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									                     West Point Parents Club
                      Of Greater Houston

Houston, Texas                                                                         April 6, 2008

                                   Next WPPCGH Meeting
                                      Hail & Farewell
                                   Sunday, May 18, 2008
                                   12:00 PM at Lutheran High North
President’s Letter

Hi Everyone-
       Hard to believe that Spring is here and that spring break has come and gone. Hope every-
one had a nice vacation and was able to see their cadet for at least part of the time. We enjoyed
having Mike home for several days and he was able go to the rodeo a few times and get his fill of
“Texas” food and entertainment while home.
         We have some important dates coming up this Spring. Our next meeting is going to be
Sunday, April 6, 2008, at University of St. Thomas in the Ahern dining room (same location as last
month). The executive board will meet at 1pm in the Anderson Building biology lecture hall (#20 on
campus map) followed by a general membership meeting at 2pm in the Ahern room. Jim and I are
trying to plan a little after-meeting “pub time” if anyone is interested (something in the area) .
        The Hail and Farewell is set for Sunday May 18, 2008 12pm, at Lutheran High North, with
catered barbecue lunch. We will be needing helpers for this event so please look for our notices
that we will post to e-mail. For Firstie families, West Point graduation is set for May 31. We are
very excited for our cadets from Houston and share tremendous pride in their accomplishments.
The New Cadet Picnic is set for June 14 in the Woodlands, around 11am. Mentor assignments will
be going out soon so be sure to contact your prospective families and personally invite them to both
the Hail and Farewell and the picnic. Finally, we have a date set for the Texas Tamale Tailgate-
Sat, Oct 25, 2008, at West Point, after Army plays Louisiana Tech. I am hoping that since Plebe
Parent Weekend has been moved to the Spring for next year, plebe families can join us for this
event in the fall. Lots to do!!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the meeting in April.
Go Army!!

Sandi and Jim Lemming

                              West Point Parents Club of Greater Houston
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Hail & Farewell Briefing.
The West Point Parent’s Club of Greater Houston will host a Hail & Farewell Luncheon on Sun-
day, May 18th 2008 at Lutheran High North, 1130 W 34th Street, Houston 77018. The doors will
open at 1:00 PM to allow time for greetings and registration. Seating will take place at 1:50 PM and
the program will begin at 2:00 PM.
The purpose of the luncheon is to welcome cadet candidates and parents of the Class of 2012, and
to honor the parents and cadets of the Class of 2008. The family of each cadet candidate will re-
ceive a Plebe Parent Handbook provided by the WPPCGH and the West Point Society of Greater
Houston. Additionally, each cadet candidate family will be introduced to their Mentor family assigned
by the club to assist them throughout their plebe year. The parents of Class of 2008 cadets will re-
ceive a certificate representing a United States Flag to be flown over the US Capitol on USMA
Graduation Day and presented afterwards. The 2008 parents will also be given time to address the
club on the subject of their families’ West Point Experience.
The Hail and Farewell is our first contact with the incoming Class of 2012 and our last day to honor
the families of the Class of 2008. Both of these Classes will be our guests. Everyone else, we need
your generous help to make it a wonderful day! The club will provide a catered barbecue lunch
with drinks, but we are asking the following Classes to please bring the following items:
Class of 2009 and 2011 - desserts. Can be one very large dessert or several smaller items. Ideas:
cakes, pies, brownies, cookies, etc. Make sure your serving dish is clearly labeled, and please bring
a serving utensil if needed. Please e-mail the Gittlemans and tell us what you are bringing, and how
many it will serve.
Class of 2010 - Please provide a donation to help cover some of the costs of the catered lunch and
additional items we must purchase. Place your donation in an envelope marked "Hail and Farewell
donation" and leave at the sign-in table.
Event Staff Volunteer Positions:
      One to two people at the dessert table to receive items, cut, and maintain the table
      Sunday Setup staff (we need at least 10 people)
      Sunday Takedown and Cleanup Staff (at least 10, but the more we have the better!)
If you are willing to help with any of these positions, please contact these event coordinators, and
Thank You!
For Event Volunteers contact:                     Joan or Mark Gittleman (281) 787-2463
For Hospitality/decorations contact:              Lisa Hood ljkhood@aol.com
                                                  Peggy Adams padamsrn@gmail.com
                                                  Klare Bambrick drkolache@hotmail.com

                              West Point Parents Club of Greater Houston
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Graduation Information.

I can't believe it! I asked my Firstie about the invitations and he actually knew the answer! The invi-
tations/announcements will be delivered the week AFTER spring break. He also informed me that
the USMA website has both the graduation week schedule and the Parents' Guide to gradua-
tion("the booklet" that Megan referred to) which you can download and print (22 pages! YIKES!).
Just go to www.usma.edu, click on the 2008 class page on the right (second picture down), and
voila! You now have access to all you ever wanted to know about graduation! (except the weather).

