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									 THE DOLPHIN
Vol. 41, No. 2 Fall/Winter 2009   •
                                      The Veronica M. Driscoll Center for Nursing, 2113 Western Ave., Suite 2, Guilderland, NY 12084-9559

                           Dolphin Award Fundraiser Honors
                        Maimonides Medical Center and Nurse Staff
The 2009 Dolphin Award Reception            a box. The winner received a pearl              accomplishments. She then presented
and Fundraiser was held on Novem-           necklace which was hidden in the                the award, a crystal dolphin donated
ber 5 at the Harbour Lights Restaurant      box worth $2,000. Other prizes                  by Joan Brown, to Pam Brier, President
in the South Street Seaport. The event      included a gift certificate to Harbour          of Maimonides. Pam then presented
honored Maimonides Medical Center           Lights Restaurant and a gift certifi-           a check to Nurses House for $5,000,
and nurse staff for their support and       cate to Pulse Laser and Skincare in             which was raised by staff and matched
commitment to their nurse colleagues.       Manhattan.                                      by the hospital during Nurses Week
Maimonides nurses have been sup-
porting their colleagues in need for                                                        Corporate sponsors included Cherokee
decades. In 1990, they initiated a                                                          Uniforms, Johnson & Johnson, the New
Florence Nightingale birthday dinner                                                        York State Nurses Association, and
to celebrate the contributions nurses                                                       Sigma Theta Tau. Group and individual
make to health care. Patricia Bishop-                                                       sponsors included the A&A Ridgewood
Barry, the President of Nurses House,                                                       Professional Registered Nurses Associ-
was invited as a guest of honor and                                                         ation, Claire Murray, Melissa Carbone,
was presented with a donation from                                                          Diana Mason, Edmund Pajarillo, Donna
the nurses and doctors of Maimonides                                                        Cardillo and Glennie Millard. In total,
to help nurses in need. The Florence                                                        Nurses House raised over $8,000 for
Nightingale parties became an an-                Susan Fraley presenting the award          nurses in need.
nual event, and every year dozens                    to Pam Brier, President of
of nurses turned out to celebrate and              Maimonides Medical Center                Nurses House would like to thank all of
support Nurses House.                                                                       our sponsors for their generous support
                                            Susan Fraley, Executive Director                as well as all of our donors who helped
In 2004, Maimonides nurses began            for Nurses House, spoke about                   support the event. We hope to see you
holding a Nurses Week fundraiser            Maimonides nurses and their many                all at next year’s celebration.
where nurses made and sold paper
caps to wear on “Cap Day.” The funds
raised were donated to Nurses House.
That year, Maimonides Medical
Center agreed to match all donations
raised and Maimonides nurses have
been holding the event every year

