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Here is the Syllabus for Nutrition_ Health and Wellness with Lab. I


									       Here is the Syllabus for Nutrition, Health and Wellness with Lab. I will need the
Essay assignment below complete by Friday. Instruction are below Any question please
let me know.

     Week                      Readings
   and TCOs                   & Exercises

                   Chapter 1: The Role of Nutrition in
   Week 1          Our Health
  TCO 1, 3, 7      Chapter 2: Designing a Healthful      Discussion Topics
Introduction to    Chapter 3: The Human Body: Are        Quiz 1
   Nutrition,      We Really What We Eat?
  Health, and      Chapter 12: Nutrition and Physical    Lab
   Wellness        Activity: Keys to Good Health
                   Chapter 12A: Managing Stress

                   Chapter 2: Designing a Healthful
  Week 2
                   Diet                                  Discussion Topics
TCO 1, 2, 3, 4
                   Chapter 4: Carbohydrates:
                   Bountiful Sources of Energy and       Quiz 2
 The Digestive
  System and
                   Chapter 14: Food Safety and           Lab
                   Technology: Impact on Consumers

   Week 3          Chapter 5: Fat: An Essential          Discussion Topics
  TCO 3, 5, 6      Energy-Supplying Nutrient
                   Chapter 6: Proteins: Crucial          Quiz 3
Fattty Acids and   Components of All Body Tissues
    Proteins                                             Lab

    Week 4         Chapter 7: Nutrients Involved in      Discussion Topics
    TCO 8          Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
                                                         Midterm Exam (TCOs 1-6)
 Fluid Balance
and Electrolytes                                Midterm Exam

                   Chapter 8: Nutrients Involved in
  Week 5           Antioxidant Function                  Discussion Topics
TCO 3, 7, 8, 9     Chapter 9: Nutrients Involved in
                   Bone Health                           Quiz 5
Too much or too    Chapter 10: Nutrients Involved in
     little?       Energy Metabolism and Blood           Lab

    Week 6         Chapter 11: Achieving and             Discussion Topics
   ALL TCOs        Maintaining a Healthful Body
                   Weight - Including Chapter 11A        Quiz 6
 Nutrition and     Chapter 13: Disordered Eating -
  Behavioral       Including Chapter 13A                 Lab

                    Chapter 15: Nutrition Through the
                    Lifecycle: Pregnancy and the First
   Week 7
                    Year of Life                            Discussion Topics
TCO 4, 5, 6, 7,
                    Chapter 16: Nutrition Through the
   8, 9, 10
                    Lifecycle: Childhood to Late
                                                            Quiz 7
                    Chapter 16A: Reducing the Risk for
  through our                                               Lab
                    Chronic Disease
                    Chapter 13B: The Health Effects of
                    Smoking and Drinking

    Week 8
                                                     Final Exam
   ALL topics

Week One Assignment: The essay must be two pages long double spaced, 12pt
and 1 inch margin with standard APA

Part 1

There are several parts to this iLab. Part 1 consists of listing all the parts of the digestive
system with either a list or photo. Many people take a "screen shot" and use this for part
one. Feel free to also list the parts as well if you cannot figure out how to take a screen

Part 2

Part 2 technically consists of two parts. The first one includes describing the location of each
body part. For example, the appendix is located on the right side of the body under the
ascending colon. Another way to do this part would be to write out the parts and put a
location/description next to it. The second part of part 2 or this section is to describe the
manner in which you will retain the information of where each body part is located. An
example would be, "I will remember the location of each body part by reviewing the photo
and memorizing each location". Some classmates develop interesting methods of
memorizing where all of the parts are located like using mnemonics. Feel free to be

Part 3

Part 3 in a Word document (or the same document that you have bee using for parts 1 and
2), please take the overall categories (mouth, small intestine, esophagus, stomach, and
large intestine) and label them with the appropriate mechanisms that occur in each of them
(propulsion, absorption, chemical digestion and mechanical digestion). Please remember
that each digestive system part mentioned above may be involved in more than one of the

Part 4

Part 4 please define each mechanism (propulsion, absorption, chemical digestion and
mechanical digestion) with 2-3 sentences each.

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