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									                                     CFUW – LONDON CLUB
                              CANADIAN FEDERATION OF UNIVERSITY
                                 NEWSLETTER, FEBRUARY 2007

                                                        P.S. I just read Saturday’s (February 3) London
                    Voting                              Free Press … “Write On!”. Congratulations,
Finding new board members is always our                      Stephanie Kuiack, Ph.D. Interviews
“February & March” project and challenge. If
you are asked to serve on the Board for the
                                                        Stephanie is interviewing our members to
2007/08 season, please give it serious thought.
                                                        compile a book with stories of University
By accepting the position you will learn more
                                                        Women Graduates’ experiences (pertaining to
about our CFUW London Club – and also find it
                                                        CFUW London Club). When she asks you if
rewarding to work with the Board members.
                                                        you are willing to be interviewed, please say yes.
This also provides an excellent opportunity to
                                                        Stephanie, we are looking forward to the day
learn more about CFUW at all five levels:
                                                        when we will read your book!
International, National, Provincial, Regional and
local level.
                                                            School Kits Project – Renny Thomson
The Board looks forward to working with a “Full
                                                        Renny makes sure that we donate the much
Board” for the 2007/08 Club Season. Let’s
                                                        needed “School Supplies” to 3rd world countries.
make it happen, we know we can count on you!
                                                        “Thank you” Renny for making us more aware
                                                        of the great need in other countries.
      Some News and the Extra Projects
                                                            Laundry Project – Margaret Goodlet
Margaret Arthur, V.P. will be the President for
2007/08 and part of 2009 and our Delegate at the
                                                        Margaret keeps on collecting boxes of Laundry
I.F.U.W 29th Triennial Conference in
                                                        Detergent for the Women’s Shelter. Thank you
Manchester, England.
                                                        to all the members who contribute to this very
                                                        worth-while project. Thanks, to Margaret - keep
The Conference is from August 10 – 16th, 2007.
                                                        up the good work.
All of us wish you well, Margaret.
                                                                         Fund Raising
             Short Story Contest
                                                        In order to finance some of our projects we have
                                                        “fund raising”, e.g. Book Sale, Silent Auction,
Margaret, Past President and Chair of the Story
                                                        50/50 draws. Some of the interest groups donate
Writing Contest is making her dream come true.
                                                        to this worth while money making project.
We wish Margaret and her Committee Members
                                                        Thanks to all who make “Fund Raising”
great results regarding the “Write On!” contest.

Hopefully we will all continue to make the world       interesting to figure out where they had been and
a better place by contributing in whatever way         noting that some of the older building are still in
we can.                                                existence.

Marja Tensen

          ARTS & ANTIQUES
Members met at Beryl Hall’s home on
November 20th to view a video presentation of
the post impressionist artist, Georges Pierre
Seurat. Beryl shared her enthusiasm for the            On Feburary 19th, 7:30 p.m at Beryl’s Hall’s
artist’s painting “A Sunday Afternoon on the           home, the group will meet for a discussion
Island at La Grande Jatte”, which she had              about Russia and Czar Nicholas the Second. In
recently viewed in the Permanent Collection at         attendance will be a young Russian friend of
the Art Institute of Chicago. The original             Beryl’s who name is Anastasia. Anastasia is
painting is huge (81” by 121” or roughly 207 cm        also the name of the Czar’s youngest daughter.
by 308 cm.) Discussion and interpretation of the       Interesting books of many Russian subjects will
painting followed.                                     be available for viewing.

                                                       Condolences to Win Tew whose sister passed

                                                       Bessie Bowden recently passed away. There
                                                       will be a Memorial Service held on Monday,
                                                       February 19th at the Millard George Funeral
                                                       Home on Ridout Street, London. Visitation at 12
                                                       p.m., service at 1 p.m.
                  Beryl Hall
                                                       With deep regret we announce the death of
On January 16th the group enjoyed a delicious          former club member Olive Toten.
luncheon at Museum London. The special
exhibit of that day were quilts of different           Contact Renny Thomson with “Milestones” such as
designs and ages. The other collection was 80          births, anniversaries and any occasion that you wish
photographs of        old London with full             to share with others.
descriptions. It was duly noted that a number of
buildings had been demolished.           It was

Standing Committee Meetings of CFUW Ontario Council, June 13, 2007

Please note the new fire regulations at the CFUW Toronto Club House have resulted in some changes to
registering for Standing Committee Meetings. Only 90 people are permitted in the dining room and the meeting
room upstairs used for speakers. Therefore, for the January and March meetings registration is cut off after 90
members apply. Only a registration form and cheque sent by postal mail will be accepted. A committee has been
set up to investigate other venues for next year and a decision will be made before the next provincial AGM.

