The students in the choir learnt twelve songs which

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					2007                                         2171

Holgate Public School Annual School Report
NSW Public Schools – Leading the way
    Principal's message                                     We would like to extend an open invitation to all
    At the end of last year, Holgate Public School          parents new and old to come to our meetings and
    published a 2007 Yearbook. The yearbook was             become part of the Holgate P&C.
    developed by students, staff and parents. It
                                                            Scott Cooper
    allowed our community to read a wide variety of
    reports from a wide variety of school members. It
    was pleasing to have so many people participate         School Captains’ Report
    in identifying and explaining important programs        2007 was a very interesting year for the school
    and activities from the 2007 school year.               captains.
    I stated in the publication that, “Holgate Public       We had a lot of duties that we had to fulfil
    School has continued the tradition of high levels       including running school functions such as
    of achievement and thoughtful progress.” A              assembly, the Anzac Day Ceremony and other
    statement like that is made possible by the work        functions.
    of dedicated and skilled staff as well as our
    wonderful supportive school community and               A t the beginning of the year we went to a “Young
    especially, the P&C Committee.                          Leaders” conference in Sydney, where we learnt
                                                            about leadership and public speaking. We got to
    I would like to also recognise the dedicated            miss out on a whole day at school.
    service to our school from Mrs Roslyn Dawes for
    the past ten years.       Mrs Dawes has been            We really enjoyed the experience and had a great
    successful in gaining a position at another Central     time.
    Coast school.                                           Tom Easey and Jesica Turner
    I certify that the information in this report is the
    result of a rigorous school self-evaluation process     Student parliament message
    and is a balanced and genuine account of the
    school’s      achievements      and     areas     for   Holgate Public School had a small but effective
    development.                                            Parliament. It was run by the seniors of the
                                                            school once every two weeks. The seniors
    Michael Murphy                                          elected a speaker who ran the meetings. We all
                                                            had certain areas that we took care of. Each
    P&C message                                             class below the seniors had a class
                                                            representative to inform the Parliament of matters
    The Holgate Public School P&C again had                 that had something to do with their class. In
    wonderful support this year. We managed to              parliament we all suggested and voted on topics.
    continue with projects that had been set up in
    2006 and improve on these. The paid Canteen             Parliament doesn’t suggest things that are out of
    Supervisor, Anita, has allowed for the smooth           the question like: can we have a chocolate river
    operation of the canteen and both children and          or a lollipop mountain. We only suggested things
    volunteers have expressed their appreciation of         like repainting the lines in the tennis court and
    the positive improvements that have occurred.           some safety issues. As a result, we had a great
    We have continued with our focus towards the            system where the children asked questions and
    multifunction building and to that end fund raising     made our school a better place.
    has been directed towards this end. A tax               Ruben Fela
    deductible school building fund has been set up
    to allow parents to make tax free contributions to
    this fund.                                              Our school at a glance
    The P&C has funded each class $250 to be used
    on something for the class that the students feel       Students
    will be of benefit. This idea was a follow on from      Our students mainly come from the Holgate and
    2006 and has been a big success. We have also           Matcham valleys. Our school continues to be
    had very well supported working bees throughout         recognised in the wider community as a dynamic
    the year that again show the wonderful spirit           and successful educational provider.
    present among the school population.
                                                            The cultural background of students’ families
    2008 will see our efforts focused on the school’s       includes seven different nationalities. The
    80 year celebrations and the upcoming school            majority of students come from Anglo-Saxon
    fete. This will be our major fund raiser and good       background. Our students come from highly
    support from parents will be necessary to ensure        supportive families who provide significant
    the fete is a success.                                  support for their children and the school.

