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					 27th Derby (Chaddesden) Scout Group.                                                   THE ROUTE
             100 YEARS OLD
                                                               The walk starts and finishes at the 27th Derby (Chaddesden)
              THE 20 WILMOT WANDER                             Scout Group Headquarters Meadow Lane Chaddesden and
                                                               proceeds in an anti clockwise direction on the route marked
The event is organised by leaders from the above scout         heavily on the front sheet of this leaflet.
The Wilmot Wander is a 32 mile (58km) open                                               THE DATE
event for both competitive walkers and fell runners,
as well as individuals and groups/clubs who wish to                             The walk will take place on
complete the course as either a personal challenge or for                       Sunday 29th January 2012
the pleasure of walking as a group of friends
                                                                                         ENTRY FEE
The route circles Derby and includes strenuous hilly
sections, field paths, parkland and canal tow paths.           The entry fee is £10.00 per person, which will include hot &
Due to the distance to be covered and terrain , considerable   cold food at the finish and drinks on route.
stamina will be required.
                                                                                       THE RULES
    Entry is open to 14 Year olds and above..                 Clothing and footwear, to include a waterproof top and
    Mostly through open country.                              trousers, appropriate for the distance to be covered and the
    It is an ideal training event for long distance           conditions that may prevail, should be worn or carried.
     walks.                                                    Detailed maps of the route will be sent to you on receipt of
                                                               your entry form.
The event will have 2 classes of competition for teams of 3    All competing teams under the age of 18 yrs must carry a
to 6 members - competing for:-                                 mobile phone and register the phone No. with the start
The Les Gaskin Memorial Trophy for walkers.
The Wilmot Wander Trophy for fell runners.                     Scout/Guide Teams containing members under the age of
Each with a glass trophy to be kept by the winning team for    18 years must have their entry form signed and approved
a year.                                                        by their section leader.

Note:-                                                         The 27th Derby Scout Group & event organisers do not
Walking teams start @ 2min intervals from 07.00hrs             accept responsibility for injury, loss of life or property for
Runners & Fell running teams start @ 2min intervals from       persons taking part in the event.
8.00hrs                                                        Competitors take part in the event at their own risk

                                                                              TEAM ENTRY FORM
     Complete the form and return it to the address below, together
     with the entry fee of £10.00 per person which will include hot &
     cold food at the finish together with biscuits and drinks on the
Further details will follow in due course.
I enclose fee of £10.00 per person for the 2012 Wilmot Wander Walk.

     Individual/Team Details
 Walkers             Runners              Total @ =    £

(Cheques payable to:- 27th Derby (Chaddesden) Scout Group.

Signed on behalf of ___________________________Team/Individual

Name and Address for all correspondence





Leaders Signature for Scout/Guide
                                 _____________________________          Sunday 29th January 2012
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Please return completed form to:-
Mr R Rogerson
136 Derby Rd
DE72 3NX
Telephone 01332 873464

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