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									                                    Mitch Kanter
                                     Cargill Inc.
                                  Wayzata, Minnesota

Mitch Kanter serves as the Director of Nutrition in Cargill’s Global Food Technology
Group, as well as Director of Venturing for Cargill’s Food System Design Platform. In
these roles, Dr. Kanter serves as a corporate health and nutrition resource, as well as a
technical resource for Cargill’s Venture Capital Business Unit

Dr. Kanter has worked for Cargill for five years. Prior to joining Cargill he served as the
Director of Nutrition Science for The General Mills Company (2 yrs), and as Director of
Nutrition and Director of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute for the Quaker Oats
Company (10 years). Before and during his years with Gatorade, Dr. Kanter worked with
and counseled hundreds of professional and college athletes and teams in various sports
on the benefits of healthy nutrition for improved physical performance. He served as a
nutrition advisor for The Professional Hockey Athletic Trainers Assn (PHATS), the
Professional Baseball Athletics Trainers Assn (PBATS), and the Professional Football
Athletic Trainers Assn (PFATS). He also initiated and developed the curricula for Sports
Nutrition master’s degree programs at two universities (St. Louis Univ and Rush Univ-

Dr. Kanter received his Ph.D. in Physiology from The Ohio State University. He holds
MS degrees in Nutrition and Exercise Science, and a BS in Health from Queens College
in New York. Dr. Kanter also served as an NIH Post Doctoral Research Fellow in the
Department of Preventive Medicine at the Washington University School of Medicine in
St. Louis.

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