5th Quarter Productions by XiQt67U2


									                 5th Quarter Productions

   Michael Hammett, Carly Hawthorne, Cole Reif, Jonathan

Project Overview

     We chose to create a highlight video for the 2007-2008
Fort Hays State University wrestling team. After having a
brief feel of what could be done last season, head
wrestling coach Cody Bickley approached us to cover this
season. The wrestling program at Fort Hays State University
has had a long history of success over its eighty-plus
years and it is consistently one of the most successful
programs at Fort Hays State University.
     The process started November 1st, 2007 with the Black
and Gold scrimmage and finished the season at the NCAA D-II
Championships in Cedar Rapids Iowa March 14th and 15th.
During the season we attended six home duals, two opens,
and both the RMAC championships and the D-II Championships
over the course of the season. Throughout the year our goal
was to compile the best and most exciting action from the
     The purpose of the project was to show, in the
highlight video, the overall progression of the wrestling
team from the first practices to the end of the season. The
video displays the main ten wrestlers, with extended
highlights that are arranged by weight class that moves the
video along and tells a story. From the coverage we created
a main highlight video covering the ten wrestlers, a
wrestler selection menu where the viewer can select the
wrestler they want to watch, and a special features menu to
view miscellaneous features.


     The project began during the fall semester with the
Black and Gold scrimmage in November. From that point
forward, our group recorded portions of home tournaments
and duals.
     On December 1st, 2007 we taped the Bob Smith Open,
which is the annual tournament hosted by Fort Hays State
University. The Bob Smith Open gave our group an
opportunity to obtain footage of athletes who likely would
not see action during the dual season.
      The dual season opened a month later. We recorded home
duals on January 4th and January 5th as the wrestlers battled
Colorado School of Mines and Mesa State College.
      The next dual was on January 17th against Central
Oklahoma, which presented an opportunity to obtain footage
of Fort Hays State wrestlers against a highly-ranked
opponent. Central Oklahoma was ranked third in the country
at the time of the dual.
      The next two home duals on February 8th and 9th allowed
the group to capture the wrestlers against another highly-
ranked opponent in Western State, and also the ceremonies
honoring head coach Cody Bickley for becoming the all-time
leader in dual wins at Fort Hays State.
      For the final home dual on February 19th, Bickley
agreed to wear a microphone so the group could include some
of his in-dual comments on the video. Two cameras were used
for this dual: one for the action on the mat, and the other
for the action on the bench.
      Various duals used multiple cameras to capture the
action on and off the mat.
      Cole Reif traveled with the team to Las Vegas, N.M.
for the regional tournament. Cole was with the team from
Feb. 28th through March 1st, and captured on and off the mat
      Jonathan Zweygardt and Michael Hammett traveled to
Cedar Rapids, Iowa on March 14th and 15th for the national
tournament, adding footage of the four wrestlers competing
in the tournament.
      The next three weeks were filled with intense editing
and designing of the menus and jackets and inserts for the
DVD cases. The final deadline for post-production was April
18th, the date of the wrestling banquet at the Robbins
Center on the Fort Hays State University campus.
      The final weeks of the semester were used to develop
the necessary documentation to accompany the project. The
press release and final report were constructed. The video
was placed into a format to work on the Internet.
      The final deadline for the project was May 12th, 2008.