Student enrolment profile                                      Roll          Year       Total       Total in
                                                               Class                   per Year      Class
                                                               K               K          16          16
                         School Enrolments
                                                               K/1             K          10
            200                                                K/1             1           7          17
            180                                                1/2             1          12
            160                                                1/2             2           7          19
                                                               2/3             2           7

                                                               2/3             3          20          27
             80                                                3/4             3          11
             60                                                3/4             4          15          26
             40                                                4/5             4          12
             20                                                4/5             5          16          28
              0                                                5/6             5           5
                    2003    2004    2005       2006    2007
                                                               5/6             6          22          27
                              Female    Male
                                                              Structure of classes
                                                              All classes apart from a Kindergarten class were
Student attendance profile                                    composite classes. Classes were formed after
                                                              surveying students, identifying positive learning
                                                              groups, possible sibling combinations and
                  Semester 1 Attendance Rates
                                                              previous teachers.
 95.0                                                         There are eleven teaching staff, two school
                                                              administration staff, two teacher’s aides, one
                                                              general assistant and one cleaner. The school
 94.0                                                         counsellor allocation is for one day each fortnight.
                                                              There are six permanent teaching staff. The
                                                              remainder are temporary teachers employed by
 93.0                                                         the school.
                                                              The staff is highly committed, enthusiastic and
                                                              has a variety of expertise to ensure students
 92.0                                                         learn effectively in a happy and safe environment.
                  2004       2005       2006           2007
                                                               Position                                Number
                           School   Region     State
                                                               Principal                                        1
                                                               Assistant Principal(s)                           2
Class sizes                                                    Classroom Teachers                               5
In March 2003 the Government announced its                     Support Teacher Learning
commitment to publish primary class sizes in                   Assistance
annual school reports in order to provide parents              Teacher Librarian                                .4
with as much local information as possible.                    Teacher of Release Face to Face                  .4
                                                               Counsellor                                       .1
The following table shows our class sizes as
reported at the 2007 class size audit conducted                Total                                           9.3
on Wednesday 26 March 2007.
                                                              Staff attendance
                                                              In 2007, the average daily staff attendance rate
                                                              was 96%.        The percentage is gained by
                                                              deducting short-term leave from the total
                                                              available teaching day.

                                                              Teacher qualifications
                                                              All teaching staff meet the professional
                                                              requirements for teaching in NSW public schools.
                                                              100% of Holgate Public School staff have a
                                                              degree or diploma.

    Significant             programs               and     The school recognises the commitment shown by
    achievements                                           dedicated teachers who trained teams during
                                                           lunchtimes as well as before and after school.
                                                           These teachers, the staff overall and our parent
                                                           community fully supported sport and fitness
    Students were successful in          the   following   activities throughout the year.
    Australian school competitions:
                                                           Creative and Performing Arts
       Science – one high distinction; 2 distinctions
        and seven credits                                  Performing and creative arts programs are well
                                                           supported at Holgate Public School and
       Mathematics – one high distinction; three
                                                           continued to be recognised as an area of strength
        distinctions and seven credits
                                                           in 2007.
       English – two distinctions and twelve credits.     Teaching and learning programs have a strong
    Maddie Grosse was successful in the Multicultural      emphasis on creative arts and the extra curricular
    Perspectives Public Speaking Competition at            programs gave students the opportunity to
    District level and was selected to compete at the      participate in a broad range of performing arts
    Hunter Central Coast Finals.                           activities.
                                                           Every child at Holgate had an opportunity to
    Sport                                                  perform once a term in their class item at our
    During 2007 Holgate Public School was once             weekly assembly. This enabled the students a
    again involved in a wide range of sports. Many of      time to showcase various class activities and
    our students excelled in a variety of areas. Some      units of work in a dramatic, musical or visual arts
    notable achievements were:                             perspective.

