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									Linda 14/09/11

TITLE                         Personal Response to “The Spear”
INTRODUCTION                  “The Spear” is a funny and exciting Aboriginal
                              story about a powerful, just, merciful and
                              respected Spearman who made a sacred and
                              magical spear and an evil, selfish and malicious
                              witchdoctor-man who jealous the spearman and
                              wanted to have the magical spear for himself.
DESCRIPTION of the TEXT          A spear-man made a magical and sacred spear
(a summary of what            from the magical tree; he used the spear to hunt
happened in the story)        and to protect his family. The witchdoctor-man
                              jealous the spear-man and he wanted to gain
                              popularity and power. He stole the dilly bag of
                              the elder women when the spear-man went out.
                              He gained power and threatened the people with
                              his new power. When the spear-man returned,
                              the witchdoctor-man fought with the spear-man
                              and the spear-man defeated the witchdoctor-
                              man. As a result, the powers he had stolen were
                              released and sent them back. The people
                              celebrated the return of peace to the camp.
PERSONAL RESPONSE             I think the spear-man fought with the
                              witchdoctor-man is excited, and the witchdoctor-
What you liked and/or         man made the people miserable is malicious.
dislike about the story
What you learned from the     From this story, I learned about it’s important for
story                         us to forgive others and obey the law.
CONCLUSION                    I think this story is very exciting and funny,
(you evaluation of the text   people can learn something from this story.
and recommendation)

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