Anne Maraglia.

MALO / MAAR Update
Presently there are 19 candidates who have accepted offers to USMA Class of 2012, and a single
candidate with an accepted offer to USMAPS. There are also 12 students currently at USMAPS and
two in the civil prep program, and we hope that all of them will be entering West Point this summer.
Hopefully these numbers will grow over the next couple of months.

Also, there are five cadets home for CPRC over Spring Break, and they will be quite busy with a
minimum of eight events each. They will be speaking with individual candidates, Rotary clubs, and
Scout troops. Several of them will be acting as substitute teachers at some of our local schools, and
one cadet will be putting the Cy Fair HS JROTC cadets through the wringer as he leads their PT
program for a day. I can not thank our cadets enough for their continuous efforts and support of our
MALO team. Each and every MALO/MAAR works hard to get the word out about West Point, but
having our young men and women get out there, in uniform, really and truly helps us out a lot.
Raquel M. Cunningham

                                   Class of ’08 – NO MISSION TOO GREAT

Thomas Clark

Thomas Clark, '08, H-3: Tom is excited to be going to serve as a military intelligence officer with the
173rd in Bamberg, Germany in February of 2009. He noted that Bamberg has the highest density of
breweries in Germany. He will go to Cancun and Breckenridge with some H-3 friends for Spring break.
Then, it is back to West Point to finish his honors thesis by the deadline in hopes that he can graduate
with honors. He is looking forward to graduation and being commissioned in the army on June 1st.

                            West Point Parents Club of Greater Houston
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                            Class of ’09 – FOR YOUR FREEDOM AND MINE


Year 3 is almost in the bag! Our Cows have endured the gloom period well and new leadership
roles are assigned. They are really looking forward to Spring Break, the end of the school year and
summer plans. Almost Firsties!!! WOW!! Time has sure flown by, hasn't it? Its amazing that we are
already starting to plan graduation events for the Class of 2009. We will need 2009 parents to help
with 2 events during Grad Week at West Point. One is on the Supe's Yacht and one is a Reception
at the Train Station. Both events are not complicated and will be lots of fun for you, your cadet and
your family. We will be having a 2009 planning "Happy Hour" in the Fall to make plans! All 2009
parents will be invited so be on the lookout for your invite. So far so good.......stay tuned for more
details! Deborah & Bill Treadway

William Treadway '09

We are proud to report that Cadet Sgt.
Treadway has won the Brigade at West Point's
"Soldier of the Quarter-NCO" for the Class of
2009! He won all four competition levels includ-
ing Company, Battalion, Regiment and Brigade.
 He was announced as the winner a few days
before Spring Break. Each nominee is tested in
all areas of their military knowledge by a Board
of seasoned West Point leaders. Some of the
subjects he was questioned about included cur-
rent events, military history, code of conduct,
military justice, and other common warrior tasks
needed to survive on the battlefield including the
training and development of subordinate sol-
This called for a celebration so he and a fellow cadet flew to Zurich and traveled to Florence, Ven-
ice and Milan, Italy for a few days of R & R "on a shoestring". After returning home to Houston on
March 20th he enjoyed a very short visit then he and his dad saddled up to drive his Jeep up to
New York.

                            West Point Parents Club of Greater Houston
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Cadet Dimitri del Castillo
Cadet Dimitri del Castillo '09 is spending the spring semester of his cow year in Zaragoza, Spain.
He is immersed in the language and culture. He is bonding with Spanish and French Military cadets
as well as the West Point Cadets that are also studying abroad. He just completed a solid academ-
ic semester in the Fall. He is looking forward to Airborne school and a possible opportunity to at-
tend Special Forces training. Go Army! Carlos DelCastillo.

                             Class of ’10 – LOYAL TILL THE END


Conversation for the class of 2010 seems to revolve around upcoming summer plans. The cadets
are reviewing or waiting for their summer assignments to cadres at West Point as well as Military
training and unit assignments. Spring Break has come and gone and it is back to the famliar Plain
on the Hudson. Academics have been important for the Yearlings with many challenging classes
and the start of their academic majors. Matt Williams.

David Garrett Johnson

We enjoyed having Garrett home so much this
Spring Break. We had some great quality time
with him and he is doing so well. He is still work-
ing hard to get ready for SANDHURST in May
and we will be able to go see him compete. This
summer he will be attending an AntiArmor
Leader Course and he will be a squad leader for
Beast I. He is still doing well with his academics
and seems to be enjoying his life there more and
more. Michelle Johnson.