Approximately ninety nurses and                                           SAVE THE DATE
guests attended this year’s award cel-
ebration to honor Maimonides. Over                                            Nurses House, Inc.
thirty five nurses from the hospital              Will hold the 4th annual Dolphin Award Reception & Fundraiser on
were in attendance. The event was
hosted by Donna Cardillo, Nursing
                                                                        Saturday, November 13, 2010
Spectrum’s “Dear Donna” and in-
cluded entertainment by Dolce Vita
Strings, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres,                  Nominations for the 2010 Dolphin Award will be accepted
door prizes, a silent auction and prize              through February 15, 2010. To nominate an individual or group
raffles. Necklaces with keys attached                please visit the Nurses House website at
were sold to raise funds for Nurses                          or contact Stephanie Dague at (518)456-7858 x27
House with only one key opening
Message                                  Nurses House as their holiday char-
                                         ity. Claire Murray, President, and
From the                                 Glennie Millard, Director, attended                              From the
                                         the ball game to support Nurses
Executive                                House. Nancy Marcone and Stepha-                                 President
                                         nie Dague will be representing
Director                                 Nurses House at NYSNA’s holiday
                                         event on December 10. I thank them
                                         all for volunteering their time to sup-
In spite of the economy, 2009 has        port Nurses House in so many ways.        Thank you all for your continued
been a reasonably good year for                                                    support throughout these difficult
Nurses House. We received the            The Joint Nurse Recruiters will           economic times. Nurses House dona-
second installment of a large be-        be holding their Annual Meeting           tions are down by approximately 20%
quest from Bertha Lundgren as well       & Holiday Extravaganza in New             this year and there are currently forty
as a very generous donation from         York on December 11 and Nurses            applicants awaiting assistance. Many
the New York State Nurses Associa-       House has been chosen as one of           of the nurses are in dire need, having
tion. I am also happy to report the      four charities to speak at the event.     lost everything due to serious illness or
2009 Nurses House Dolphin Award          I am grateful to Mary Ann Radioli         injury. We hope to be able to assist all
brought in several thousand dol-         from Maimonides Medical Center            of them before the end of the year, but
lars more than previous years. This      for bringing this together and for        cannot do so without your help. Please
is largely due to many generous          her help making the 2009 Dolphin          give whatever you can this season.
sponsors and your contributions in       Award Reception a success. I would        Every dollar makes a difference in the
response to the event. All of these      also like to thank Diana Gazza in         lives of the nurses who come to Nurses
donations helped to offset the loss in   advance for representing Nurses           House and their families in need. In
individual donations we have seen        House at the event and speaking           extraordinary times, individuals make
this year.                               on our behalf. Diana is a member of       extraordinary efforts to confront is-
                                         the Nurses House Board of Direc-          sues. That doesn’t mean extraordinary
I am very pleased to report that         tors and has been a great asset to the    donations from individuals because it
Nurses House has been able to as-        organization.                             is the collective effort of the group that
sist every nurse who has qualified                                                 will make the difference ---and nurses
for assistance this year. The nurses     Linda Sickler, Deputy Director for        are an extraordinary group!
who come to us are from varied           the Foundation of NYS Nurses and
backgrounds and reside all over the      Nurses House, has recently retired.       I am proud to announce that the 2009
country, but they all have one thing     Nancy Marcone, Nurses House               Dolphin Award Ceremony was a suc-
in common - they are facing dire         administrative assistant, has subse-      cess and brought in over $8,000 profit
circumstances and come to Nurses         quently taken over Linda’s financial      for Nurses House. This year’s profit
House with the hope that, when           duties for Nurses House. We will          surpassed last year’s by over $2,500. I
all else fails, their colleagues will    miss Linda and wish her all the best      would like thank everyone who par-
be there to help. In 2008 and 2009       in her retirement!                        ticipated and helped make the event
Nurses House has seen a rise in the                                                a success. This year was the first year
number of nurses who have been di-       Nurses House currently has ap-            Nurses House had corporate sponsors.
agnosed with cancer. A few nurses        proximately forty guests awaiting         There were four sponsors at the $1,000
that have come to us this year after     assistance and we will once again be      level. They included Sigma Theta Tau,
being involved in a natural disaster     offering holiday gifts to guests with     NYSNA, Cherokee Uniforms, and
which took everything they had.          families that may not otherwise be        Johnson & Johnson. We hope to get
But, whatever their situation, the in-   able to provide for them during the       more sponsors next year and hope you
dividuals that come to us are suffer-    holidays. We hope to be able to help      all can attend.
ing even more due to the economy.        all of the nurses who are awaiting
It means so much to these nurses to      assistance but we cannot do so with-      I would also like to thank the New
know that their colleagues are there     out your help. If you haven’t already     York State Nurses Association for their
for them when they need it most. I       made a donation for the holiday           very generous donation of $20,000
thank you all for continuing to help     appeal, please consider doing so that     earlier this year. During tough times,
Nurses House make this mission           Nurses House is able to help all of       it was especially wonderful to see such
possible.                                the nurses who need it this holiday       generosity for our colleagues in need.
                                         season. Thank you for all your sup-       Nurses House has also recently been
I would like to thank the Board          port!                                     informed that we have been named the
of Directors and Staff of the New                                                  recipients of NYSNA’s holiday char-
York State Nurses Association, not       Sincerely,                                ity this year. Nurses House is greatly
only for their generous donation                                                   appreciative of the support we receive
this year, but for choosing to sup-                                                from NYSNA and its members and we
port Nurses House at an NYSNA                                                      thank them for their continued assis-
sponsored ball game in Long Island       Susan Fraley, MS, RN                      tance to nurses in need.
in September and for designating         Executive Director                                             (continued on page 5)