       A Year 3 student competing at the state cross      Leadership and creative opportunities are
        country carnival.                                  continuing to be enhanced at Holgate through the
                                                           school’s various arts programs.
       Four children representing the Brisbane
        Water Zone PSSA at the Sydney North Area           Choir
        Cross Country carnival.
                                                           The school choir had a very busy and exciting
       For a second consecutive year a senior girl        year in 2007. Many students expressed a
        represented Sydney North at NSWPSSA                continued interest in participating and weekly
        hockey carnival.                                   rehearsals began with a twenty strong choir. One
                                                           of the major performances of the year was the
       Two girls were selected in the BWPSSA zone
                                                           Central Coast Choral Festival. This involved
        soccer squad.
                                                           several meetings and large scale rehearsals
       One student competed in Senior Shot and            involving schools from across the Central Coast.
        another in the U13 100m at the Sydney North        The students in the choir learnt twelve songs
        Area regional athletic carnival.                   which involved some part, harmony and a capella
                                                           singing. The rehearsals culminated in two mass
    A number of teams competed in PSSA knockout            choir performances which we held at Mingara
    competitions. These included the girls’ netball,       Recreation Club. Other choral events included:
    boys and girls football (soccer), and the boys and
    girls touch football teams.                               The Central Coast Flora Festival where the
                                                               students in the choir performed four well-
    Holgate also conducted three successful school
                                                               known songs;
    carnivals namely Swimming, Cross Country and
    Athletics. Our successful Fitness-A-Thon at the           The Holgate Public School Xmas Tour which
    end of third term raised over $2100.                       involved the choir travelling to a nursing home
                                                               on the northern Central Coast and performing
    Our results in the PSSA competitions did not see
                                                               a variety of Christmas tunes to a captivated
    teams progressing to the next round this year
                                                               audience of elderly people. They then stayed
    however, we were again proud of the attitude and
                                                               for lunch and spent time talking with the
    sporting application of all the children who were
    chosen to represent Holgate PS in some sporting
    capacity last year. For a small school, the general       Carols at Erina Fair;
    sporting ability of the children is outstanding. Our
    tasks are often made more difficult when we are           School Assembly Performances; and
    drawn to compete against large schools in the             Presentation Night.
    first round of many competitions. Nonetheless,
    our overall achievements have been significant
    over a number of years.

Dance                                                     The construction of a verandah off the staff
In 2007 the school entered the Central Coast
Dance Festival for the first time. A troupe of 26         The installation of insulation in G & H Block
dancers comprising of male and female students             computer rooms.
from Years 3 and 4 participated.
                                                          The removal of unsafe and unhealthy
The ultimate reward was a concert at Laycock               computer work areas and the installation of
Street Theatre in which the dance was performed            appropriate computer desks for staff and
twice in two different sessions.                           students throughout learning areas.
The achievement of such a task involved the               Skylights were installed into both boys and
culmination of lots of hard work by students and           girls toilets.
parents. The children practised with dedication
and the parents were instrumental in making               Extra lighting installed into boys and girls
costumes and helped with transport. As we                  toilets.
danced to Dragon’s ‘April Sun in Cuba’, our               An automatic bell timer installed to improve
costumes reflected a colourful array similar to a          accuracy of start and finish times throughout
South American fiesta.      It was a wonderful             the day.
experience, truly enjoyed by all who took part.
                                                       Funding has been gained for the following:
                                                          School Hall - $56,776 - Federal Government
A major performing arts whole school
                                                          Community Water Grant - $7,572 - Federal
performance was held this year. All students in
K-6 had the opportunity to perform in a stage
musical production which incorporated a high              Installation of Playground Fence - $6,120 -
level of drama, dance and music. This show-                NSW DET
cased classroom dances and encouraged senior
students to perform as soloists and dramatists.        These programs will be either started and/or
                                                       completed in 2008.
All students in K-6 participated in this wonderful
occasion that gave students the chance to              Student Welfare
engage with a live professional musical
performance. It enhanced their understanding of        Holgate Public School enjoys an extremely safe
the importance of the various aspects of a             and happy environment for students. The
production, including lighting, costuming, props       programs and directions for student welfare
and stage management.                                  programs are maintained and developed in
                                                       liaison with the P&C as well as Student
School Improvements                                    Parliament.
A range of improvements have been completed
this year. The improvements have enhanced the          Significant improvements and programs this year
teaching and learning opportunities as well as         included:
improving health and safety for all community             A review of the current learning programs
members.                                                   related to Student Welfare was conducted in
Significant improvements this year include:                2007. See Curriculum Evaluation for details.