Ben Huffines
Ben Huffines enjoyed an extra week in Houston over Spring break thanks to CPRC. He will be trav-
eling to Dallas in April with the Systems Engineering club to tour the new Dallas Cowboy stadium.
He will spend June in Okinawa, Japan for CTLT with a Patriot Missile unit and three weeks in Dallas
for AIDA. Lynnette Huffines

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                         Class of ’11 – FOR FREEDOM WE FIGHT
                         (Class Crest will debut on 12 April)

Class of 2011
The class of 2011 is rounding the home stretch. The Plebes are just finishing up their spring break,
and return to West Point with "2 and a Butt" months until graduation and becoming an upperclass-
This summer for the Class of 2011 the schedule will be a bit different than the past summers. There
will be 3 blocks for the summer period that begins after graduation on May 31. The second block for
all new yearlings will be CFT or Camp Buckner which begins in late June. The activities for the 1st
and 3rd blocks will be based on individual cadet preferences. For example, football players will take
their leave after graduation, then attend Buckner in late June, then attend PIAD(Personal Individual
Athletic Development) for their 3 blocks, then Reorg Week begins in August for all cadets.
The Year has been full of challenges for the Class of 2011, but they have persevered, and are look-
ing forward to finishing the year in style! Bill Miller

Nicholas Broussard, class of 2011, and some of
his buddies at the 2007 Army/Navy game. Amy

Jill Galloway
Jill traveled with the Army softball team to Houston for a University of Houston tournament (picture)
to start the 2008 season. It was exciting time for Jill to play as new member of Army in front of many
family and friends.
The softball team traveled to Orlando for Spring Break. During the Rebel Games tournament, Army
had privilege to meet Dot Richardson, two-time softball Olympic Gold Medalist (picture), while tour-
ing the National Training Center. Jill's family spent time with her in Orlando and she definitely wel-
comed the warm weather. Away from the field, she spent one day on Cocoa Beach and another at
SeaWorld. Faye Galloway.
                             West Point Parents Club of Greater Houston
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Army Women’s Softball Team.                                  Jill Galloway (right) and friend.


How many U S Presidents have been service academy graduates?
Three so far (four if you want to count Jefferson Davis).

   I thought this might be of some interest to parents. Good facts for cocktail party conversa-
   tions. W. D. Kennedy, ed.

   Of 43 U.S. Presidents, 21 could claim at least some military experience. Washington,
   Grant, and Eisenhower commanded armies at the highest levels in the nation’s most peri-
   lous conflicts. Of these three, only Washington was not a West Point graduate.
   1789-1797 George Washington (French & Indian War, American Revolution)
   1829-1837 Andrew Jackson (War of 1812, Indian Wars, Major General)
   1841-1841 William Henry Harrison (Indian Wars, died in office)
   1849-1850 Zachary Taylor (Mexican War, died in office)
   1853-1857 Franklin Pierce (served in Mexican War)
   1861-1865 Jefferson Davis (Indian Wars, Mexican War, Colonel, USMA 1828, academical-
              ly low in a class of 33)
   1869-1877 Ulysses S. Grant (Mexican War, Civil War, USMA 1843, 21st of 39)
   1877-1881 Rutherford B. Hayes (Civil War, brevet Major General, WIA)
   1881-1881 James A. Garfield (Civil War, Major General, assassinated 1881)
   1889-1893 Benjamin Harrison (Civil War, Colonel 70th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, grandson of
              William Henry Harrison)
   1897-1901 William McKinley (Civil War, brevet Major of Volunteers, assassinated 1901)
                            West Point Parents Club of Greater Houston
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     1901-1909 Theodore Roosevelt (Spanish-American War, Lt. Colonel, Rough Riders)
     1945-1953 Harry S. Truman (WWI, Captain of Field Artillery, USAR)
     1953-1961 Dwight David Eisenhower (WWII, General of the Armies, Supreme Allied Com-
                mander in Western Europe, USMA 1915, 61st of 164.
     1961-1963 John Fitzgerald Kennedy (WWII, USNR, Lt. J.G., USNR, skipper, PT109, as-
                sassinated 1963)
     1963-1969 Lyndon Baynes Johnson (WWII, Lt. Cmdr., USNR, Silver Star)
     1969-1974 Richard Milhous Nixon (WWII, Lt. Cmdr., USNR)
     1974-1977 Gerald R. Ford (WWII, Lt. Cmdr., USNR)
     1977-1981 James Earl Carter (Cold War, Lieutenant, USNA 1946, 59th of 820)
     1981-1989 Ronald Wilson Reagan (WWII, Capt., USAR)
     1989-1993 George Herbert Walker Bush (WWII, Lt. J.G., USNR, DSC, youngest pilot in
                Navy, 58 combat sorties)
     2001-2009 George Walker Bush (son of G. W. Bush, 1st Lt., USAFR, Texas Air National
and perhaps,

