandsworth (The Professional Centre, Tooting)
Ware, Hertfordshire (Ware Assessment Centre, Hertford Regional College)
West Norwood, Lambeth (Crown Complex Centre)
Web-based distance learning

(Distance learning option is available for suitable candidates eligible for the Short Pathway only. You
will still be required to attend some face to face preparation days)

Equal Opportunities
To encourage fuller representation across the Children's Workforce, CWDC wishes to collect the following equality information. These
questions are optional. The information will be stored securely and used to monitor the take up of training and employment opportunities by
under represented groups.

Gender*:                      Male                Female


White                                             Mixed race
Asian/Asian British                               Black/Black British
Chinese/Chinese British                           Other**
Prefer not to say

**If other, please enter here:

Country of birth:

Registered disabled:                    Yes***                No

 ***If yes, please give a description your disability in the box below:

 Do you have any learning difficulties which may require you to need additional support, ie Dyslexia?

 How did you find out about Tribal as an EYPS provider and the course available?

 Word of mouth                                                    Link from CWDC website
 Information event                                                Link from other website
 Advert (magazine)                                                Internet search
 Advert (internet site)                                           Through our training locations
 Advert (newspaper)                                               Through your employer
 Local authority

 Any further details (websites, ad references, dates of events etc):

Please tick as necessary and enter all qualification details fully

   * I have a full degree
Degree title

Awarding body                                                                                Year

   * I have achieved GCSE English at Grade A-C (or equivalent):

Awarding body                                                   Grade                        Year

   * I have achieved GCSE Maths at Grade A-C (or equivalent):

Awarding body                                                   Grade                        Year

    I have a qualification relevant to Early Years (not compulsary)

Subject                                                   Level       1      2     3     4      5   6     7    8

Year achieved

My highest qualification (if this is higher than a BA degree):

Subject                                                   Level       1      2     3     4      5   6     7    8

Year achieved

   * I enclose copies of my Degree, maths and English certificates (evidence of these is required)
Employer details

Organisation type*:
   Daycare setting                            Sessional care setting                   Children’s centre
   Childminder network**                      Local Authority                          Further education college
   Not employed
** You must be an Ofsted registered childminder to be eligible for EYPS training

Organisation sector*:
   Private                                    Voluntary                                Maintained
   Independent                                Independent                              N/A

 Organisation name*
 (Ofsted ref if

Setting Manager*

Your position*


Post code*                                                         Telephone*


Employer in receipt of Graduate Leader Fund monies from local authority?*:                    Yes         No

Information for candidates’ Setting Manager/Line Manager

Please pass this page to your setting manager to read and complete. This only applies to
candidates currently employed in a childcare setting. (All self employed candidates or those
choosing the Full Pathway must be CRB checked through Tribal before beginning any placements)

Supply cover funding is available to the employers of candidates working in eligible private, voluntary and
independent early years settings.

The process to achieve EYPS is both demanding and time consuming and it is essential that all funding
provided to your setting is used to support the candidate in attending face to face sessions, study, and
preparing for and completing the final assessment. Experience with previous candidates has shown positive
benefits where setting managers gave direct support and facilitated candidates’ engagement in setting based
aspects of the programme.

EYPS is all about developing and acknowledging leadership and best practice in early years. It is therefore
essential that candidates embarking upon a pathway have the opportunities to lead others and be agents of
change in their own settings. Their final assessment will require them to show evidence of leading and
supporting others across the whole of the 0 to 5 age range.

We recommend that candidates are released from their duties for at least one day (or two half days) to
complete written work they need to submit to their assessor. Candidates may also need release time to gain
further experience with a particular age group in other settings.

         - Short EPD: 6 months - £1000 provided to setting for supply cover
         - Long EPD: 15 months - £4000 provided to setting for supply cover

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the EYPS office on 0117 983 8800

For our records, please complete the section below, including notes of recommendation.

