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									Mind Benders                 Book store
Mind Teasers                 Book store
Brain Busters                Book store
Brain Gym                    Class Handout
Human Zoo                    IDEAS                 Nutrition
Puzzle Partners              IDEAS
Storyboard                   IDEAS                 nutrition
Java Johns Café              IDEAS                 nutrition
Japanese Characters          IDEAS                 Communication
Virtual Field Trip           IDEAS
Animal Inquiry Sheet         IDEAS
The Human Zoo                IDEAS
Walt Disney Vacation         IDEAS
Compelling Why               Teach                 nutrition
Perception Questions         PRIDE
Induction Questions          PRIDE
Analysis Questions           PRIDE
Same/Different Questions     PRIDE
Insight Questions            PRIDE
Appraisal Questions          PRIDE
Summary Questions            PRIDE
Evaluation Questions         PRIDE
Fictional Characters         PRIDE
Play Doh                     Learning Channels
Paper fold                   Learning Channels
play ball                    Learning Channels
Historic errors              Learning Channels
Autiotape                    Learning Channels
Visual Learner               Learning Channels
Auditory Learner             Learning Channels
Kinesthetic Learner          Learning Channels
Tactile Learner              Learning Channels
Blobber as fat               Learning Channels
Digestion Lab                Learning Channels     digestion
Cooperative starters         Cooperative Learner
Group Configuration          Cooperative Learner
ROPE                         Cooperative Learner
Power of One                 Cooperative Learner
Direct DO Debrief 3D Model   Cooperative Learner
PALS                         Cooperative Learner   Reminder of PALS during nutritin
Brainstorming                Critical & Creative   Brainstorm sandwiches
Reversve Brainstorming       Critical & Creative
Scamper                      Critical & Creative
Poems                        Critical & Creative   poem or jingle for advertisement
Cartoons                     Critical & Creative   poem or jingle for advertisement
Songs                        Critical & Creative   poem or jingle for advertisement
Desert Island                Teach
Who am I
Fictional Characters                               Advertisement
think time
Mental tic tac toe
Human Zoo
Human Bingo
Learning Parners 1)puzzle 2)clock 3)
calendar 4) animal line up
Jig Saw                                                    jig saw read chapter
Bloober glove
simon says
Play Doh
MIP Most Improtant Part
Say Something
Bean Bag Review
Soccer ball Review
Line up grouping
10 Questions investigation
Who am I
round the room and back again
Make a Box
Japanese Characters
Animal Inquiry Sheet                 body part inquiry sheet
You are an alien what is your story
You are a blood cell traveling through the circulatory system
You are a piece of food traveling through the digestive system
each person is a piece of the puzzle that makes up the human being
collection of good trash and bad trash all clean kept in a see through wrapper
wieght control, collect all wrappers, choose wrapper, choose exercise, remaining =fat

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