     2008      Candidate John McCain (Viet Nam, Captain, USNA 1958, 894th of 899)

and also,

     1864      George B. McClellan (Mexican War, Civil War, USMA 1846, 2nd of 59) Democrat
               Party Presidential Candidate, carried three states, lost to Abraham Lincoln.
     1952    Douglas McArthur (WWI, WWII, Korean War, General of the Armies, USMA
             1900, 1st of 93) McArthur flirted with the idea of running as the Republican nomi-
             nee to oppose President Harry S. Truman in 1948 and again in 1952. By the time
             of the 1952 Republican Convention, at which McArthur was the keynote speaker,
             the enthusiasm in the party for his candidacy had waned, and they nominated
             Dwight D. Eisenhower instead.

    ALUMNI NEWS                          We always look forward to hearing about the continu-
                                         ing adventures of our Graduates. Please send in pho-
                                         tos, news and any correspondence from those who are
                                         deployed. We want to keep them in our thoughts and

  WPPCGH Alumni Group

  The WPPCGH Alumni Group meeting that took
  place at Strack's restaurant on Feb. 24, 2008. At
  the meeting, the Gifts for Troops program was
  discussed and it was decided the "Firstie Flags"
  for the WPPCGH Class of 2008 would be funded
  by the Alumni Group. Jerry Durner.

                             West Point Parents Club of Greater Houston
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 2008 CLUB OFFICERS                                OTHER CLUB CONTACTS
Presidents: Jim and Sandi Lemming                Class of 2008 Rep.: Jeff & Sandra Presnal
(Cadet: Mike ’09)                                (Cadet:        Ryan ‘08)
Phone: 713-973-9011 (home)                       Phone:         281-252-9384 (home)
Phone: 713-202-0328 (Jim cell)                   Email (Jeff): jpresnal@CCGVP.com
Phone: 713-819-1589 (Sandi cell)                 (Sandra): Spresnal@aol.com
E-mail: (Jim work) jlemming@johnlainghomes.com   Class of 2009 Rep.: Bill & Deborah Treadway
E-mail: (Sandi/Jim home) lemmbo@aol.com          (Cadet:          Will ‘09)
Vice Presidents: Matt and Ginger Williams        Phone:           713-664-4224 (home)
(Cadet: Hunter ’10)                              Email (Bill):bill@treadwayrealtygroup.com
Phone: 281-292-6693 (home)                       (Deborah):Deborah@treadwayrealtygroup.com
E-mail: (Matt) mattwtx@swbell.net                Class of 2010 Rep.: Matt & Ginger Williams
Secretary: Joan Gittleman                        (Cadet: Hunter '10)
(Cadet: Adam ‘11)                                Phone:        281-292-6693 (home)
Phone: 281-291-7321 (home)                       Email (Matt):mattwtx@swbell.net
E-mail: jcgittleman@comcast.net                  Class of 2011 Rep.: Bill & Kathy Miller
Treasurers: Anne and Ron Kieschnik               (Cadet          Todd ‘11)
(Cadet: Christopher ‘11)                         Phone:           713-463-7778 (home)
Phone: 281-847-2814 (home)                       Email (Bill): Bill_Miller@bmc.com
E-mail: Anne@seatingprofiles.com
                                                 Alumni Reps.:
                                                 Rick & Sue Due
                                                 Email (Rick): cdue@academicplanet.com
                                                 Willie & Diane Hunt
                                                 Email (Willie): willhunt@mail.ev1.net
                                                 Peggy Adams, (Benjamin ’11), 713-975-1609
                                                 Lisa Hood, (Richard ’11), 713-661-0120,
                                                 Klare Bambrick (Tyler ’11), 713-297-7746,

                                                 Newsletter Editor: David Kennedy
                                                 (Cadet:      Olin ‘11)
                                                 Phone:       936-271-1981 (home)
                                                 Email (Anne):david.kennedy@netzero.net
                                                 Photography: Clayton Gaskill
                                                 (Cadet: Stephanie ’09)
                                                 Phone: 713-861-4467
                                                 E-mail: ac_gaskill@yahoo.com

                          West Point Parents Club of Greater Houston
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                                         MEETING LOCATION

Beginning with the February 10, 2008 meeting, WPPCGH meetings will be held at the University of St.
Thomas – 2nd Floor of the Jerabeck Activity and Athletic Center (Building 30) located at 4000 Mount Vernon
Houston, TX 77006. The University is centrally located in the Houston museum district. Parking is free and
the meetings will begin at 2:00 PM and conclude at approximately 4:30 PM.

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Hail & Farewell Meeting Location

                           West Point Parents Club of Greater Houston
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