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					                          Hong Kong True Light College
      Music Lesson Plan from Mr. Yeung Yun Loong, Herbert

Level: Secondary Two                                                           Date: 5th July 2008
Duration: 40 minutes

1. To introduce students to Musical and Opera
2. To develop students’ interest in both types of music
3. To help students distinguish Musical from Opera

Teaching resources:
blackboard, powerpoint, music CD, video files, worksheet

Use of blackboard:

           musical                   opera                Lyrics enlarged in case no powerpoint

                                                                   Powerpoint projection screen

                                                                   Shows the contents of the
                                                                   second part of the following

                                                                   Also the videos required in
Lesson details

Time        Task              Activities and Evaluation           Things to               Resources
        Introduction: 1. Playback of four video clips, double       Allow          10 video clips, 5
 6’      ice-breaking    each for opera and musical.             students to       operas, 5 musicals. (can
                         Indicate opera or musical for each      have basic        be the clips used in the
                         clip. Each video clip should not          ideas of        next part)
                         exceed 30 seconds.                      musical and       Must include ‘Phantom
                      2. Ask students to guess the following       opera.          of the Opera’ sung by
                         6 clips played randomly whether                           Sarah Brightman but
                         they are opera or musical. Let the                        the answer will be
                         students know the answer before                           given later when the
                         playing the next clip.                                    types of stories is
                      3. Distribute the worksheet for the                          discussed in the next
                         next part.                                                part.
20’ -       Ask        1 Ask the students to make use of        Help students      Video clips to support
 25’    questions for    the words for the worksheet while        adjust their     each context
         students’       the teacher jots down the                   own           2.1 time:
        impressions      keywords on the blackboard.            interpretation     ‘Habanera’ from
          towards      2 Ask students for both type of           of opera and      Carmen’s Bizet.
         opera and       music in the following context:            musical        ‘I Still Believe’ from
           musical        2.1 Time for the golden age of                           Miss Saigon
                              both music (which comes           Help students      (repeated singing by
        Also, tell the        first ? opera or musical? Has      understand        the teacher on a piano,
          students            U.S. being formed                 more cultures      emphasizing the styles
          how to              before/after the time of                             and language as well)
         appreciate           opera?)                           Help students
         the music             2.1.1 Hollywood and               understand        2.2 language:
                                     Broadway myth                the life of      Determination of
                               2.1.2 The expansion of            composers         language by the king
                                     nations in terms of          and their        and argument from
                                     citizens and culture         audience         Mozart in ‘the story of
                          2.2 Language (associated with                            Mozart’
                               popularity? authenticity?)       Help students      2.2.3 lyrics included in
                                2.2.1 Which language forms        recognize        the powerpoint
                                      the majority of opera?        music
                                      Italian / German /         elements in       2.3, 2.7 nations music
                                      French / English ?        their daily life   flourished:
     2.2.2 What about musical?         ‘Queen of the Night’
           Cantonese?                  from Magic Flute’
     2.2.3 Ask the students to say     ‘Singing in the Rain’
           two lines of lyrics for
           ‘All I Do is Dream of       2.5 singing styles
           You” from “Singing in       Demonstrate by the
           the Rain” and               teacher
           ‘Habanera’ from
           Carmen                      2.6 types of stories
2.3 nations which the music            ‘father returned to son’
    flourished (compared with          from Don Giovanni by
    Cantonese opera)                   Mozart
2.4 reasons of composition             ‘triumphant of the
      2.4.1 Commissioned by the        marching song’ from Aida
            king or as an              ‘America’ from ‘west
            expression of the          side story’
     2.4.2 Demonstrate nations         2.7 audience
           power or personal           ‘Make ‘em Laugh’ from
            interest?                  ‘Singing in the Rain’
2.5 singing styles (also musical       demonstrating comedy
    style?)                            and ironic (also for 2.6)
     2.5.1 pop singing vs. classical
            Italian singing
     2.5.2 ask the students to
            follow the teacher to
            sing ‘lah’ for two lines
           of the “Music of the
           Night”, and for “O sole
           mio” (teacher should
           demonstrate the ‘lah’
           in both pop singing
           style and classical
           singing style, if time
           allowed, try bel-canto
           singing for musical,
           pop singing for opera)
     2.5.3 ask the students to tell
           the difference
2.6 types of stories
                           2.6.1 war fares
                           2.6.2 moral family (father
                                   and son)
                           2.6.3   between different
                                   nations matters
                           2.6.4   love matters
                           2.6.5   American way (ironic?)
                           2.6.6   historical
                           2.6.7   comedy
                           2.6.8   feedback to Phantom
                                   of the Opera, why does
                                   the song ‘Phantom of
                                   the Opera’ has an
                                   operatic style but a
                                   musical setup? What
                                   about other songs in
                                 that musical?
                      2.7 Main audience, the royal
                          families? public?
                           2.7.1 Who is more civilized?
                           2.7.2 Hidden messages?
                                 Ironic? Passionate?
                      2.8 moral and religious
                           2.8.1 royal family restricted
                                 by East Orthodox
                           2.8.2 Musical involves love
                                 matters which can be
                                   obscene, to dramatize
                                   the story visually.
5’      Answer    1. Return feedbacks to students for        Strengthen   Worksheet
         other       questions not answered in the            students’
       questions     previous part                          understanding
          and     2. Repeat certain points as                 with the
     complete the    requested by the students and              music
      worksheet      guide the students to finish the
                   3. Ask students to use the keywords
                      being written on the blackboard
                      and hand in the worksheet next
Reference for lyrics of ‘All I Do is Dream of You’ from West Side Story

All I do the whole night through
Is dream of you
And with the dawn
I still go on dreamin' of you
You're every thought
You're everything

Reference for lyrics of ‘Habanera’ from Carmen

L'Amour est un oiseau rebelle
Que nul ne peut apprivoiser
Et c'est bien en vain qu'on l'appelle,
S'il lui convient de refuser.

1. Students will still get confused for musical drama. This has to be explained later to further strengthen
   students’ knowledge.

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