     By following the team throughout their home season and
post-season tournaments, the goal was to find and capture
every detail that goes into a wrestling season. This allows
for the painting of an accurate portrait of what the season
was like.
     Throughout the process, attention was paid to finding
the emotion of the wrestlers. Wrestling is an emotional
sport, with the athletes struggling with another wrestler.
Winning or losing sets the wrestler’s attitude and emotions
for the dual or tournament. A highlight video shows joy and
triumph. A highlight video displays a team or individual’s
ability to overcome adversity.
     In developing the video, it was decided it was best to
capture the snapshot of those athletes competing in the
most events: the ten wrestlers who competed throughout the
dual season and post-season tournaments.
     Each wrestler had what was deemed to be their best
moments put on the video. The action included takedowns,
reversals, escapes, and pins. The wrestlers and their
emotions were displayed. Some would celebrate with
teammates. Others would celebrate on their own with a fist
     In addition, color shots helped to add depth to the
video. In every sport, there is more that goes on with a
team beside what happens on the court, field, or mat. In
wrestling, there are a variety of items off the mat.
     First, there are injuries. Wrestling is a physical
sport that requires toughness from its competitors. Blake
Fisher provided the best example of toughness. The video
included shots of a cut on Fisher’s forehead, complete with
a large amount of blood. With a bandage secured around his
head, Fisher finished the match.
     Athletic trainers also play a role. The video includes
a few shots of the trainers working with the athletes to
make sure they are ready for each match.
     Also, there are lighter moments. The video captures
the wrestlers in their hotel, having fun in the swimming
pool before the regional tournament. The wrestlers often
have fun on the mat while warming up. Several wrestlers
were captured in candid moments with their teammates or by
themselves, making a funny face or performing an unusual
     It is necessary to find the right balance between
action, reaction and color shots in the video. A video of
only action shots fails to tell the whole story, while a
video of color or reaction shots does not give the viewer
the meat of the story. All three were combined in a way to
engage the viewer and tell a complete story of the
wrestling season.

5th Quarter Productions’ script was a little different than
most production company’s scripts. As we started the
process of shooting our video for the wrestling team we
realized that we couldn’t necessarily begin editing the
video until we were completely done shooting the season.
5th Quarter Productions was not sure what we would get
throughout the season. After the season was over we sat
down and viewed all the video we shot and then determined
how we would format the final project.

5th Quarter Productions did have some guidelines to follow
when we went out to each event. We wanted to make sure
that we had plenty of reaction shots from the wrestlers and
coaches. Each of us tried to get close-ups of the
wrestlers whenever possible to create open or establishing
shots for their highlights.

After we viewed all of our video we came to the conclusion
that we needed to separate the main video by wrestlers. We
debated sectioning the video by duals but eventually
decided to make the video go from wrestler to wrestler.

Skills & Abilities Developed

     5th Quarter Productions is able to take away a
completed project and a grade from the Information
Networking & Telecommunications Capstone experience, but
more than that, skills and abilities that will aid each
team member in the future as well. Below are listed some
of those skills, how they were attained by 5th Quarter
Production team members, and how they will be useful in the

     Creativity

     Each member of 5th Quarter Productions is, by nature,
very creative. Each team member brought their own ideas
and vision into the project. Through the course of the
project, each member’s vision for the project became the
same as that of their peers. This happened due to the
constant sharing of opinions and thoughts for the project.
The result was that an idea from each member became an
integral part of the project, making the project a part of
each member. The act of sharing ideas with one another
contributes greatly to the future success of each team
member. By becoming familiar with this particular process,
each team member will be able to voice ideas and concerns
more readily as it pertains to their careers and personal
lives respectively.

     Leadership

     The members of 5th Quarter Productions are very much
alike in some ways and very different in others. Each
member shows interest in the media aspect of INT, for
example, but each member also possesses expertise in
different aspects of importance in the project. As these
different aspects were addressed throughout the course of
the project, each member took the lead in directing the
other members in that particular area. This act allowed
each person to become accustomed to a leadership role in a
comfortable setting. The future result is familiarity of
leadership for each team member, making it easier to attain
management goals.

     Commitment

     As addressed in the “Creativity” section of the
summary, the project became a part of each team member as
they began to share the same vision and contribute equally
to the project. This instance, along with excellent work-
ethic in each member, aided in furthering each team
member’s commitment to the project, even when facing
challenges. In the future, the team members can insure
they are each able to do what it takes to complete team
goals in future projects.