Appreciation to Our Contributors
Nurses House is pleased to acknowledge the contributions made from May 31, 2009 through October 31, 2009 from
individuals, associations, corporations and other organizations. The tributes section represents both memorial gifts
and honoraria. We have made every endeavor to include all gifts and apologize for any ommissions or errors.
INDIVIDUAL             Diana Gazza           Barbara Solomon               Ione Carey          Ann Heitmann        Denise Murphy
DONORS                 Frances Gensoli       Robert and Barbara            Carol Carson        Mary Beth Henry     Linda Mylott
                       Christina Gerardi       Sommer                      Laura Casher        Blessing Heyman     Patricia Myron
$10,000+               Lisa Gollard          Zenaida Spangler              Mary Ann Caswell    Eleanor Hill        Mary Nagle
Bertha Lundgren        Zola Golub            Joann Stanton                 Annmarie Cefoli     Rachel Hofstetter   Eileen Nahigian
                       E. Gould              Elise Stern, Ret.             Georgina Chin       Carol Holland       Florence Nau
$1,000-$4,999          Susan Grossman        Joan Stoner                   Audrey Clarke       Gaen Hooley         Rose Naughton
Dee Hayes              Laurie Gunter         Flora Sullivan                Mary Claxton        Lynn Huber          Jacynth Orridge
Judy Judd              Cynthia Gurney        Cynthia Teeple                Darlene Coccaro     Norma Hudson        Peggy Osei-Tutu
Margaret McClure       Shirley Haddad        Margaret Thompson             Michelle Codner     Mary Ide            Carol Otte
Mildred Schmidt        Patricia Hafner       Rita Thompson                 Trudy Cohen         Charlotte Isler     Irene Pagel
                       Rosalie Hartfield     Mary Tracy                    Angela Collini      Joy Jacobson        Charles & Janet
$500-$999              William Hayes         Marie Underwood               Mary Collins        Marilyn Jara           Palombo
Jean Benner            Carolyn Heilker       Carol Viele                   Barbara Conklin     Teresa Jewett       Sandi Pantalon
Mary Britten           Grace Herron          Madeline Walle                Lucille Cop         Marie Jewson        Eunice Paul
William Donovan        Susan Hoopes          Diane Wallis                  Naomi Cordova       Patricia Johnson    Jane Perlstein
Eileen Horan           Janice Howard         Robert & Sherry               Joan Cropley        Sarah Jones         Faith Pham
Whei-Whei Lo           Sharon Jacques          Warner                      Diana Crosley       Peter Jordan        Ruth Phelan
Helen Marsh            Jean Johnson          Mary Weiler                   Veronica Culhane    Lois Joseph         Carol Pifko
Diana Mason            Ursula Karau          Cathryne Welch                Barbara Dahl        Shirley Kane        Janice Pinto
Linda O’Brien          Kathleen Kavanaugh    Karen Wida                    Phyllis Darby       Patricia Kelly      Louise Prussack
Russell Pelton         Lucie Kelly           Rita Wieczorek                Bertha Dear         Winifred Kennedy    Lois Rafenski
Jean Sanchez           Glenda Kelman         Patricia Yoder-Wise           Mary Rose DeFino    Joan Kennedy        Dianne Reed
Nancy Springman        Barbara Knauer        Linda Zelski                  Judy DeVaney        Elaine Kesner       Linda Reese
                       Ruth Korn                                           Katherine DeVivo    Joan Knecht         Karen Reux
$100-$499              Leonarda Laskevich    Up to $100                    Lois Dickson        Joan Knighton       Yvonne Richards
Armena Abernathy       Christiana Lassen     Antonio Abad                  Pearl Eccles        Joan Koenig         Marilyn Ringel
Marcia Abernathy       Ronnie Leibowitz      Evelyn Acosta                 Maureen Evers       Cynthia Koppelman   Elba Rivera
Michael Ahrens         Margaret Leonard      Elaine Adams                  Constance Eves      June Kosier         Judith Rizzo
Helen Akst             Susanna Levin         Sharon Adkins                 Patricia Farley     Lynne Kriss         Elaine Roland
Arthur Aufses, Jr.     Marie LoGuercio       Clarabel Ajello               Mary Ferry          Frances Lafauci     Eleanor Rother
Ralph Bailey           Burden Lundgren       Nina Amendola                 Penelope Field      Anne Lawless        Bernadette Roussel
Nellie Bailey          Cynthia Lydford       Kathleen Ames                 Lois Fink           R. Susan Lazar      Anna Rudbarg
Dorothy Baker          Marcia Maddix         Richard Bailey                Marcia Fishman      Madelyne Lazaro     Concetta Rudes
