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					                                            THE LINK
                                                      MAY, 2009
                                        OSU Extension , Wayne County
                                   428 W. Liberty St. ♣ Wooster, OH 44691
                                      330-264-8722 ♣ FAX: 330-263-7696
                                  Visit our website at:
  The Ohio State University, The United States Department of Agriculture, and Wayne County Commissioners Cooperating

Dear 4-H volunteer:
                                                                                      4-H Calendar
Welcome to the newcomers on this 4-H newsletter                  May
mailing list. All the new and returning volunteers                4      Spring Officer/Advisor Conference
receive the monthly “Link,” as well as all committee             11      Swine Committee
members and Ag Education teachers. Important                     13      Goat Committee
information for you and your club or FFA members                 14      Jr. Camp Counselor training
is relayed through this newsletter. Please share                 18      Senior Fair Board
the contents with your club each month!                          19      Carteens Committee
                                                                 19      Still Project/Small Animal Committee
                                                                 21      Sheep Committee
Sincerely,                                                       25      Memorial Day - office closed
                                                                 27      Cloverbud Camp Counselors training
                                                                  1      Horse Committee
                                                                  2      FCS Committee
Sherry Nickles,                                                   6      Market Lamb/Market Goat Tagging
County Extension Director                                         8      4-H Committee Meeting
4-H Youth Development                                            10      Jr. Camp & Cloverbud Camp
                                                                         Counselor Training
                                                                 11      Cooking Expo
                                                                 12      Animal Science Skills & Career Academy
                                                                 15      Int/Advanced Sewing Camp

                        EIGHT KEY ELEMENTS for a successful 4-H experience
        •    A welcoming environment
        •    A positive relationship with caring adults
        •    An opportunity for mastery and competence
        •    An opportunity to value and practice service to others
        •    An emotionally and physically safe environment
        •    An opportunity for self-determination
        •    An opportunity for engagement in learning
        •    An opportunity to see one’s self in the future
Ohio State University Extension embraces human diversity and is committed to ensuring that all educational programs
conducted by Ohio State University Extension are available to clientele on a nondiscriminatory basis without regard to
race, color, age, gender identity or expression, disability, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or veteran status.

                     If you have Internet access, there are several websites that will be helpful to you
                     throughout the 4-H year.

                      Our own Wayne County website can be found at Look there
                      for local updates on 4-H events and information, downloadable forms and flyers, and
an electronic version of this newsletter.

The state 4-H website can be found at http://www. It includes many resources for 4-H
leaders, as well as parents and members. Perhaps the most important and useful of these is the new
Ohio 4-H Club Advisors’ Handbook: Your Play-by-Play Guide to 4-H Club Management and Positive
Youth Development. The Advisor Handbook starts with the basics like 4-H organizational structure
and mission and values statements; covers club management from planning your agenda to handling
finances; provides training in how to help your members learn and grow through their projects; and
offers support and encouragement for you, your 4-H team and your family. The Advisors’ Handbook
can be accessed directly by going to

The Ohio State Fair web address is <>. Schedules and entry forms
for State Fair exhibitors are posted there.