The National President, Ardeth Toogood, urged all club members not just club presidents to get involved in
advocacy. Currently women must fight to retain the rights that they have won. CFUW is playing a major role in
fighting the loss of government funding to women’s advocacy groups. CFUW has won the right to be one of the
groups to appear before a parliamentary committee on February 14th to protest the loss of funding for the Status
of Women. The National CFUW Council is in the process of preparing a list of questions to be use at all-
candidates meetings sponsored by CFUW clubs in the next federal election campaign.

The theme of the morning session was “Creating Healthy Communities through Education.” Both speakers
belonged to private organizations which were formed to help students and schools in specific ways. The first
speaker was Lucy Di Carlo, Ontario Coordinator of Roots of Empathy, a program designed to promote social
kindness and cooperation among children. A mother and her baby are assigned to visit a classroom nine times
during the school year. The program is used in Grades 4 to 7. Mary Gordan, the founder of the program in 1996,
thought that, by observing the temperament and physical and mental growth of a baby, children would develop a
caring and compassionate relationship with the infant. The classroom teacher then could divert the students’
attention to their own feelings and interpersonal relationships with the goal of reducing aggression and increasing
social emotional competence and empathy toward others. The program started in Ontario but has expanded to the
national and international areas. Funding comes from private companies, ministries of education, local
government and school boards. For more details on the program go to

Sue Sigurdson, EdD, R.S.W. Program Director of Pathways to Education talked about this program that was
developed in 2005 in Toronto’s Regent Park, the oldest and largest public housing project in Canada. Its goal was
to reduce the dropout rate of 56% among the high school students of the neighbourhood and encourage them to
pursue post-secondary education. Students had to sign a contract that they would attend tutoring sessions four
times a week, meet in groups to discuss their problems and receive mentoring from older students, attend school
regularly to receive free bus tickets to get to school and that their parents would advocate to get support for their
students in community programs. Successful students could earn $4000.00 to be used for tuition and books in
post-secondary institutions. Students are closely monitored and have mentors who advocate on their behalf with
parents and schools. Career management is provided by ex guidance counselors who are just a few of the many
volunteers in the program. Private corporations such as Bell Canada and RBC help fund the program. Pathways
to Education is expanding into other communities such as Toronto’s Rexdale and Lawrence Heights and in
Ottawa, Kitchener-Waterloo, Montreal and Vancouver. For more information on the program go to