Karen Ballard          Kathleen Mahoney      Caroline Bailey               Myrtle Fitzgerald   Harriet Leibowitz   Robin Rutherford
Nieves & Val Banzon    Margaret Mahoney      Vena Baker                    Merial Fitzgerald   Helen Lerner        Catherine Ryan
Margaret Barry         Elisa Mancuso         Helen Bartus                  Charmaine Fitzig    Marianne Lettus     Eileen Schneider
Nancy Batten           Nancy Marcone         Susan Bastable                M. Fitzpatrick      Betty Letzig        Anne Schott
Alice Beck             Ann Marks             Susan Bauer                   Diane Forbes        Ronnie Llewellyn    Adrienne Schrader
Nancy Bergstrom        Ellen McCarthy        Bernadette Bellantoni         Marie Forsberg      Victoria Longo      Arlene Seidenberg
Barbara Bill           John & Shirley        Patricia Beneshan             Rosemary Fox        Gina Loperena       Mary Kay Sessa
Anna Boyce               McFarland           Aneata Benjamin               Dena France         Lucita Lopez        Vivien Shen
Ellen Brickman         James McKee           Selma Berger                  Jacqueline Fraser   Lydia Lopez         Shirley Sherman
Alecia Brinkerhoff     Dorothea Milbrandt    Media Berghout                Nola Fraser         Winifred Lydford-   Barbara Sherman
Joan Brown             Glennie Millard       Charlotte Berglas             Anna Freeman          Kulesa            Vicky Shindman
Elaine Burger          Ellen Mitchell        Beth Bernstein                Edith Frieband      Holly Macklay       Maureen Smith
Marguerite Burt        Catherine Morris      Mary Betz                     Alice Fuller        Mildred Madsen      Karen Smith
Mary Byrnes            Nancy Morth           Jean Bevers                   Terry Gaffken       John Magovern       Anna Smith
Caroline Camunas       Lexa Most             Nettie Birnbach               Helen Galchus       Elizabeth Mahoney   Phyllis Sohn
Melissa Carbone        Madeline Naegle       Victoria Biscarra             Robert Gantt        Claire Manfredi     Marion Spector
Wilhelmina Carney      M. Nettleton          Barbara Bishop                Joan Garnar         Marcia Manner       Carol Spinella
Eleanor Carrington     Donna Nickitas        Robin Bliss                   Cynthia Gibson      Katherine March     Juanita Stanton
Melodie Chenevert      Kathleen Nokes        Anne-Marie Blondin            Ann Gothler         Mary Marshall       Marilyn Stapleton
Priscilla Ciamaga      Catherine O’Donnell   Fran Boaz                     Florence Gottlieb   Diana Mathews       L. Christine Stegel
Janet Collins          Brenda O’Neal-Mack    Ruth Boer                     Joanne Graham       Carol Mathner       Maria Stilwell
Phyllis Collins        Margaret O’Neill      Cynthia Bottoms               Marjorie Hagberg    Jean McAvery        Donna Strunk
Carol Countryman       Martha Orr            Anne Bove                     Theresa Hamilton-   Cheryl McDaniel     Ilene Sussman
Joan Cusack-McGuirk    Edmund Pajarillo      Susan Bowar-Ferres              Fields            Elissa McDonald     Lillian Swerdlow
Louise Dean-Kelly      Donna Palmer          Norma Boyce-El                Judith Hannigan     Joanne McGhee       Ann Tahaney
James Doughty          Kathryn Prividera     Barbara Boyd                  Marie Haran           Nuccio            Carmen Taime
Elizabeth Ducat        Peggy Purchase        Mary Bragger                  Roberta Harris      Lisa McMurdo        Margaret Tarpinian
Elizabeth Duthie       Rosanne Raso          Carolyn Brenneman             Sheryle Harris      Mary Meehan         Patricia Thakkar
Deborah Elliott        Barbara Rimi          Sarita Brooks                 Zobida Harrison     Florence Meisner    Jacqueline
Carolee Fauth Brooks   Joy Rodney            Maureen Brown                 Ruth Hass           Gwen Mergian           Thompson
Frances Feldsine       Eleanor Ruocco        Katherine Browne              Brenda Haughey      Virginia Meyers     M. Todd
Mary Finnin            Myrna Sadowsky        Mary Burke                    Betty Hawkins       Margaret Miller     Carmelita Toney
Loretta Fortunato      Mary Salvati          Janet Burns                   De Etta Hayes       Deidra Mitchell     Carole Torok
Susan Fraley           Carmen Schmidt        Gail Button                   Louise Hazeltine    Marian Mondiello    Audrey Toscano
Mary Gallagher         Cynthia Sculco        Sharyn Caldwell               Judith Hecht        Anna Moskal         Marie Traetta
Jane Garry             Victoria Siegel       Julia Campise                 Dolores Heinzmann   Alvin Mund          Mary Treiber