BIKES FOR KIDS                                                        POULTRY CLINIC
The Wayne County 4-H                                                 Monday, May 11, 2009
Advisory Committee is                                                7:00 PM, Wayne County
continuing the “Bikes for                                            Fairgrounds
Kids” service project and is                                         Sheep/Swine Show Arena
encouraging all clubs to
take part. Our Junior Lead-                          Topics include general care, inspection, feeding,
ers have consented to build                          and nutrition. You may bring your birds if you have
the bicycles and are chal-                           questions.
lenging each 4-H club to raise or donate enough
money to purchase at least one bike                  RABBIT CLINIC
(approximate cost $50.00). If each of our 4-H
clubs raised or donated enough money to
                                                     Saturday, May 16, 2009
purchase one bike, we would have 60. Some
clubs may want to do two or three bikes, which
                                                     Wayne County Fairgrounds
would provide even more!
                                                     Kister Building
Please start talking about this opportunity with
                                                     Entry fee: $2/person (helps offset expense of our
your clubs! Each LINK from now to the end of
the year will have information and updates on
clubs that are giving/raising funds. Money can be
                                                     Mark your calendars for a very informative day to
given at any time of the year, but MUST be
                                                     include special talks by breeders, equipment/feed
turned in to the Extension office by September
                                                     dealers, Breed ID, raffle prizes, skillathon stations
17th (the end of the fair). Please discuss with
                                                     and more. Please bring your own chairs.
your club how many bikes they might want to do-
nate for Christmas. Let me know about your
                                                     Sponsored by the Wayne and Holmes County
club’s progress or plans!
                                                     Rabbit committees.
DEADLINE CLARIFICATION                                 4-H/FFA MARKET LAMB
                                                       and MARKET GOAT TAGGING
I hope the following explanations help you to answer   Saturday, June 6th
parents’ and members’ questions as they arise!         9:00 AM-12:00 noon - Goats
                                                       8:00 AM-10:30 AM - Lambs
April 15th member enrollment deadline:
Members who enroll by this date are eligible to        Market lamb and market goat
exhibit 4-H projects in the Wayne County Junior        tagging and tattooing will be
Fair. Members may enroll after April 15th and          held at the Wayne County
may participate in 4-H club activities, clinics,       fairgrounds in the Coliseum.
camp, etc. but are not eligible to exhibit 4-H         All market goats and lambs
projects in the Wayne County Junior Fair.              must be tagged and/or tattooed
                                                       for fair participation, and must
June 1st Ohio 4-H care and possession rule:            have their Scrapie ID tags by
All animals exhibited must have been in the            the June 6th tag-in. Details will
complete possession and continual care of the          be sent to 4-H market goat and
exhibitor on and after June 1st of the current year.   lamb exhibitors, and to Vo-Ag
The exception is steers; the effective date of         teachers to pass on to their students. Please
ownership is January 1st of the current year.          make sure that your members receive the infor-
Ownership of an animal will be considered lost if      mation.
after June 1 of the current year the animal has
been consigned or sold through an auction or           JUNIOR FAIR OFFICE HOURS
any other type of transaction, even if the exhibitor
“buys back” his animal.                                PICK UP ENTRY FORMS and BOOKS
                                                       Monday, June 1 ~ 5:30 - 7:00
June 1–all project changes completed:                  Tuesday, June 2 ~ 5:30 - 7:00
4-H organizational advisors have their copies of       TURN IN ENTRY FORMS
the enrollment forms and projects from all members.    Friday, July 31 ~ 12:00 - 2:00 *NOTE
Any changes must be made with the Extension            CHANGE OF TIME*
office (either in writing or by phone) by June 1st.    Monday, August 3 ~ 5:30 -8:00
This includes correcting a member’s form so, for
example, he is enrolled in breeding lamb, not          PICK UP FAIR PASSES
market lamb if he indeed has a breeding lamb; or       Thursday, August 27 ~ 5:30 - 7:30
changing “Mini-Meal Magic” to “Meals in Minutes”       Thursday, September 10 ~ 5:30 - 8:30
(beginner to intermediate level).                      Friday, September 11 ~ 9:00 - 9:00
                                                       An advisor or designated adult should pick up
Projects cannot be added, only changed within pro-     and sign for fair passes for the entire club.
ject area as above. After June 1st, no project
changes will be allowed, as the State requires that    PREMIUM PICK UP DATES
all members have their projects selected and in        Monday, September 21 ~ 5:30 - 7:00
their possession by then.                              Tuesday, September 22 ~ 5:30 - 7:00

For all projects: Only one entry per member permitted in a class. This means that, Fair premium
will be paid only once on a “365: Self-Determined Project,” regardless of how many different subject
matter areas are explored. If, for example, a member completes self-determined crochet, self-
determined stamp collecting, and self-determined emus, and enters the “365” project in the Junior Fair,
one premium will be paid for all three items as they are still under one fair class: self-determined.

365 Self-Determined Idea Starters (365.01-365.16) will have separate fair classes and will be eligi-
ble for entry and paid a premium for each class.
Congratulations and Welcome to our new volunteers for 2009! Best wishes for a great year!
     Apple Creek Wide Awake         Dalton Kidron Big 4            Smithville Simmer & Sew
     Deb Davies                     Tonya Wengerd                  John Kaufman
     Kristen Davies                 Hooves & Paws                  Valley College
     Earl Rhamy                     Barbara LeFever                Adam Mumaw
     Burbank Livestock              Jefferson Pioneers             Richard Steward
     Cheryl King                    Joe Berry                      Regina Sword
     Carhart Kids                   Madisonburg Pioneers           Bob Warner
     Chat Redick                    Tabitha Burchett               West End Rowdy Wranglers
     Canaan Country Cousins         Jessica Zimmerman              Nicole Kidwell
     Megan Jordan                   Renegade Wranglers             Mindy Speicher
     City Kidz                      Lynessa Casto
     Gena Musselman                 Smithie Whiz Kids
     Congress 4-H Power             Duane Horst
     Lori Beeman                    Scott Indermuhle
     Alyssa Mack                    Melissa Kauffman
     Country Acres                  James Masters
     Megan Gray                     Vicki Masters
     MollyJohnson                   Marea Ullman
                                    Bill Veitch

