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									                  Vault Denim Advertising Guidelines

Print Guidelines: Any print advertising, promotional materials and sales
tools must use Vault Denim approved materials. These materials are
available for purchase on the gear site, if you
would like to design any of your own marketing materials of any kind;
you must submit your design to the Vault Denim advertising and
marketing department. These can be submitted by email to If you don’t receive specific written
approval via email from Vault, the request shall be considered denied.
Any design or advertising tools that are approved will be made
available to all VFCs. When submitting any such material, please be
aware that if approved it may be used by Vault, companywide. We will
continue to add materials for your use on a regular basis. We do
welcome any ideas you may have. We will be adding approved
electronic templates for both invites and brochures for your use.

Vault Logo: If you use the Vault logo you must either state that you are
an Independent Fashion Consultant or put your Vault VFC# clearly
somewhere on the marketing item. This includes use of the logo on
printed material and communication. In conducting any team or
personal business this policy applies. Any other use of the Vault logo
requires written consent from the Vault advertising department. The
Vault logo is trademarked and solely property of Vault Denim.

Images: Any images used by Vault Denim on the corporate website,
printed materials, or any other marketing tools are NOT to be used by
the VFCs. We have approved photos for VFC use on the back office of
the Vault website. Any images of premium name brand jeans are also
NOT allowed. Photos of “bling jeans” from our inventories are ok to
use, but not of the premium jeans. If you would like a specific photo
approved for use, please submit it to If
they photo is approved it will be made available for the use of all VFCs.

Websites/Online: We will continue to allow personal websites for you
to market your Vault business. The first thing to know about personal
websites is that you must have all personal websites approved by the
Vault corporate office. Any use of “Vault Denim” in any internet
domain name is in direct violation of Vault policy. You must clearly
state one these websites that you are a Vault Independent Fashion
Consultant. Additionally you cannot register domain names, email
address, or online aliases that could cause confusion, be misleading, or
cause people to believe or assume that the communication is from, or
is the property of, Vault Denim. This would also include spamming,
blogging, or unethical SEO tactics. Do not use Vault in your URL. At the
time that Vault offers customized personal websites, you still may keep
your personal websites, if you are able to integrate your site into the
customized personal website. The replicated personal sites are
available now to everyone, as well as every new VFC that signs up. We
would still encourage people to use these sites as the primary personal
websites, but we continue to get people wanting to have their own
websites, or group website to promote their business. We have agreed
to let people do this, if it is in compliance with what we deem

Social Media: You may use social media sites such as Facebook,
Myspace, LinkedIn, or any other social shared sites to promote and
build your Vault Denim business. These can be used for prospecting and
sponsoring. You must be clearly be identified to Vault Denim as an
Independent Vault Fashion Consultant, meaning that your name and
contact information must be part of the page, so there is not confusion
about these pages being the corporate page. It is up to the sole
discretion of Vault Denim corporate to determine what is acceptable,
or not acceptable material for such sites. No images of premium brand
jeans or mention of specific premium brands will be allowed. Approved
photos are ok to use. The Vault Denim logo is ok to use. It is NOT
allowed to link from these pages directly to the Vault Denim website.
You may use Vault Denim in the title of these pages as long as it is
accompanied by a name or city. For example Vault Denim-Alaska, or
Vault Denim-Stephanie, or Becky’s-Vault Denim are all acceptable.
Facebook pages with the Vault Denim name in them are not to be used
for the purpose of promoting, or recruiting for any other business. Any
violation of this could result in immediate termination as a VFC.
Online Retailing: Vault does not allow the sale of its products through
online means such as EBay or other online auctions. This would also
include any VFC allowing a third party to sell Vault products online.

Craigslist: You may not use any online classified advertising sites to sell
Vault Denim products. You may, however, use such sites for
prospecting, recruiting, sponsoring, or informing the general public
about business opportunities or Vault Denim events. You must have
achieved the level of Team Leader before you are allowed to use
Craigslist. As a Team Leader, there are no geographic restrictions as to
where you may advertise. If you are not at the level of Team Leader
you may not do any such advertising. You may only place an ad 5 days
after another ad is placed in the same category. Placing an ad and
deleting the ad prior to 5 days is not allowed, however you are
welcome to try an ad in a different category. Do NOT flag other VFC’s
ads. If you feel someone is in violation of the guidelines please send
them an email, or bring it to the attention of Vault corporate. Do NOT
mention Vault Denim in the ad. Your name MUST be listed in the ad.

Vault Denim would like all of their VFCs to be aware of the corporate
policies in regard to advertising. Please make sure your information is
correct and you are in compliance with these policies. We have had
some problems with incorrect information: for example “half off jeans”
or “50% off jeans”. We have had people advertising incorrect prices,
name brands that we don’t carry and generally the wrong information.
The determination of what is in violation is at Vault’s sole discretion,
and any VFC who violate the guidelines set forth will be subject to
probation, and/or possible termination.
Media: This includes television, radio and magazine type appearances.
Any VFC is welcome to participate in such opportunities. You must get
prior approval from the Vault corporate office. NO EXCEPTIONS. If we
find out about this happening without approval from corporate it could
be grounds for termination.

Vault Denim Advertising

*These guidelines are subject to change at any time. Please be aware
that if your fail to comply with these guidelines that you will be subject
to probation, or possible termination as a Vault Fashion Consultant!

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