   Installation of an air conditioner in the school      The school community identified core values
    library.                                               that described how teaching, learning, social
                                                           activities, cultural and sporting activities
   Reorganisation of the General Assistant                should be conducted at Holgate Public
    storage and work areas.         This includes          School.
    locating all small engines and fuels to a brick
    storage area, construction of a work bench            The use of the 5 C’s – Care, Courtesy,
    and tool storage area as well as construction          Cooperation,       Consideration       and
    of storage bays under G Block.                         Commonsense were integrated into a learning
                                                           and behaviour program.
   The connection of the canteen to filtered
    water and removal of storage tank. This has           The Anaphylaxis Policy was updated. Sharing
    improved water quality significantly.                  and display of Action Plans was improved.

   Installation of a water tank level gauge to           The School Captain and Parliament policies
    monitor water levels.                                  were updated.      The process for captain
                                                           nomination and election were changed to
   The expansion and construction of a more               ensure students had a fair and open process
    functional and safer staff car park.                   for being elected.

       The Learning Support Team met once a                 There is a      gradual   replacement    of    older
        fortnight to support students with learning,         computers.
        social and behavioural needs.
                                                             We now have ‘The Techno Team’, a group of
       The school counsellor allocation was doubled         students who’ve been trained to assist with
        after representation to the District Guidance        removal and installation of individual computers
        Officer. The allocation is now one day per           and computer parts.
        fortnight.                                           A portable laptop/projector, and soon a second
       The Active After School Community (AASC)             one, assists teachers in using technology to
        program was run each term. This program is           teach.
        funded from Federal grants and occurs after
        school. The activities focus on engagement           Professional Learning
        in active lifestyle and fitness. Activities run in   A significant allocation of funds and time was
        2007 were gymnastics, multi-skilling and             provided for a wide range of professional learning
        surfing. This program was highly supported           which has enhanced the quality of teaching.
        by parents.                                          Professional learning was provided to support
       The ‘Dads in Education’ activity was once            student, school and Department of Education
        again highly successful with over 70 dads,           requirements and needs. These included:
        grandfathers and important male figures                 Teaching staff were provided with whole day
        enjoying a BBQ breakfast, entertainment as               training on developing consistency in
        well as participating in class activities.               assessment tasks and use of rubrics to
       The student parliament met once a fortnight              analyse writing criteria. This workshop was
        and organised a range of fundraisers. A Year             combined staff training with Chertsey Public
        6 area fence was constructed on request from             School.
        the parliament.                                         All staff was provided updated training for
       A 2007 School Yearbook was published. The                Anaphylaxis procedures including use of an
        publication was developed by Ruben Fela,                 EpiPen.
        Tennyson Hewitt, Jacob Lototzky, Jack                   The Integration consultant gave presentations
        Newley and Madelyne Rae and a parent,                    on managing and supporting students with
        Wendy Farley.                                            autism and aspergers.
    Other important programs that were maintained
                                                                All staff was provided        training    Cardio
    this year were:
                                                                 Pulmonary Resuscitation.
       Spine Safety for Years 3 and 4;
                                                                The District Assistant Principal - Behaviour
       Intensive Swimming program                               worked with teaching staff to review and
                                                                 update our social skills programs.
       Life Education
                                                                The Home School Liaison Officer provided
       Chess Club                                               teacher training for attendance and roll
                                                                 marking guidelines.
                                                                All staff was provided training by Occupational
    The maintenance online of the Department of                  Health and Safety (OH&S) Consultant, Tom
    Education and Training’s (DET) intranet and all              Wardlaw about requirements and procedures
    our school computers has minimised the amount                of this policy. As a consequence our OH&S
    of time needed to be spent by staff to maintain              policy was reviewed and updated by all staff.
    our system.
    Class learning programs integrate technology into        Community Support
    a wide range of applications. Our computers are          Our school P&C has continued to provide strong
    all fully utilised for skills development, research      leadership and support during 2007. They have
    and publishing tasks.                                    physically and financially supported a wide range
    Each student has a personal school email                 of programs and resources. These include;
    address and the use of these is improving                   The purchase of four computers for classroom
    students’ communication skills.                              learning.
    All teachers now have direct access to the DET              The provision of $250 per class for resource
    intranet and internet via a desktop computer in              purchases including a floor rug, an overhead
    their    classroom,    helping   to   streamline             projector, an audio visual trolley, mobile
    communications and record keeping.                           learning centres as well as class reward
    Seven new computers and ten new computer                     activities.
    desks were installed to replace inadequate desks.