     Compromise

     Team members each faced a moment of compromise
somewhere along the course of the project. Whether it be
going with someone else’s idea for a portion of the project
and their idea somewhere else or giving up social and
family activities to reach project completion, each member
was able to reach a significant level of compromise while
still retaining an overall sense of involvement and
equality among the members. Future abilities to compromise
in a group setting will contribute greatly to individual
success by portraying said individual as a team success
oriented person.
     Teamwork

     Every single aspect of the project comes down to
teamwork. 5th Quarter Productions is blessed in the fact
that they have a great team full of hard working,
intelligent, and creative people. One person’s idea was
never more important than anyone else’s and input from each
member was highly encouraged. Each team member feels that
they contributed equally to the project as well, and can be
extremely proud of the results.

Challenges Addressed
     Throughout the course of the project, 5th Quarter
Productions encountered several challenges to the project’s
completion. Listed below are those challenges and how they
were addressed.

     Actual Beginning of Wrestling Season

     5th Quarter Productions actually began working on
November 1st, 2007, not in January of 2008, when the class
actually began. The reason for this early start date was
due to the beginning of the 2007-2008 Fort Hays State
University wrestling season. Since 5th Quarter Productions’
project is a wrestling season highlight video, this proved
to be a necessity.

     Time Management

     Time management became a concern due to the 5th Quarter
Productions team’s obligations outside of the Capstone
wrestling project. Obligations include jobs, other class
work, and personal events. The wrestling team itself had
numerous home meets in the 2007-2008 season as well as the
RMAC and national tournaments, both of which were held in
different states, all of which required 5th Quarter’s
presence to capture footage for the project. This meant
that at least one person from 5th Quarter had to make
themselves available on each of these occasions.
     Determining Sequence Formats and Content

     Determining sequence formats and content for the
highlight video was a particularly difficult roadblock for
the 5th Quarter Productions team. In essence, formatting
and content could not entirely be established until such
time as the production team was able to review all of the
footage from the entire wrestling season. Basically,
actual sequencing could not take place until all footage
was shot, which was at the end of the season in March 2008.
This was due to the fact that the production team did not
know what type of highlights would emerge from the season
footage until it actually happened. Further, particular
sequencing patterns could not be fully developed until the
production team knew what content was at its discretion.
Considering the length of the wrestling season, how much
footage was shot, and the early completion due date
(described below), this proved to be a challenge.

     Early Completion Due Date

     For Capstone class purposes, the due date for project
completion is technically the date of the Capstone
Convocation held the night before Fort Hays State
University Commencement. However, the client requested
project completion to coincide with that of their awards
banquet on April 18th, 2008. This early completion deadline
combined with the aforementioned difficulties with large
amounts of footage and busy schedules proved to be a
special test of 5th Quarter Productions’ capabilities.

     Production Costs

     The 5th Quarter Productions team is made up of college
students, the majority of which are historically known to
lack access to major funds. Upon researching the
manufacturing costs of making multiple, business quality
DVDs, the production team realized it could not really
afford the project production costs on its own.

     Conclusion

     With all of the challenges the 5th Quarter Productions
team faced in creating this project, it was able to pull
together and achieve completion. Much of this goal
attainment can be contributed to great team work and
communication amongst the members of 5th Quarter
Productions. Each person was able to compromise on their
own part for the greater good of the project. Other
challenges took a higher level of creativity and
wherewithal to overcome. The challenge of production
costs, for example, was resolved by 5th Quarter Productions
soliciting donations from local businesses. This action
not only created a solution for that particular problem,
but also gave the participating businesses a chance to
support local education and a small tax write-off as well.

Overall, the team members of 5th Quarter Productions possess
an outstanding work-ethic and ideals of team participation.
Each member contributed much to the project in terms of
time, money, and creativity.


     Throughout the entire creation of the video there were
many people that helped us along the way and we would like
thank those people. First of all we would like to give a
special thanks to our sponsors:

     •Paul Wertenberger Construction
     •Eagle Broadband
     •Printcraft Printers
     •Cross Manufacturing, Inc.

     We would also like to thank the Fort Hays State
University athletic department and coach Bickley, his
coaching staff, and most importantly the entire wrestling
team. Without these people there is no way that we could
have put together such a great product for the wrestling

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