     RAILROAD SAFETY                              2009 4-H RECOGNITION BANQUET
                                               The 4-H Committee is already
     The Orrville Railroad Heritage Society planning the fall recognition
     invites 4-H youth of Wayne County to banquet for 2009. We had so
     participate in the railroad safety poster much fun with the auction last
     contest. Entry deadline is July15th. Any year that they have decided to
     questions contact Roy Carmony at          hold one again. Dollars raised
     330-262-5555 or 1-800-200-7966.           go to the county endowment
     WHY TREES MATTER                             Each club is being asked to donate a basket
                                                  of items to be auctioned. Last year over
     Family Camp….for those who love
                                                  $1,700 was raised! Please be thinking what
                                                  your club might want to donate. Once they de-
     June 7-10, 2009, At 4-H Camp Ohio
                                                  cide, let Beth Garrett know so we can plan on
     For more information contact Sharon
                                                  and advertise these items.
     Strouse, OSU Extension Holmes
     County, 330-674-3015
POULTRY ADVISORS:                                     4-H “ FOOD FIGHT”!
Gerber Poultry is offering free chicks to all 4-H
                                                      The 4-H Advisory Committee is
Broiler Project members. Each member is al-
                                                      sponsoring a 4-H “Food Fight”
lowed up to 12 chicks. It is best if you place your
                                                      canned food drive to help sup-
club’s order as a group, by calling Phil Shriver at
                                                      port area food banks. Wayne County 4-H clubs
330-789-1048.      All orders must be placed
                                                      are encouraged to participate in this “food fight”
through Mr. Shriver before June 1. The chicks
                                                      by collecting canned foods at their summer club
will be available for pick-up on or about July
15th - Mr. Shriver will contact you if you placed
an order.
                                                      Club canned food collections can be dropped
                                                      off July 31st, from 12:00-2:00pm or August
UPCOMING FCS EVENTS                                   3rd, from 5:30-8:00pm at the Jr. Fair Office.
                                                      (Same time and place as Jr. Fair entries are
Beginner Sewing Day Camps                             due)
June 22, 23, 24                                       All county 4-H clubs battling will have their cans
9:00AM - 4:00 PM                                      tallied and scored based on a percentage of club
Lackman’s Sewing Center                               enrollments. This ensures all clubs have a fair
 Apple Creek                                          chance of winning the 4-H “Food Fight”.

This is for members enrolled in                       The winning club will have the opportunity to
Ready, Let’s Sew. Cost $15. Limited space             throw a pie in either the face of their club ad-
available, registration required.                     visor (advisor willing) or their choice of a 4-H
                                                      Jr. Fair Board member. The pie in the face
Sewing Workshops                                      will take place Sunday night of fair directly
Mondays, June 15, 29 & July 6                         before the 4-H Square Dance located in the
4:00 - 8:00 PM County Administration Bldg.            Coliseum.
For members enrolled in any clothing construc-
tion project. Cost $5 per session. Registration
required.                                             CONGRATULATIONS DAIRY TEAMS!
                                                      The Wayne County dairy judging teams
Cooking Expo                                          competed at the Spring Dairy Expo on April 11th.
Thursday, June 11 6:00 - 9:00 PM                      Following are the results:
Church of the Savior, Fry Rd., Wooster, OH
                                                      First place senior team:
For members enrolled in any cooking projects.
                                                      Eileen Gress
Cost $5. Registration required.                       Tyler Topp
                                                      Tessa Topp
All members enrolled in these projects will           Brandon Meier
receive a letter regarding these workshops.           (Eileen was first place individual)

                                                      First place intermediate team:
                                                      Tanner Topp
                                                      Allison Mangun
                                                      Diane Gress
WELCOME to Mel Kauffman of Smithville as              Mark Gordon
the summer 4-H program assistant. Mel is finish-      Julie Gress
ing her second year at OSU-ATI and will be as-        (Tanner was first place individual)
sisting with summer 4-H judging and skillathon
                                                      Second place junior team:
events, camps and general 4-H duties.
                                                      Logan Meier, Brennan Topp, Sarah Wolf,
                                                      David Alden
                         Minutes of the 2009 Extension 4-H Committee

The Wayne County 4-H Extension Committee met on Monday April 13, 2009. President Dave
Wengerd called the meeting to order at 8:05pm. Treasurer Beth Garrett reported the checkbook
balance is 9,550.06.


