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									                            Victoria College Belfast

                                       presents a

                                  Health Fair
                on Saturday 5th February, 2011, 10.00-1.00pm

                                 Cranmore Campus

       Vehicular access and car parking via Marlborough Park South entrance

        The keynote speaker will be Dr.Frank Casey, Consulting Paediatric
Cardiologist,Belfast Hospital for Sick Children,Honorary Lecturer in Children’s Health,
                               Queen’s University,Belfast.

Dr.Casey’s talk is entitled: Sudden Cardiac Death In Young People: What is the
                           risk, and how do we prevent it?

The Health Fair will feature other speakers from many aspects of medicine including:

  Dr Carolyn Harper, Director Public Health for Northern Ireland. Carolyn will
provide information and advice on all Health Promotion and Health Protection issues
                             relating to young people.

 Deirdre Webb. Deirdre is Northern Ireland’s Lead Nurse for Child Health and Child
Protection, and will provide information and advice on teenage vaccinations including
  the HPV vaccination and safe management of common allergies in young people.

Molly Kane, Lead Nurse in Northern Ireland for Mental Health. Molly will provide
advice and information on good mental health, identifying common substance misuse
 issues among young people, the effects of alcohol and drug misuse amongst young
 people, and personal safety. Molly will also provide information on common eating
                          disorders amongst young people.

The Health Fair will also feature stalls which focus on different facets of health issues,
    including Reflexology, Healthy Eating, Exercise and Diet, Well-Being, Cancer
                        Prevention and Alternative Medicines.

                  Admission to the Health Fair is £5.00

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