Patricia Tumminia      $100-$499                    Up to $100                        Trudy Cohen                      Kathleen Kavanaugh                  Karen Ballard
Yael Urian             AAOHN                        District 1 Western                  All Nurses                       Helen Kyprion                   Mary Kay Sessa
Lillian Vanallen       A & A Ridgewood                New York, New                   Janet Collins                      Karen Ballard                     Frances M.
Kora Vaughs              Registered                   York State Nurses                 Louis Maggio                     Martin Schueneman                    McLaughlin
Maureen Villegas         Professional Nurses          Association                     Diana Crosley                    Glenda Kelman                     Shirley Sherman
Marlene Vogt             Association                Nursing                  Stacie Crosley                   S. Fraley, C. Welch,              Donna Haigh
John Waggoner          Alpha Upsilon Chapter,       Sisters of Charity                William Donovan                       C. Murray                         Gil-More
Elizabeth Walsh          Sigma Theta Tau            University of Illinois              Agnes Kollmer                  Joan Knecht                       Robert and Barbara
Margaret Walsh         Alumnae Association            College of Medicine,              Dorothy M.                       Inge DiGiacomo                    Sommer
                         of Prospect Heights          DOM                               Wiliams                             75th Birthday                  Maimonides Nurse
Kathleen Wayno
                         Hospital                   Westchester School of               Marilyn Williams               June Kosier                            Staff
Ana Weber
                       Alumni Association,            Nursing                           Mary Mendes                      Judy Shaw                       Carol Spinella
Marian Weinberger
                         Kings County                                                   Patrick Kenney’s               R. Susan Lazar                      Kathleen Nokes
Jean Welch                                                                                                                                               Joann Stanton
                         Hospital School of         INDIVIDUAL                             Father                        Mary Burns Albero
Sandra Wendell           Nursing                    TRIBUTES                          Pearl Eccles                     Betty Letzig                        Winifred Rutledge
Joan Wentz             AORN of L.I., Inc.                                               Christine Barrett                Sylvia Barker                        Sillery
Yvonne Williams        Collington Episcopal         Antonio Abad                      Constance Eves                   Cynthia Lydford                   Maria Stilwell
Antoinette Wolske        Life Care Comm.              Lauro A. Abad                     All Nurses                       Pamela Walsh                      Trish McCarthy
Diane Woods            Crouse Hospital              Michael Ahrens                    Charmaine Fitzig                 Holly Macklay                     Lillian Swerdlow
Diana Woods            District 10 Mohawk             Robin Elmore                      Eura Lennon                      Tara Conlin                       Sylvia Barker
Arthur Young             Valley, New York           Helen Akst                        Marie Forsberg                   Elisa Mancuso                     Carole Torok
Kathleen Ziccardi        State Nurses                 Robert A. Akst                    Margaret Boscio                  Carol Lamanno                     All Nurses
Barbara Zimmerman        Association                Clarice Atkinson                  Jacqueline Fraser                James McKee                       Marie Traetta
Helen Zito             Dorthea Hopfer School          Christine Barrett                 Anne R. Haive                    Clare Mayberry                    Ann Dannenberg
Dorota Zois              of Nursing                 Richard Bailey                    Edith Frieband                   Lisa McMurdo                      Elizabeth Walsh
David Zullo            Greater New York/              Billy & Katy                      Ari Joffe                        Grace Shumko                      Cynthia Lydford
                         Nassau/Suffolk                Kavanaugh                      Joan Garnar                      Dorothea Milbrandt                     birthday
