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					                Gatsby Obituary Assignment

An obituary is an article in a newspaper that gives notice of the
death of a person, often with a biographical sketch.
Directions: You are to write an obituary for either Jay Gatsby or
George Wilson. You must include the following:

  1. A creative title
  2. An intro of who he was
  3. Details of where, when, and how he died
  4. Information about his childhood and life
  5. Who did he leave behind, loved ones, etc…
  6. Information about his accomplishments
  7. Two or more quotes about him (from other characters)
  8. How he will be remembered
  9. Must be in column format like a newspaper, one page in
     length and 12pt. font

     Rubric is based on the above criteria- Each number is worth
     five points except for number 7 which is worth ten points for a
     grand total of 50 points. This will be a writing grade!

     DUE DATE: Friday April 1, 2011 – This assignment must be
     typed or delivered electronically via email!

     Here is an example for you!!!
Hubert Wolff; full-time volunteer, generous
benefactor; 92
By Blanca Gonzalez
2:00 a.m. March 23, 2009
                          Remembering the Dead
He couldn't read a note of music or sing on key, but Hubert “Hugh” Wolff got a kick out of
conducting a professional orchestra when the longtime supporter of the San Diego Symphony
got the opportunity to wield the baton as an honorary conductor.
Mr. Wolff was a World War II veteran and Air Force Reserve officer who didn't believe in
retirement. After a 30-year career with the Navy Electronics Laboratory in San Diego and several
years working for the county, he became a full-time volunteer.
Known as a generous benefactor to the symphony and opera, he also gave of his time to groups
ranging from the Alzheimer's Association and Red Cross to the San Diego Sheriff's Museum and
Educational Center.
Mr. Wolff died in his sleep Feb. 21 at his Point Loma home. He was 92.
Those who benefited from his volunteerism said Mr. Wolff was among the most dependable
members of their staffs.
“Hugh would do anything and everything we asked him,” said Andy Jones, former Red Cross
development manager.
“Volunteering was his world,” said Jeannine Moeder, volunteer resource manager for the
Alzheimer's Association. “He was a really bright, straightforward person. He always had
suggestions and gave his input.”
Friends and family said he could be a bit gruff but people always knew where they stood with
“He would just straight out tell you if something was off or inefficient,” Moeder said.
Mr. Wolff was also known for his dry sense of humor, keen memory and knowledge of opera and
Hubert Gabriel Wolff was born July 4, 1916, in Cincinnati, Ohio, to Gabriel and Neva Wolff. His
father died during the influenza epidemic of 1918 and he was raised by his mother, who exposed
him to concerts and music at an early age.
Mr. Wolff grew up in Los Angeles and attended the University of California Berkeley, where he
earned a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in 1939. After college, he joined the Army
Air Corps and spent most of World War II in India and China. He later joined the Air Force
Reserve and retired as a lieutenant colonel.
When Mr. Wolff left his county job, he went on to become a special assistant to then-Sheriff John
Duffy. Although the position was unpaid, Mr. Wolff reported to work every day and helped
coordinate several special projects, including redesigning the sheriff's administrative offices and
establishing an IT division. He was a longtime member of the Honorary Deputy Sheriff's
Association and financially supported the development of the Sheriff's Museum.
He became involved with the Alzheimer's group after his wife was diagnosed with the disease.
“It was a way for him to do something positive,” Moeder said. “He always wanted to be busy
and this was a way of giving back. He looked at (volunteering) as his work.”
His contributions and volunteerism earned him several awards, including a Sheriff's Lifetime
Achievement Award and 2008 Volunteer of the Year from the Alzheimer's Association.
                         Remembering the Dead
Mr. Wolff is survived by a daughter, Janet Gorrie of Carmel Valley; and a grandson. He was
predeceased by his wife of 60 years and by a son, Fred.
       Services have been held

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