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									                                        ARTISTIC EVALUATION

It should be noted the views expressed in this evaluation are intended to represent, as far as
possible, an objective aesthetic judgement. Specialist advisors and officers should avoid making
judgements based on their own personal tastes and preferences.

Artist/Company:            Mariinsky Opera Company, Edinburgh International Festival

Venue:                     Edinburgh Festival Theatre

Title of Event:            Krol Roger

Type of Event:             opera performance

Date of Visit:             Wednesday 27th August

Overall Rating:            Excellent

This was an outstanding festival production from one of the world’s leading opera
companies. It is a huge production, both in terms of musical and visual impact, with
intense theatricality and powerful performances the principals supported by an
accomplished chorus and orchestra.

The production was a strong contribution to the Edinburgh International Festival
programme, and was an excellent example of the unique role the festival has in bring
outstanding international arts to audiences in Scotland.

Name: Anita Clark                    Date: 24/ 10 /2008

Scottish Arts Council Officer

This report has been commissioned by the Scottish Arts Council to evaluate the artistic quality of the
production named above. It has been prepared by either a specialist Advisor, or an officer of the Scottish Arts
Council, as indicated at the end of the form. The report will be circulated to the organisation which produced
the work and to the management of the venue, if the venue is core funded by the Scottish Arts Council.

The report will form evidence for the Artistic Leadership and Public Engagement sections of the Quality
Framework and be taken into account in assessing the work of the producing company in relation to
applications for funding to the Scottish Arts Council. It may also be used by the Joint Board to report on the
overall performance of its funded organisations.

Evaluators should enter their rating under each section, explaining briefly their reason for the rating
with reference to their comments under each section. Ratings should be given in accordance with the

         1 - Very Poor – standard falls well below what is acceptable.
         2 - Poor – not attaining acceptable standards of conception or presentation.
         3 - Competent – routine rather than especially interesting.
         4 - Good – well conceived and executed
         5 - Excellent – conceived and executed to a high standard.
      1. Artistic Assessment
      Please evaluate the artistic quality of the event, with particular reference to the strengths and
      weaknesses of the following:

Artform            Criteria                               Rating   Comments and key reasons for rating
All                Vision and imagination of                5      This production of Krol Roger was by the polish
                   work - Quality of ideas, skills in              director, Maiusz Trelinki and performed by the
                   execution; if you’ve seen the work              Mariinsky Opera and Orchestra. An intensely
                   of this artist(s)/ company before,              theatrical production, the work was striking in its
                   please comment on the
                   comparison.                                     visual impact and vibrant musical quality. This was
                                                                   a work of outstanding artistic collaboration with
                                                                   direction, design and performance combining to
                                                                   create an innovative interpretation of the work.

                                                                   This was not an opera I had seen previously,
                                                                   however I was immediately caught up in the
All                Curatorial/ programming                  5      The production formed a key part of the EIF 2008’s
(if relevant)      vision/ selection                               programme, one of two staged operas part of this
                   Please indicate how the event                   year’s festival. It is a relatively unknown opera and I
                   originated eg from the exhibiting/              am not aware of it having been performed
                   producing organisation, artist-led
                   or commissioned.                                previously in Scotland and it was noted as the UK
                                                                   premiere of this production.
                   If the event is part of a Festival,
                   please say how it contributes to                At the heart of the EIF experience, is the festival’s
                   the overall programme.
                                                                   unique place in introducing the most innovative of
                                                                   international performing arts to audience in
                                                                   Scotland. This was an excellent example of the
                                                                   festival fulfilling this mission.
All                Success of event against                 5      The EIF brochure and website gave an appropriate
                   stated aims - in the programme                  description of the opera, highlighting the narrative
                   or other printed material, including            and themes of the production. The website also
                   how well it communicated the                    included a selection of images from the production
                   artistic themes.
                                                                   and a short video of the work.
                   Education events – see 1below for
                   guidance                                        EIF aims to be the most exciting, innovative and
                                                                   accessible festival of performing arts in the world,
                                                                   and the performance of Krol Roger by the Mariinsky
                                                                   Opera was an excellent demonstration of this
All                Performers/tutors - technical            5      A large cast of principals, chorus and orchestra
                   standard, performance skills and                were utilised in this performance. The chorus were
                   ability to communicate and                      used to theatrical impact in Act 1, set in the
                                                                   cathedral and to musical impact in Acts 2 and 3
                   Where performers are not trained,               when they joined the orchestra in the pit, creating a
                   please reflect this in your                     phenomenal sound.
                                                                   All the principal singers gave outstanding
                                                                   performances, technically assured and with
                                                                   dramatic integrity. I was particularly moved by the
                                                                   expressive performance from Elzbieta Szmythka as