Candidate’s name ______________________________________

I confirm that:

   the above candidate is physically and mentally fit to work as an EYP
   this setting supports this application for EYPS training
   the above candidate has a current and satisfactory CRB disclosure that confirms the candidate
does not have a criminal background that might prevent them from working with children.

CRB Disclosure no: _______________________________________                 Issue date:__________________

Notes of recommendation:
Signed       ____________________________              Date      _______________________
Print name ____________________________                Position _______________________

Early Years Experience*

This page is for those applying for part-time Pathways:

Please outline your previous early years experience. You can mention job roles, any areas of
expertise etc:

Experience with babies (0-20 months):

Experience with toddlers (16 – 36 months):

Experience with young children (3- 5 years):

Have you had any previous leadership experience? Will you have the opportunity to lead and
support others within your current setting?

Early Years Experience*

This page is for those applying for the Fulltime Pathway:

Please state, as fully as possible, why you are interested in gaining Early Years Professional Status.
You could include details of any previous relevant experience, and what motivated you to begin

This questionnaire is to help give potential EYP candidates who are already working in early years settings
an initial indication of the pathway that may be most appropriate to achieve EYP Status. Think about the work
you do within your setting and tick the box that best fits your own situation. Our tutors will then recommend the
most suitable Pathway for you once an interview has taken place.
REQUIREMENTS*                                                                                                YES       NO
A. I am physically and mentally fit to work as an EYP

B. I do not have a criminal background that might prevent me from working with children, or as an EYP,
  and have not previously been excluded (disqualified) from working with children
C. I hold a full degree

D. I have achieved GCSEs at grade C or above (or recognised equivalents) in English and mathematics

E. I can read effectively and am able to communicate clearly and accurately in Standard English

EXPERIENCE*                                                                                               Frequency
                                                                                                   1.        2.         3.
                                                                                                  Often   Sometimes    Never
I work with babies in the 0-20 months range
I work with toddlers in the 16-36 months range
I work with children in the 3-5 year range
I guide the work of other practitioners
I know and understand the implications of Every Child Matters for babies, toddlers and
young children
I know and understand the implications of the Foundation Stage for children 3-5 years

I know and understand the implications of the Early Years Foundation Stage for children 0-3
I am involved in leading and managing delivery of the Foundation Stage within my setting
I am involved in leading and managing delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage for
 0-3 year olds in my setting
I am involved in monitoring the work of other practitioners
I influence the work of other practitioners
I give feedback to other practitioners about effective practice in delivery of the Foundation
I give feedback to other practitioners about effective practice in delivery of the Early Years
Foundation Stage for 0-3 year olds
I work with other professionals beyond the setting in my work
I use literacy, numeracy and ICT skills in my work
I work collaboratively with other adults in my setting
I understand how to assess children’s progress and show others how to do this
I work in partnership with parent / carers to improve outcomes for children
I support other practitioners to work in partnership with parent /carers to improve outcomes
for children

Identifying your pathway:

    Short EPD Pathway            I meet all the requirements and through my experience have most ticks in column
                                 1 (Often) or 2 (Sometimes) and few ticks in column 3 (Never)
    Long EPD Pathway             I do not meet requirement C but have a full level 5 qualification, and through my
                                 experience have most ticks in column 1 (Often) or 2 (Sometimes) and few ticks in
                                 column 3 (Never)
    Full-time Pathway            I have a degree but I have little or no experience of working in this sector, and I
                                 have very few or no ticks in any of the columns.

Please proceed to last Page
                     Early Years Professional Status - Funding Payment

Please complete this form so that we can send you / your setting your EYPS funding entitlement.

These should always be your employer’s bank details unless you are enrolling on a Full Pathway.

       Payable to:

        Name of employer
        or candidate:

        Email address for
        remittance advice:

        Bank Details:        Bank name:

                             Account holder (as appears on card):

                             Account No:

                             Sort Code:
                                                          -             -

       Candidate name:


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