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									                         The Eastwood Word
                             The Weekly Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Eastwood
                                           “Service Above Self”

         Volume 41        Issue 26              January 8, 2002                       Page 1

MEETING MINUTES                          for not identifying family members      DOME REPORT -
1/8/02 by Russ Cook                      in Naa Naa’s newspaper article.         by Stan Rubenstein
                                         Ray fined Herb Jerry for not
 The meeting was called to order by      knowing how many Rotary                 Monday, Jan. 14th Notre
President Peter. Gary Katz gave a        members there are worldwide.            Dame, Game time 7:00 pm,
touching invocation. There were no          Happy Dollars – Gary Ketchum         Gates open 6:00 pm, Early 4:00
visiting Rotarians. Club guests were     for taking his daughter back to         pm, Late, 5:15 pm.
Frances, our        New Zealand          college and competing in his most       Crew:        Antonelli, Baxter,
exchange student who departs for         recent marathon, Dee for her            Bishop’s,     Carley,   Crissey,
home this week, and Ted Botsford,        grandson who was home on his            Cullinan, Ewing, Gordona’s,
a prospective member.                    first liberty, Jeanne for a Alec’       Ketchum, Kellogg, Mills, Moses,
 Tom Barone announced that Jim           birthday and a new job (with no         O’Donnell, Petta, Rubenstein,
Gaskin will be the recipient of a        travel!), Barbara for sharing the       Stephens.
special award at the March               holidays with elderly relatives and a
Foundation Dinner. Stan brought          good doctor’s report, Bob for his       Next game is Saturday, Jan.
us up to date with his weekly Dome       wife bowling better than Larry, Abe     26th, VaTech. Game times as
report. Karl Herba spoke regarding       for a nice holiday and half of Alec’s   above.
membership. He stated the need to        gifts are at his house.                 Crew: Barone, Batley, Baxter,
“sell” Rotary to people we have             The winning number of the            Crissey, Gascon, Gordona’s
contact with – good job Karl.            queen was pulled by guest, Sandy,       Herba,    Katz,   O’Donnell,
    Jim Gaskin thanked the club for      who took the money. (She was            Stephens, Woodall, Ketchum,
the honor. He also gave an update        advised by Jim Gaskin to take the       Gordie.
on Naa Naa and her trip to New           money.) She then proceeded to
York City, as well as an update on       pull Jim Gaskin’s number. The           While Ro and Stan are in Florida
her medical progress.                    queen still lives.                      beginning January 28th, Jerry
   Gordy Ketchum presented Jenny            Bob Batley presented a program       O’Donnell will be making out
Doane with her five-year perfect         on youth exchange. He stated that       the dome list for the last 4
attendance pin. Ro spoke about           youth started in Wilksbarre, PA in      games. Remember though that
Francis House and asked the club if      1961. He gave a great history with      we have two days in the dome
we thought we would like to              what Eastwood has done with             for March Madness later on 22nd
continue working with them. Gary         youth exchange.                         and the 24th.
gave      an    update    on     the        Herb Jerry then introduced Jen
Entertainment books.                     Cruise, our outgoing youth
   Fines were levied by Ray O’Neill      exchange student who went to
–Norm Carley for no badge, Dee           Finland. She shared many colorful
Petta for mooching sugar, and Larry      experiences with the group. Thank
Moses for bowling so poorly. Tony        you Bob and Herb for a very
Iorio got smacked for being a            interesting program.
member of a weak team, Abe                  The meeting ended on time and
Morelli was fined for not saying         we stood and repeated the four-
goodbye to Jeanne upon leaving the       way test.
Dome , and Jim Gaskin
         Volume 41       Issue 26             January 8, 2002                          Page 2