PR/Community Service: The committee is planning a 4-H “Food Fight”. The Food Drive will
be a battle of clubs with the donations going to People to People. The drive will take place dur-
ing the month of July, and collection days will be July 31, from 12:00-2:00, and August 3, from
5:30-8:00. The club with the highest percentage of food donated will get to throw a pie in the
face of a chosen advisor during the pie in the face auction at the fair.

Awards: After all the applications are turned in, the committee will begin the screening and se-
lection process.

Recognition: The committee would like the Fair Royalty to promote donations to the Hugh
Kline Fund during all livestock auctions. There will be a display of several baskets at the fair
with the hopes of getting more buyers to attend the recognition banquet in the fall. Every Buyer
will get recognition in The Daily Record.

Education: Junior Leaders will do a mixer at the Officer and Advisor Conference. Sessions
will continue as usual. Everyone will meet at the end of the evening to do evaluations, and give
out door prizes.

Old Business: Past fair buyers and civic groups were sent flyers to try and get donations for the
Endowment Fund, but we only received about 575 dollars.

New Business: Sherry announced that the state extension budget had been cut back to the 2001
funding level. There have also been 22 people let go from extension positions across the state.
Letters may be written to support funding of extension.

Action Committee Reports

Sheep: (Shelly Odenkirk) The committee was pleased with the turnout at the Sheep clinic at the
Johnson’s. 17 families participated.

Horse: (Linda Wright) No Report

Swine:(Rachael Ramsier) The swine clinic was held at the fairgrounds on April 4th.

Dairy: (Tanya Marty) No Report

Beef: (Garrett Uhler) There will be a Beef clinic July 17th.
Goat: (Amy Byler) No Report

FCS: (Kerilynn Jagger) The Cooking Sub-Committee will meet on May 14th to finalize plans
for the cooking Expo. Early Bird Judging will be held at the Church of the Savior, due to in-
creased cost of Fisher Auditorium. We will still hold the Style Revue at Fisher. Planning for
other summer workshops is going well.

Still Project: (Beth Brenneman) No Report

Rabbit & Poultry: (Diane Kinney) No report

Junior Leaders: Discussed at the last meeting was what not to wear during a job interview.
They also played get to know you games. There was a overnight lock in on April 11 at the
Armstrong Building after the Rural Youth Square Dance.

4-H Educator: The restructuring plan for OSU Extension was shared/discussed and Sherry an-
nounced that she would be 50% time as the area leader for the new Crossroads area that Wayne
County is a part of. This is a one-year appointment. Educators will be sharing expertise across
county lines. Sherry may go to another county to teach in 4-H animal science and David Craw-
ford (Stark Co.) may come here to do volunteer training for example.

Program Assistant: Stephen announced that the awareness team had 23 members this year.
They reached around 600 kids from 12 different schools and handed out more detailed flyers
explaining what 4-H is.

Senior Fair Board: (Ron Borton) The Fair Board purchased property across from Spurgeon
Chevrolet with the hopes of gaining more parking space for the fair. The Board continues its
preparation for the fair.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:50pm

                            - Respectfully submitted by Kerilynn Jagger, Secretary

Members: Present: Dave Wengerd, Richard Zimmerly, Priscilla Sprang, Barb Guthrie, Susan
Shircliff, Shelly Odenkirk, Tanya Marty, Garrett Uhler, Amy Byler, Kerilynn Jagger, Diane
Kinney, Rhonda Oser, Beth Garrett, Ron Borton, Laurel Strasbaugh, Melissa Rupp, Rachael
Ramsier, Jared Bardall, Jerrin Hill, Paul Gordan, Shelbie Aylsworth, Alison Dyer, Lacey Uhler.
Kara Henry, Kelsey Bowers, Nikki Berry

Members Absent: Linda Wright, Beth Brenneman, Jeff Harmon, Isaac Kauffman, Sarah Finney,
Amy Rehm, Abby Kauffman, Jill Amos.
                              LIKE ANIMALS? LIKE SCIENCE?
                                 ANIMAL SCIENCE SKILLS
                                  and CAREER ACADEMY
                          Educational Hands-On Science Activity Day
                     For Junior High & Senior High School 4H/FFA Members
                         with an interest in Beef, Dairy, Sheep or Swine

                           Friday, June 12, 2009 ● 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
                        Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute
                                  1328 Dover Rd. ● Wooster, Ohio

Participants will rotate through the following hands on stations:

1) OARDC - Dr. Floyd Schanbacher, Converting food processing and livestock wastes to
   energy. Components of the system include Anaerobic Digesters, Gasification and a Solid-
   Oxide Fuel Cell.