Submitted by Vi Williams

Education Standing Committee Meeting of                         Take effective action to counter violence,
CFUW Ontario Council                                            protect victims, especially females, and
January 13, 2007                                                develop public awareness of the issues
                                                                and promote peace programs in all
Considerable time was spent discussing the                      concerned ministries.
content of the morning speeches. The Chair,                  4. Violence-Free Family Life, IFUW,1998
Wendy Taylor, reported on her experiences at                    Promote awareness of domestic violence
the People for Education Conference. The                        with emphasis on the human rights of
education system needs more funding and the                     woman and children.
Ontario government promises to address the
problem, particularly as it relates to Northern           Submitted by Vi Williams
Ontario. The positives in Ontario education are
that it has the best teachers in the world and the
EQAO province-wide testing is improving.
However, more teacher-librarians need to be
restored to schools and there is a concern about
the effectiveness of the new programs being
introduced in high                                           ST. VALENTINE TEA & SOCIAL
schools to keep the at-risk students in school                   “For the Love of London”
until the age of 18.
                                                              Wednesday, February 14, 2007
         Wendy Taylor will be preparing a list of
questions to pose to candidates in the Ontario
provincial election in October.
                                                               THE CURRENT EVENTS GROUP
         Committee members are to discuss four
CFUW Resolutions with club members and do
                                                          The group continues to meet the first Thursday
some advocacy work on them before the next
                                                          of each month. In November we had fun
meeting on March 3rd. A summary of the
                                                          examining the municipal candidates and election
resolutions are:
                                                          issues. We looked especially at the mayoralty
    1. Improving the Lives of Adolescents,
                                                          race between Anne Marie DeCicco-Best, Joe
         IFUW, 1995
                                                          Fontanna (and the also-rans). We also discussed
         Especially for girls in the areas of early
                                                          other issues such as the development fund.
         marriage, teenage pregnancy, substance
                                                          Another election interested us, the London North
         abuse, violence, harmful practices and
                                                          by-election. The role of religious convictions
         lack of opportunities for secondary
                                                          such as those of former mayor Haskett interested
         education and employment.
                                                          us as did the number of parachute candidates.
    2. Poverty, CFUW, 2000, UWC Montreal
                                                          Our December meeting was cancelled due to
         Urge the federal government to renew its
                                                          stormy weather, but the group re-convened in
         commitments to the UN regarding
                                                          January for a discussion of two topics. One issue
         poverty and urge it and the
                                                          was whether various religious groups should
         provincial/territorial government to
                                                          receive public funding for their schools.
         implement measures to reduce and
                                                          Members tended to feel that only public schools
         prevent poverty, especially child poverty
                                                          should be funded since education becomes even
         and reevaluate economic, health-care and
                                                          more expensive when any separate system of
         educational needs of Canadian children
                                                          schools is created. It was, however, noted that
         and public resources available to fight
                                                          the British North America Act provides for
                                                          funding of Catholic elementary schools
    3. Violence at Schools, IFUW, 1998
                                                          education in Ontario and Protestant schools in
                                                          Quebec. (Newfoundland recently ended funding
 for religion-based education primarily to cut           Environmentally Friendly Group. Knowledge of
 costs.)    The second discussion dealt with             past lives and the art around us viewed by Art
 terrorism. It was agreed that both oil and              and Antiques reinforces the historic backbones
 religion are major causes of terrorism. There are       of literature discussed by the Reading and
 however other causes such as politics and also          Revolving Books.
 the extension of the desert in sub-Saharan Africa
 which dislocated entire peoples and causes              Our members are therefore, healthy, informed,
 terrorism and outright war.                             and knowledgeable and obviously up to date and
                                                         very soon will use these skills as we begin our
 Visitors are always welcome. Our next meeting           new venture to promote authorship by children
 will be at the home of Vi Williams on March 1st.        in South Western Ontario. The Story Contest
 For information on this and future meetings             begins Saturday February 3rd. 2007.        The
 contact the convener, Angela Jacob at 472-3709          London Free Press will publish our entry form
 or                              on each Saturday through February and the
                                                         deadline will be March 3rd. The Story Contest
 Submitted by,                                           Committee are pleased that Dr. Hanna Spencer
 Angela Jacob                                            has accepted a request to be a Judge along with
                                                         Pauline Cormier, Daisy May Publishing;
         ADVENTUROUS DINING                              Barbara Haworth-Attard: Maggie L. Wood and
The diners began the New Year in style with a            Paul Berton.
visit to Aromas on Piccadilly St. The ambiance
there was just what was needed post Christmas.           The Judges Panel will choose the finalists at the
Wonderful Mediterranean food and an authentic            beginning of April and the children notified.
Portuguese dessert, compliments of Philippe              The London Free Press will photograph each
Gomez, the owner, made for a memorable                   child and this photo with their stories will be
evening.                                                 published in later editions. At the Banquet
                                                         children will receive their award as well as a
February 13th will provide a complete change             CFUW certificate for their records. Perhaps on
when we       go to the Seoul Garden Sushi               our 95th anniversary a winner of the Booker prize
Restaurant for Korean cuisine. The restaurant is         may thank us for his or her first award for
located at 758 York St. For further information          creativity and spontaneity.         The Contest
and to RSVP please contact Renny @                       Committee looks forward to a successful launch                                    of this Annual event and know our CFUW-
                                                         London members will enjoy reading our
                                                         children’s view

                                                         The Contest Committee looks forward to a
                                                         successful launch of this Annual event and know
    ST. VALENTINE TEA & SOCIAL                           our CFUW-London members will enjoy reading
        “For the Love of London”                         our children's view of the world around them.
     Wednesday, February 14, 2007
                                                         On behalf of the Story Contest Committee
                                                         Margaret Lynch, Chair
                                                         Editor’s note:
 The health and welfare of our members is well
 taken care of by the leaders of our Adventurous
                                                         At the time of printing this newsletter, the Short
 Dining, Hiking, Out to Lunch, and Vintners
                                                         Story Contest has been successfully launched.
 Interest groups. We are up to date with Current
                                                         Enclosed is a copy of the contest form which
 Events     and    well    informed    by    our
                                                         appears    in    the    London Free Press.
 A click on the business card will bring you
 directly to the member’s business website.

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