       Education is a bridge between artform excellence and increased access and participation, and it is people
      centred. Providing opportunities for learning and progressing in an artform or using an artform to address
      other, non-artistic, outcomes are equally valid; in either case a high quality strategic approach is required in
      order to benefit the participants and the organisation. Delivery can be through workshops, post/pre-show
      discussions, outreach work, etc aimed at any age group.
Artform    Criteria                                Rating   Comments and key reasons for rating
Dance,     Choreography/Use of                       4      The main choreography was a wild dance of
Theatre    choreography - originality, use                  ecstasy involving the Shepherd’s followers at the
           of space, number and use of                      end of Act 2, which Roxanna is enticed to join. This
           dancers, length of piece, etc                    utilised quite predictable movement vocabulary but
                                                            was effective within the overall context of the opera
                                                            and was important in carrying forward the narrative.
Theatre    Script – particularly in relation to      5      The opera was performed in the original polish with
           new work or second productions.                  English surtitles. The clarity of the direction and
           Relevant to classics where the                   excellent performances made it extremely easy to
           original has been substantially
           changed.                                         follow the narrative.
Theatre,   Direction - Concerns issues of            5      Excellent direction maximised the dramatic
Dance      interpretation, casting and                      narrative of the work and drew out accomplished
           presentation.                                    and rounded performances from the cast.

Dance,     Use of music –                            5      The orchestra and singers were world class and
Theatre    appropriateness and effect of                    performed with technical virtuosity and passionate
           sound or music (whole/part, live/                quality. The musical impact was intensely powerful,
           recorded) to the production.
                                                            especially during sections with the full chorus where
                                                            it felt that the entire theatre was reverberating to the
Dance,     Design – costume, set, lighting.          5      The visual impact of this production through the set,
Theatre    Take into account how                            costume and lighting design was outstanding. Each
           appropriate the design is in                     of the three acts had very distinctive designs which
           relation to the venue and, where
           appropriate, the touring schedule.               were beautifully produced. I wasn’t convinced by
                                                            the video projection in the final act, which felt
                                                            unnecessary and didn’t add to by engagement in
                                                            the production.
All        Quality of                                5      The technical presentation of this work was
           Presentation/Engagement                          excellent throughout ensuring the audience were
                                                            fully engaged in the production.
           Performing Arts - technical
           presentation of the production (eg
           lighting and sound cues, etc).

           Crafts/Visual Arts - Use of
           equipment, space and overall

All        Audience                                         It appeared to be a sell out performance at
           Performing Arts - appropriateness                Edinburgh Festival Theatre.
           of the production for the
           audience/participants; estimate
           the size and reaction

           Crafts/Visual Arts – time spent,
           interest, activity, and visitors’
           books comments, number of
           visitors/ participants at the time of
All        Additional Interpretative                 -      Although EIF has an extensive programme of
           activity – what activities were                  insights, talks and education activities, I am not
           available to enhance the                         aware of any specific interpretative events linked to
           experience of the event eg                       the performances of Krol Roger.
           workshops, artist’s talks,
           discussion groups? Please
           indicate age-groups targeted.
All        Outcomes of education                     -      N/A
           activity – what learning/skills
           development took place? What
           did participants take away with
           them? Are education resources
           being provided for follow up work?
2. Management of Event
Please evaluate the way the event was presented/organised by the organisation and the venue,
with reference to the checklist below, including additional comments/observations. Please try to
view the venue and the services, and interpretative material as though you had never visited it
before eg if you did not know the venue’s location, how easy would it be to find your way there,
and to find your way around once you had arrived?