   Parents helped plant 100 plants and shrubs        65% of students were in the top two skill bands in
    on National Tree Planting Day                     writing which is well above state average.
   Holding a successful Building Fund Appeal         BST progress in literacy
    that raised over $13,500 towards the
    construction of a school hall.
                                                                        Average progress in BST literacy
   Four working bees to remove noxious weeds                              between Year 3 and Year 5
    and improve and clean gardens.
   The continued support of a paid canteen
    supervisor employed for one day a week.
   Representation on several committees
    including school policy, fundraising, canteen,
    uniform, band and building committees; and                     8

   A wide range of fund-raising and social

    activities.                                                    6
Other school community support was provided for
the following programs:                                            4
   class reading and mathematics groups
   training and transporting sporting teams                       2

   school environment       activities   including
    working bees                                                   0
                                                                         2003    2004      2005       2006   2007
   music uniforms
   supervision and volunteer work for weekly                                           Year
    canteen                                                                       School       LSG   State
   managing the use of the tennis court by the

Literacy –BST Year 3                                  Numeracy – BST Year 3
2007 results indicated that overall Year 3 literacy   Year 3 students achieved above state mean in
is significantly above state mean for Writing,        numeracy especially in the strands of number,
Reading and Language. Both girls and boys are         patterns and algebra as well as measurement,
achieving well above state mean.                      space and data.
Writing was a target in 2007 and is well above        66% of students were in the top two skill bands
state average with 66% of students in the top two     which is significantly above state average.
skills bands compared to 46% for state.
                                                      65% of students were in the top two skill bands in
69% of students were in the top two skill bands       number, patterns and algebra which is well above
for reading which is well above state average.        the state percentage. 53% of students were in
                                                      the top two skill bands in measurement, data and
Literacy – BST Year 5                                 space which is considerably higher than the state
Year 5 overall literacy is well above state average   percentage.
while reading is significantly above state average.
                                                      Numeracy – BST Year 5
Writing and language, while well above state
average are not as strong as reading.                 Year 5 students achieved above state mean in
                                                      numeracy, especially in the strands of number,
Extremely good growth was achieved in reading         measurement, data, space and geometry.
and language from Year 3 to Year 5 with 95% of
students improving their skill bands. Average         67% of students were in the top two skill bands
growth of individual students was 10.1 points         for overall numeracy.
compared to state 6.8 points.                         62% of students were in the top two skill bands
Growth in writing indicated 84% of students           for number and patterns which is above state
improved their skill bands. The girls growth was      average.
stronger than that of the boys.                       57% of students were in the top skill band in
81% of students were in the top two skill bands in    measurement and data which is significantly
reading which is significantly above the state        above state average.
    57% of students were in the top two skills bands               Percentage of Year 5 students in our school
    in space and geometry which is above state                     achieving benchmarks in 2006and 2007
    63% of students made growth of one skill band or                    Percentage of Year 5 students meeting
    more. Boys especially made very strong growth.                              national benchmarks
                                                                                  2006                2007
    BST progress in numeracy
                                                                                 School   National   School    National
                      Average progress in BST numeracy              Reading        95        *        100         *
                          between Year 3 and Year 5                 Writing       100        *        100         *
                                                                    Numeracy      100        *         95         *
                                                                    * National benchmarks were not available at the
                                                                    time of printing this report




                 5                                                 Progress on 2007 targets
                                                                   Target 1
                                                                   Improving Writing Outcomes
                                                                   Our achievements include:
                                                                   Teaching staff were provided professional
                                                                   learning opportunities to develop a greater
                        2003   2004      2005   2006    2007       understanding of how assessment of writing
                                                                   criteria can improve teaching and learning.