ORGANIZATIONAL           Organization of            Karen Ballard                       All Nurses.                      Carol Frandz                    Ana Weber
DONORS                   Nurse Executives             Carol Fran & Mthr               Christina Gerardi                Glennie Millard                     David R.
                       Infusion Nurses Society          H.Doughty                       NYSNA Staff for                  Stephanie Basouni                    Bollenbekge
$20,000+               Jewish Hospital &              Helen Kyprion, Fay                   Nurses Week                   Virginia Bosham                 Patricia Yoder-Wise
New York State           Medical Center-                Miller’s Mo                   Laurie Gunter                    Patricia Myron                      Joan Clark
  Nurses Association     Nurses Alumnae               Howard Doughty’s                  Alma E. Gault                    Dr. Maureen                     Kathleen Ziccardi
                         Association                    Mother                        Marjorie Hagberg                      Cooney, NP                     Meg Conway
$10,000+               JMS Progressive                M. Schueneman’s                   Marjorie Chase                 Rose Naughton
Alumnae Association      Concepts Inc.                  75th Bday                     Marie Haran                        Rita Kopf                       ORGANIZATIONAL
  of the St. Luke’s    National League for            Mother of Sharon                  Magda Reuter                   Jacynth Orridge                   TRIBUTES
  Hospital School of     Nursing                        Robinson                      Sheryle Harris                     Elaine Stewart                  Alumnae Association
  Nursing              Omicron Alpha                Nancy Bergstrom                     Karen Jones                    Carol Otte                         of Prospect Heights
Beatrice Renfield      Spivak Lipton LLP              Lois Graham                     Roberta Harris                     Dr. Evelyn Dogby                 Hospital
  Foundation           St. Vincent’s Hospital       Victoria Biscarra                   Michael Ahrens                 Marguerite Pawlowski                  Carol Wagner
                         Employees Credit             Mary Mendes                     Janice Howard                      Evelyn Failla                         Rumore
$1,000+                  Union                      Robin Bliss                         Janis Bielicki                 Carol Pifko                           Else Gutmann
Johnson & Johnson      Students/SUNY                  Catherine Mallard                 Patricia Ferris                  Phyliss Hughes                      Wolham
Cherokee Uniforms        Institute of               Alecia Brinkerhoff                Norma Hudson                     Lois Rafenski                     New York State
                         Technology                   Paula Brinkerhoff                 Lionel Collins                   Kathleen McRafferty              Nurses Association
$500-$999              Student Nurses               Joan Brown                        Charlotte Isler                  Yvonne Richards                       Andrea
Alumnae Association,     Association, Fulmont         Frank Oslialo                     Sylvia Barker’s                  Sharon Prendergast                    Augenbaugh
  Bellevue School of     College Association,       Elaine Burger                          Birthday                    Eleanor Ruocco                    The Westchester
  Nursing, Inc.          Inc.                         Brian & Christopher             Joy Jacobson                       Edwin Boeselager                 School of Nursing
Mid-Hudson Chapter,                                     O’Donnell                       Diana Mason                    Mary Salvati                          New Graduates
  Nurses House Inc.                                 Gail Button                       Judy Judd                          Mr. & Mrs. Barry
                                                      Sylvia Barker’s                   The Board and Staff                 Block
                                                        Birthday                           of NH                         Sarina Brocclo
                                                    Ione Carey                                                         Cynthia Sculco
                                                      Doris Schwartz