2) OARDC - Joe Kovach, This modular ecologically designed fruit and vegetable plot, built
   to generate upwards of $90,000 per acre, could be considered for income
   diversity on a livestock farm.

3) OARDC - Lois Grant, Evaluate a watershed tributary stream impacted by various
   conservation practices including a composting pad, waterways and engineered

4) Hartzler Dairy - Creating value added dairy products from the farm to the consumer.

5) Select Sires - Discover the What, Why and Who about genomic testing in livestock.

6) OSU - Dr. Paul Kuber, Learn about the art and science of food production from
   animal based products while creating meat balls!

•    Career panel
•    ATI Campus tour and information
•    Registration fee includes lunch and folder of materials
•    Complete details and participation forms will be mailed to participants first week of June.

                     Registration deadline: May 29th, $10 per participant
                                  Maximum of 60 participants!
                         Registration form and map to location on back
      Participation in the Skills & Career Academy completes the requirement for QA/
                                   Skillathon for all species.

    Sponsored by the Ohio State University Extension and Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute

Ohio State University’s Agricultural and Technical Institute is located on Dover Rd. (State Rte 250)
just southeast of Wooster. Bus transportation will be provided to and from ATI and OARDC sites.

Cut off the registration form below and mail with payment to:         Register early - maximum of
                             OSU Extension, Wayne County                    60 participants!
                             ATTN: Sherry Nickles
                             428 W. Liberty St.
                             Wooster, OH 44691
             Questions? Contact Sherry Nickles, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development at
          330-264-8722 or by email at: Make checks payable to OSU Extension

                           Please enroll me in the Skills and Career Academy Day on June 12th!

Name ______________________________________________ Phone (                                                                                    ) _____________

Address _________________________________________________________________________

City ______________________________________________ State ________ Zip _____________

County _________________________ School _________________________________________
Ohio State University Extension embraces human diversity and is committed to ensuring that all educational programs conducted by OSU Extension are available to clientele on a
nondiscriminatory basis without regard to race, color, age, gender identity or expression, disability, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or veteran status. If you
have questions concerning access or wish to request a sign language interpreter or accommodations for a disability, please contact our office at 330-264-8722 or by e-mail
at Early requests are encouraged; a week will generally allow us to provide seamless access.

Keith L. Smith, Associate Vice President, Agricultural Administration and Director, OSU Extension. TDD No. 800-589-8292 (Ohio only) or 614-292-1868
                 June 10-12, 2009
                 OSU Animal Sciences
                 Columbus, OH

                 The clinic will provide the fundamentals of livestock and oral reasons, demon-
                 strations, practice and coaching with video and live classes.

What will it cost?
        Registration Youth: $75 per youth participant (includes instruction, hands-on practice,
4-H livestock evaluation manual, presentation notes, refreshments, some meals, T-shirt, and
an OSU parking pass.)
        Chaperone: Each youth participant must be accompanied by a chaperone. The chap-
erone will be charged $25 per person for materials and food.
        A late registration fee of $100 will be charged for those registrations postmarked after
May 20, 2009

Who should attend?
         The clinic is designed to be an intensive workshop for youth 14-18 years old, who have
experience in livestock judging and want to go to the next level. The clinic will be an educa-
tional, fun and an interactive experience while covering evaluation principles for beef cattle,
sheep and swine.
The clinic will be divided into two divisions:
         Beginner/Intermediate: This is for youth who are first attending the clinic and have
only some experience in the senior level of the 4-H Livestock Judging. This division will con-
centrate on evaluation principles and the basics of reasons.
         Advanced: This division is for youth who have attended the clinic in the past or have
extensive experience in livestock judging. This division will focus more heavily on reasons and
more advanced livestock evaluation. This division would also be designed for those youth who
wish to participate on the State 4-H Livestock Judging Team.

Participants must be accompanied by a chaperone, but will also be supervised by OSU instruc-
tors and student livestock judging team members. The chaperone is responsible for transporta-
tion. A chaperone can be responsible for more than one youth participant. The chaperone is
encouraged to participate in the clinic activities. Furthermore, special sessions will be con-
ducted for coaches and parents about organizing and coaching judging teams and contest

Where will it be held?
The clinic will be held at the OSU Animal Sciences building and livestock facilities in Colum-

A registration form can be downloaded at:

For more information contact: Paul Kuber,, 614-247-8305

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