                               School     LSG   State              Consistency in assessment was also developed
                                                                   through developing grade work sample which
                                                                   identified writing criteria for ‘C’ grade outcomes.
                                                                   Teachers collaboratively developed differentiated
    National benchmarks
                                                                   assessment tasks to validate and identify the
    The Commonwealth Government sets minimum                       learning needs of all students.
    desirable standards for reading, writing and
                                                                   As well as professional learning and the
    numeracy at particular ages. These are referred
                                                                   development of grade work samples and
    to as national benchmarks.
                                                                   assessment tasks the school scope and
    The performance of the students in our school in               sequence was updated to link writing text types to
    the Year 3 and the Year 5 Basic Skills Test (BST)              a school learning scope and sequence which was
    is compared to these benchmarks. The                           also linked to Combined Outcome Groups
    percentages of our students achieving at or                    (COGS)
    above these benchmarks are reported below.
                                                                   Basic Skills results indicated that there was
                                                                   overall improvement in student performance. The
    Percentage of Year 3 students in our school
                                                                   comparative data also indicates that our
    achieving benchmarks in 2006 and 2007
                                                                   performance was well above state average.
                 Percentage of Year 3 students meeting
                         national benchmarks
                                2006                  2007         Target 2
                           School National       School National
                                                                   Aboriginal Education
     Reading                100      *            100      *
     Writing                100      *            100      *       Our achievements include:
     Numeracy               100      *             97      *       A review of Aboriginal Education was included in
     * National benchmarks were not available at the               the review of whole school planning.          The
     time of printing this report                                  planning overview ensures that Aboriginal
                                                                   Education is integrated into mandatory learning
                                                                   units as well as being included in extra-curricula
                                                                   activities such as excursions.

COGS units have also been identified and             Curriculum Evaluation
aspects of Aboriginal Education are covered in
these learning programs where relevant.              Background
Selected Year 6 students participated in National    A review was taken on the implementation of the
Aboriginal and Islanders Day of Celebration          mandatory student welfare policies and
(NAIDOC) at Erina High School along with             programs. These included Anti Bullying, Anti
another 100 indigenous and non-indigenous            Racism, and Child Protection as well as safety
students.     Activities included cultural and       programs. There was also a requirement from the
performing arts activities.                          NSW DET for all schools to develop a values
                                                     statement through community forums. Teaching
Target 3                                             staff also indicated that there was a need to
                                                     update existing social skills programs.
Performing Arts
Throughout 2007, significant opportunities were      Findings and Conclusions
provided for all students to be involved with
                                                     A review of the school social skills program, as
performing arts. Our achievements included:
                                                     well as mandatory policies such as Anti Bullying,
The most significant activity was the school         Anti Racism, Child Protection and Road Safety
musical ‘Kids in Paradise’ which was presented at    was undertaken. As part of the review, a school
Erina High School auditorium to an audience of       and community consultation was held to update
480 guests.                                          the School Behaviour Code as well as develop
                                                     core values for the school community.
Drama workshops for talented students were run
by Miss McIlvenie in preparation for this            The initial part of this review was to survey
production. The production was coordinated and       students, staff and community to identify a set of
produced by Miss McIlvenie, Ms Scully and Miss       core values. The core values were used to
Ward.                                                update the behaviour code as well as be used to
                                                     integrate into the various student welfare
A school dance group was formed and organised
by Ms Scully. The dance group performed at the
Central coast Dance Festival as well as at various   The second part of this review involved identifying
school presentations. Students involved were         student welfare programs that were part of the
from Years 3 and 4.                                  mandatory teaching requirements.            These
                                                     included Child Protection, Road Safety, Anti
A school choir was also formed with students
                                                     Racism and Anti Bullying.
from Years 2 to 6. Ms Ward trained the choir and
organised for their participation in the Central     A scope and sequence was developed using the
Coast Choral Festival.                               revised core value and behaviour code. The
                                                     structure was based on our 5C’s – Care, Co-
The school performing band consisted of 20
                                                     operation, Consideration and Courtesy.
students from Years 2 to 6. The students were
provided with band practice and tutorials from       Social skills lessons were developed integrating
Central Coast Conservatorium staff. The band         5C’s, Anti Bullying and Anti Racism. Drama was
performed at the Spring Time Flora Festival, at      also integrated into these lessons to assist with
band workshops, at the Uniting Care Facility at      relevance and diversity of student experiences.
Warnervale and at various school presentation
                                                     Lessons were trialled in 2007 and implemented
                                                     as mandatory teaching for all grades.
Other opportunities for performing arts were
                                                     The scope and sequence was developed with the
provided at weekly assemblies and at the Annual
                                                     assistance of the District Assistant Principal
Talent Quest organised by senior students.
                                                     Behaviour, Gail Laczkowski.