     Nurses House, Inc. Grant Statistics
     January 1 - October 20, 2009
                                 Total amount expended in 2009 ............................................................................ $125,072
                                 Total budgeted for 2009 .......................................................................................... $114,000
                                 Number of requests for assistance .................................................................................. 93
                                 Number of guests served ................................................................................................... 84
                                 States represented ............................................................................................................... 32
                                 Total expended in 2008 ........................................................................................... $142,618
                                 Guests served in 2008 ....................................................................................................... 103

Nurses House at NYSNA Convention
The 2009 NYSNA convention brought in several thousand dollars for Nurses
House. Thanks to all who participated in the annual Fun Run/Walk. The top
five winners this year were Josephine Brazzier, Lolita Compas, Helen Gerald,
Beverly Savory and Barbara Sommer. Thanks to all who participated! On top
of the Fun Run donations, Glennie Millard donated a beautiful dolphin ring
to be raffled at the Nurses House booth. Total funds raised from the event
totaled over $5,000!                                                                      The new Nurses House Exhibit
                                                                                       premiered at the NYSNA convention

Applications and Newsletters Now Online
For those of you who are computer savvy, you will be pleased to know that the Nurses House website now provides all
application forms and newsletters to be viewed and printed online.
Now, not only can you direct friends, family and colleagues to to make a contribution, but you
can send them there to obtain help as well.
Previously, applications were mailed to individuals who requested them. Of course, you can still request an application
for assistance be mailed by calling (518)456-7858.

                               Nurses House Volunteers Needed
                          Nurses House is currently seeking the following volunteer positions:
         • Volunteers to serve on the 2010 Dolphin Award Committee – the committee will plan all aspects of
           the event including location, sponsors, catering, invitations, guest list and fundraising ideas.
         • One position is open on the Nurses House Service Program Council. The Service Program Council
           is the group of individuals that reviews all applications and makes recommendations on financial
         • Five members to serve on the Nominating Committee. These individuals are responsible for
           nominating individuals to serve on the Board of Directors.
         • Members to run for the Nurses House Board of Directors. Nurses House will have the following
           positions open in the Spring: Vice President, Treasurer, and five board members. All positions are
           elected and elections will take place at the April 17, 2010 annual meeting.
           For more information about any of these openings, contact Stephanie Dague at (518)456-7858 x27.