FROM THE PREZ…                      HOLIDAY WISHES FROM                    FOR THE NEW YEAR
                                    DISTANT LANDS                          A SHORT COURSE IN HUMAN
Came in over the wire:                                                     RELATIONS
                                    PP Gary Katz received a
                                    Christmas card from the                • The six most important words:
   As of January 2002 West
                                    mother of the Gift of Life child       “I admit I made a mistake”
Winfield has changed the            from China.       Here is the
dates and times of their                                                   • The five most important words:
                                    approximate translation of her         “You did a good job”
meeting to the following            Christmas message:
schedule:                                                                  • The four most important words:
                                    Dear Respectable Pres. Katz,
                                                                           “What is your opinion”
   They will meet on the 1st           Wish you merry Christmas
                                                                           • The three most important words:
and 3rd Tuesday’s at 6:15 pm        and good health.
                                    Thank you very much for                “If you please”
and the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays
                                    reviving my son’s life. Without        • The two most important words:
at 7:00 am at the Stonehouse
                                    your assistance, we would not          “Thank you”
Restaurant. If a month has 5
                                    have our son now. He is in             • The one most important word:
Tuesdays the club will meet at                                             “We”
                                    good health and has a normal
6:15 pm. If you have any                                                   • The least important word:
                                    development. He is now a
questions you can contact Bill      meter 37 tall and weights 34 kg.       “I”
Crewell, President of the           He is a 2nd grade student in an
West Winfield Club at               elementary school.                     Please visit china and be our
                                    guest                                   MEMBERSHIP -
                                                                               Ted Botsford will be given his RI
SHOULD WE                                                                   (Rotary Indoctrination) this coming
CONTINUE WITH                       NEXT WEEKS PROGRAM                      Tuesday. It is nice to see a new
FRANCIS HOUSE?                         By Bob Batley                        member join our wonderful Rotary
                                    Literacy Volunteers of America          family - let’s see if we can keep this
   Ro Rubenstein has been           (LVA) was founded here in               trend going.
graciously asking us every          Syracuse in the 1960’s by our own          Before you know it, Spring will
week for the past several           Honorary Member Ruth Colvin. It         be here and Peter’s year will be
                                    has grown to be a National and
months to contribute food                                                   almost at an end. For the club and
                                    International     force   combating
and other needed items to           illiteracy. The local office of this    for President Peter let’s all make a
Francis House. Ro asked on          organization is the Literacy            concerted effort to invite someone
Tuesday if we feel we would         Volunteers of Greater Syracuse.         to lunch.
like to continue giving to          The volunteer tutors spend one on          Spring is a time of re-birth, with
Francis House or does               one time with students who mostly       green grass, flowers, sunshine, and
anyone have another charity         wish to learn English as a second       much warmer weather. But…lets
in mind we could help?              language (ESL).                         not wait until Spring for the
   Please let Ro know. She              Our speaker next week is on of      Eastwood Rotary re-birth. Invite a
has worked very diligently on       these students.       His name is       friend to have lunch with us…the
this project and welcomes           Lubomir Kalpaktchiev (Lubo) from        club will do the rest.
                                    Bulgaria. He has been an ESL
your feedback.
                                    participant for about two years. His
   All of those individuals         tutor will also be attending our
who have contributed to this                                                  PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF
                                    meeting.                                  THE    NEW    EMAIL
worthy cause many, many                A representative of LVGS will
thanks.                                                                       ADDRESS FOR DEE
                                    also be on had to discuss some of
                                    the details of the program.
               Volume 41     Issue 26         January 8, 2002                          Page 3

                                                                                   ROTARY INTERNATIONAL
FOR THE RECORD                          B’Days and Anniversary’s for:                   DISTRICT 7150
ON DECK                                                                                    Bruce P. Frassinelli
                                        B’Days:                                       District Governor 2002-2002
Fining PP         Rosalie Rubenstein    Danielle Gerard         Jan 4                 Member, Oswego Rotary club
                                                                                          139 Arcadia Avenue
Standby:          Stan Rubenstein       Stan Rubenstein         Jan 2                      Oswego, NY 13126

Bull Scribe:      Dan Cullinan          Anniversary’s:                                        Donald Reese
Standby:          Jenny Doane           Sharon & Art Schoen 1/31/89                 District Governor Elect 2002-2003
                                                                                       Member, Utica Rotary Club
                                        Jeanne & Mike Williams 1/16/99
GUESTS                                  Congratulations to all!!

Frances Craig, Club
Sandy Tabor, Abe Morelli                                                 PROGRAMS FOR JANUARY
                                                                              By Bob Batley
                                                                         1/15/02        Lubomir Kalpaktchiev
Herb Webb, Wilmington East (3)                                                          (from Bulgaria) “Literacy
Bennett Bishop, Solvay Geddes                                                           Volunteers of Greater
Norm Carley, Fulton                                                                     Syracuse English as a
Jim Gascon, Syracuse & B’ville                                                          Second Language Student”
Bob Batley, Syracuse                                                     1/22/02        Guest Speaker - The
                                                                                        Rotary Foundation
ABSENTEES                                                                1/29/02        Rotary Information - a quiz
Lucille Browning      Dick Bruns
Dan Cullinan          Bud Floor
Danielle Gerard       Dick Lendy        UPCOMING EVENTS:
Whitney Mills         Herb Webb
Clara Woodall                           Tues. 1/15/02 - Board of Directors
                                        Meeting - 5:30 pm - office of Peter
                                        Crissey - Jeanne Williams hosting
                                        3/9/02 - Eastwood Foundation
                                        Dinner - Layayette CC

All articles for The Word must be       7/18/02 - Liverpool Golf
received on or before 9:00 am on        Tournament at Radisson G.C.
Thursday of each week. The editor’s
address is: 2197 Mercer St.,
Baldwinsville, NY 13027. Articles can
be emailed to or
Faxed to 464-6117, Office phone: 464-
7851, Home phone: 638-1539.

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