                                                     Future Directions
                                                     The resource has been made available in grade
                                                     folders with an on going evaluation/suggestions
                                                     component to further develop this resource.
Key evaluations
It is a requirement for all NSW public schools to
conduct at least two annual evaluations – one
related to educational and one to management
practice. In 2007 our school carried out
evaluations of the school’s assessment practices
and educational planning documentation.

     Administration Evaluation                              School development 2006 – 2008
        Identify need from staff meeting/class             Targets for 2008
         program supervisors to have a consistent
         approach to programming
                                                            Target 1
        NSW DET requirement for all schools to             Early Literacy
         report to parents using grade performance
         benchmarks. As previous reporting was done         Strategies to achieve this target include:
         in Stages in was necessary to develop a
                                                                   implementation of the Jolly Phonics
         planning tool to assist teachers to develop
                                                                    program in early literacy groups;
         class programs and assessment.
                                                                   training of relevant staff including the
        Staff interest in trialling Combined Outcomes
                                                                    Support Learning Teacher;
         Groups (COGS)
                                                                   gain the support of District personnel and
     Findings and Conclusions                                       provide further professional learning to
                                                                    relevant teachers in early literacy;
     A review of the school educational programs was
     held. The review identified a range of programs               provide earlier exposure to guided
     and activities that are used to develop teaching               reading and guided writing to students;
     programs.      These included COGS science,
     human society and its environment (HSIE),                     ensure      early    identification and
     Aboriginal education, writing text types and major             intervention by support personnel for
     excursions.                                                    students requiring assistance.

     An overview was developed which identified
     mandatory programs with learning outcomes as           Our success will be measured by:
     well as optional outcomes to be included into
     teaching programs.                                            effective class programming of       early
                                                                    literacy programs and strategies;
     The overview provided for ongoing composite
     grade groups to ensure that repetition of                     students meeting or improving on
     programs/outcomes would not occur. This was                    Regional expectations for Reading i.e.
     achieved by using a two year cycle.                            75% of Kindergarten students are reading
                                                                    at or above Reading Recovery level 6,
     Teachers add an option of using COGS units                     75% of Year 1 students are reading at or
     across the subject areas or developing units of                above Reading Recovery level 16, 75% of
     work to achieve subject outcomes.                              Year 2 students are reading at or above
     Resources and planning documentation are                       Reading Recovery level 26 by the
     being developed and maintained for ongoing                     conclusion of the school year.
     A Student Report was developed to meet the
     mandatory requirements of reporting at grade
                                                            Target 2

     Future Directions                                      Student Welfare – Rewards and Behaviour
     There will be a continual appraisal of the planned
     units of work to ensure learning programs are          Strategies to achieve this target include:
     delivered effectively and efficiently.                        review current rewards for students for
     There will also be an ongoing development of                   appropriate behaviour;
     COGS resources as teachers develop units with                 identify existing rewards from class,
     the librarian for ongoing reference. There will also           playground and link to whole school
     be ongoing appraisal of the units’ effectiveness               rewards including assembly awards,
     and relevance to student learning.                             Aussie of The Month and annual
     The collection of resources will be complemented               Presentation Day awards;
     by the development of assessment tasks                        allow all stake holders an opportunity to
     including rubrics.                                             contribute including School Parliament,
                                                                    P&C members, all staff as well as
                                                                    providing information through the weekly