President’s Message                      (continued from page 2)

I would also like to thank the many         With thousands of charitable organi-     Thank you for supporting Nurses
hospitals and organizations that            zations competing for scarce resourc-    House and your colleagues in need.
came together to help support               es, and the state of today’s economy,    I wish you all the best of health and
Nurses House through various fund-          it is important we all do whatever       happiness this holiday season and
raisers in 2009. Crouse Hospital and        is possible to help promote Nurses       beyond!
Maimonides Medical Center held              House. I urge you all to assist Nurses
fundraisers during Nurses Week,             House in whatever way possible           Sincerely,
The Phillips Beth Israel School of          and to help promote the growth and
Nursing held an event on Nov. 8,            visibility of the organization. Nurses
the Western NY Chapter of Nurses            House is currently seeking several
House held their annual high tea,           volunteers for various positions,
jazz concert, and golf events, and the      which are listed in this issue.          Claire Murray, MS, RN
Joint Nurse Recruiters have chosen                                                   President
Nurses House as a charity for their
Holiday Extravaganza.

Nurses House Inc.                                                                                                NON-PROFIT
The Veronica M. Driscoll Center for Nursing                                                                     ORGANIZATION
2113 Western Avenue, Suite 2                                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE PAID

Guilderland, NY 12084-9559                                                                                     GUILDERLAND, NY
                                                                                                                  PERMIT #82
Tel. (518) 456-7858
Fax (518) 452-3760

  Board of Directors                          Guest Stories 2009
              President                       Guest # 1 – Age 55 – Guest experienced a seizure in February of 2009 and was
  Claire F. Murray, MS, RN, CNAA
                                              diagnosed with an operable brain tumor. She underwent surgery to remove
         Vice President                       the tumor in March. The surgery was successful and a large portion of the
  Edmund J.Y. Pajarillo, PhD, MPA,            tumor was removed. She then underwent radiation and chemotherapy. When
       RN, CPHQ, CNNA                         she applied to Nurses House at the end of June she had been out of work
                                              for four months. Her spouse was retired and only receiving a small pension.
               Secretary                      Guest was awaiting Social Security Disability and had already cashed in an
       Christine Stegel, MS, RN               IRA to pay bills. She requested help from Nurses House with basic expenses
             Treasurer                        for three months, hoping that SSD would be approved at that point. Nurses
     William Donovan, MA, RN                  House was able to assist with basic expenses for three months.

              Directors                       Guest #2 – Age 48 – Guest suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and was forced to
       Nancey Agard, MS, RN                   leave work in February due to pain and fatigue. Not knowing if she would
   Karen Ballard, MA, RN, FAAN                ever be able to return to work, she applied for Social Security Disability. In
         Joan Brown, BS, RN                   March, she started physical therapy to help with her gait and strengthen her
       Diana Gazza, MSA, RN
  Cynthia Gurney, PhD, MBA, RN                muscles. When she applied to Nurses House, her only income was $400/
  Elizabeth Mahoney, EdD, MS, RN              month from Short Term Disability and she had been diagnosed with severe
      Glennie Millard, BSN, RN                depression. Her rent was one month late when she applied for help and other
      Judith Shaw, PhD-ANP-c                  bills were falling behind. Nurses House was able to offer her assistance with
        Patti Tripoli, MS, RN                 rent payments and basic monthly expenses.
      Sherry Warner, MSN, RN
                                              Guest #3 – Age 79 – Guest applied for Nurses House assistance in January. She
                                              had been receiving Social Security since 1996, but continued working to make
                                              ends meet. In 2007 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to leave her
                                              job. The chemotherapy treatment caused many side effects and, at her age,
                                              it was long recovery. Her son had been able to provide some food, but had
                                              lost his job. Guest’s other expenses had fallen behind. When she applied to
                                              Nurses House she was still receiving medical treatments, but hoped to be able
                                              to return to work as soon as possible. She requested help with basic monthly
                                              expenses including food, transportation, and dental expenses. Nurses House
                                              was able to offer assistance for three months.

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