Criteria                              Comment
Suitability of the venue for the      The Edinburgh Festival Theatre is a fabulous venue for work of
event                                 this scale and has clear sight lines throughout the auditorium. I
                                      was sitting in the upper circle but still had an excellent view of
                                      the production, including the surtitles.
Information/ interpretive             A programme was available to purchase for £3. The
material at venue -                   programme was of the usual format for the EIF and included a
programmes, displays etc.             synopsis of the plot, an essay on the opera and information on
                                      the company and artistic collaborators. The format ensures the
                                      programmes contain high quality discourse, but is aimed more
                                      at the already knowledgeable audience. The extending use of
                                      the website is beginning to be utilised for different interpretive
                                      approaches for a broader audience.
Publicity/ pre-publicity –            EIF undertakes and extensive and strategic approach to
leaflets, posters, websites, etc.     marketing and audience development based on a strong
What is produced, is it easy to       understanding of their audiences. The main festival brochure
understand and where can you get
the information? Please be alert to   for 2008 was a fresh and distinctive piece of print. The festivals
the publicity available prior to your website was easy to navigate and included images and video
visit to the event and comment on     footage of the performance to give potential audiences the
the company/organisation’s website. opportunity to get to know the work. E-flyers were utilised in
                                      the run up to and during the festival, building connections with
                                      the audience. The festival’s extensive PR work, ensured that
                                      there was a great deal of preview material in the media for this
Ease of booking and                   I booked tickets through the EIF website with ease. The
payment                               website enables you to choose your seat which is a good
Location of venue – eg is it           EFT is a city centre venues, suitable for public transport links
easy to find? Is it on a main          and with car parking facilities near by.
transport route?
External signage and                   There is adequate external signage and signposting for EFT
signposting?                           and it presents a distinctive façade to the street.
Internal directional signage           Signage in the venue is appropriate.
Access and provision for               EFT has good access with lifts ensuring access throughout the
disabled people – what can you         venue. However, the height of the box office and the bars
see?                                   could be challenging for wheelchair users. The use of surtitles
                                       in the production will have assisted those with hearing
                                       impairments as well as the wider audience.
Timing of the event – was the          The performance began at 7.15pm and ran for 2 ½ hours with
length appropriate? Did the start      two intervals.
and finish time seem to be
appropriate for the audience?
Customer service - quality and         The front of house staff were helpful and efficient.
efficiency of staff (e.g. box
office,front of house, bar and/or
Acknowledgement of Scottish            Scottish Arts Council funding was acknowledged within the
Arts Council Funding 2                 programme, publicity and on the Festival website.

 In press releases, at launches, on all published materials (including leaflets, brochures, programmes, posters,
company’s website, notices display, exhibition materials, websites and advertising, recordings, publications, video,
3. Organisation’s Comments (optional)
This is the organisation’s opportunity to respond to points raised within this assessment. Please
do not feel obliged to fill this section in. In the spirit of the Quality Framework, we would ask that
any comments are self-evaluating, providing an insight as to why, if there is, a major
disagreement of response between the organisation and the evaluation, in a constructive way.

This will not alter the rating given by the assessment, but will allow the organisation the
opportunity to give their opinion/feedback. The Scottish Arts Council reserves the right to edit
comments if they are deemed to be libellous or defamatory.

As the Scottish Arts Council implements the Quality Framework internally, we intend to publish
artistic evaluations on organisations that we support regularly on our website. The final artistic
evaluation, including the organisation’s response will be published on a quarterly basis on our

Please keep your response to max 500 words. If we do not hear from you in 15 days, we will
assume that you do not want to respond.

broadcasts, computer programmes etc.) Where the event is publicised in the programme brochure of another
organisation (eg venue, gallery, etc) then SAC acknowledgement should appear against the particular programme entry
for this event.

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