       implement rewards program in Term 2                  more effective quality teaching to provide
        and review effectiveness through school               effective   learning     programs     and
        community survey at the end of this term;             consistent assessment of student
       ensure rewards program is linked to
        Discipline Policy with regards to                    increased growth for all students in
        managing appropriate behaviours.                      mathematics as measured by National
                                                              Test (NAPLAN), Australian Schools
                                                              competitions and teacher assessment;
Our success will be measured by:                              and
       monitoring data collected to indicate that           increased    achievement      for    gifted
        all students have a fair opportunity to be            students as reflected.
        recognised for appropriate behaviour;
       students reward system is understood
        and applied consistently by all staff,        Financial summary
        students and selected community               This summary covers funds for operating costs
        members;                                      and does not involve expenditure areas such as
       school community survey indicates a           permanent salaries,     building   and   major
        90% or better approval rating after 1         maintenance.
        term;                                           Balance brought forward               53 531.30
                                                        Global funds                          89 729.07
       all policies and resources are reviewed,
                                                        Tied funds                           144 297.71
        updated and in place by the beginning of        School & community sources            46 436.73
        Term 3.                                         Interest                               4 425.96
                                                        Trust receipts                         5 669.26
Target 3                                                Canteen                                    0.00
                                                        Total income                         344 090.03
Reviewing   Delivery    of             the    K-6       Expenditure
   Mathematics Syllabus                                 Teaching & learning
                                                              Key learning areas              15 141.26
Strategies to achieve this target include:                    Excursions                      13 426.49
                                                              Extracurricular dissections     14 525.67
       providing teaching staff opportunities to
                                                        Library                                    0.00
        acccess professional learning in different      Training & development                 2 800.70
        programs to support class teaching;             Tied funds                            91 264.54
                                                        Casual relief teachers                19 641.20
       visiting other schools to observe different
                                                        Administration & office               36 270.45
        learning programs;                              School-operated canteen                    0.00
       inviting guest speakers to present              Utilities                             10 177.81
                                                        Maintenance                           30 900.48
        different teaching programs at staff
                                                        Trust accounts                         5 608.23
        meetings;                                       Capital programs                           0.00
       review and modify the ‘Milestones in            Total expenditure                    239 756.83
                                                        Balance carried forward              104 333.20
        Mathematics’ program to make the
        program more effective;
       re-aligning the groupings of students
        throughout the year to create a better
        match with the level of program delivered
        for both students experiencing difficulties   The balance carried forward for 2007 includes
                                                      some tied grants as well as a significant
        and those with talent in mathematics;
                                                      allocation for assets replacement, capital works
       working with our feeder high school to        and contingency planning. Funds will be allocated
        develop programs to extend gifted Year 6      for a Special Programs Building. Tied grants
        mathematics students;                         expenditure includes professional learning,
                                                      integration support for identified students,
       engage students in different web quests       technology support and a range of smaller
        and use of technology to support and          programs. Library expenditure is also included in
        stimulate learning;                           tied grants.
       conduct parent information nights to          A full copy of the school's 2007 financial
        teach parents the strategies used in          statement is tabled at the annual general
        current syllabus.                             meetings of the P&C. Further details concerning
                                                      the statement can be obtained by contacting the
Our success will be measured by:
     About this report
     In preparing this report, the self-evaluation
     committee has gathered information from
     evaluations conducted during the year and
     analysed other information about the school's
     practices and student learning outcomes. The
     self-evaluation committee and school planning
     committee have determined targets for the
     school's future development.
     Michael Murphy - Principal
     Margaret Elbra - Assistant Principal
     Vicki Scully, Jane McIlvenie, Jeff Vanderwyk
     Tony Dufficy, Anna Ward - Staff Representatives
     Prue King - School Administration Manager
     Scott Cooper - Parent Representative
     Tom Easey, Jesica Turner, Ruben Fela - Student

     School contact information
     Holgate Public School
     RMB 5255 Wattle Tree Road Holgate
     4367 7444
     4365 3088


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