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Remote Software Support Pack

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Our Business
“It is in our culture!! It is one of our cover values!! We call it integrity network!!
Since our customer’s & their businesses are integral to our business. Our
experience in managing their infrastructure has enabled them to move on &
explore new frontiers. Businesses today face enormous challenges in
maintaining their IT infrastructure up-to-date. Staying apace with the
developments and innovations in technology, cross platform compatibility,
migrating and upgrading to new-age systems are some of the key areas where
Suntex brings in valuable expertise. Suntex has fashioned itself as a ‘service
partner rather than just a provider’, bringing a unique blend of specialized
technology skills with domain knowledge.”
“Celebrating the success of our Customers”
Superior Remote Software Support is now closer, and within your reach.
At Suntex, we bring you proven expertise in consistent and consolidated remote software support,
enabling you to not only cut costs, but also perk up your service levels and expand your reach.
Inspired by simplicity, we have nurtured our process and delivery methodology to make our NOC, the
global epi –centre of ‘delivery and performance’ excellence.
At the helm of the company are astute professionals who share their experience, the know-how and a
common visionary zeal to your advantage a full-fledged Global Delivery Centre in Bangalore India.
At Suntex, we bring to you a table affordable and reliable on-demand support services, so you can now
succeed and sustain in today’s fast-changing world.

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Product Description
What We Do:
Engineers at Suntex engage, manage, and maintain the IT application either in part or on the whole as
requested by the customer. The monitoring and reporting services are rendered on your behalf for a
fraction of the costs. Our proactive remote application monitoring service also works to enhance your
Suntex Offers you turnkey services from REMOTE:
 Security Management
 Desktop management
 Applications Management
 It consulting services
Firefighting situations:
At Suntex we deploy the right professionals, call it the brigade at the right time to address issues that
challenge mission critical applications, the reason why customers are rest assured of smooth operations
round the clock.
Delivering on Promise:
 Our technical expertise know how to help customers.
 Cut down on overall operational costs, improve service levels and focus on strategic objectives
to drive the business forward.
 Add to this, the compatibility with ITIL best practices at Suntex.
 We offer the perfect blend of end-to- end solutions for your day today IT support services.
We understand that the daily tactical chores of managing complex and often mission-critical
applications can be trying and challenging, Leave the trouble to us while you focus on the core activities
to make your IT organization successful.
Suntex Services with 24/7 Helpdesk:
 Desktop & Server Management
 Centralized Network Management
 Comprehensive Database Management
 Application Management
 Reliable Security Management
 Systematic Backup & storage Management

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We are looking for experienced call centers in India B2C Remote Software Support Services to offer a
very long-term and secure program.
The key points are:
 Dialing to UK (B2C) to generate sales of the RSSP.
 All reporting is fully transparent – daily and weekly updates
 Timely payments of commissions - all sales on by-weekly terms.
 Sales and reporting via online systems.
 Data center to use this product for the database which is shared online
 Banking details or payment ref no. will be needed to secure the lead as payment.
 Only centers with IT sales experience should consider this program.
The process is a simple one.
 The center sells the product to a new customer.
 The center has to collect the customer’s payment through the online payment gateway from
our website
 The center will collect the customer’s information to email the welcome kit to the customer’s id.
Call Center Procedures
 Center required to-contact customers to promote and sell the Suntex product RSSP. (This can be
done via telephone contact or any agreed electronic means.)
 Center may identify itself as calling on behalf of Suntex Solutions (P) Ltd., UK. They must say they
are a center selling the RSSP product on behalf of Suntex. This regulation applies to all verbal
communication and printed documents.
 A supervisor/manager must verify the sale.
 Every sale must be audio-recorded or in the case of electronic communication all email
correspondence must be forwarded to Suntex.
 Every lead and managers verification with customer must be audio-recorded or documented
and sent to Suntex. These audio-recordings and documents will be kept on file for a minimum of
6 months.
 Suntex retains the right to request these files and center agrees to provide them within 24 hours
of original request.
Target Market
 Any customer who uses a Desktop, Laptop & Internet.
 Any customer interested in purchasing the RSSP Product.
 Any customer is welcomed for this service and there is no geographic restriction in the world for
acceptance of an application for service provided that a valid credit/debit card can be accepted.

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Suntex Commission Payment Schedule
Suntex will pay the center for each pack that Suntex receives its payment.
The following commissions will be payable to the center.
By-weekly premium for the new sales will be paid as commission to the center.
Commission will be paid as per the below chart.
Projected     Agents         SPA        SPD          Per        Sales per      Comm. Per   Total         Selling
revenues:                                            Month      month          Pack        Comm.         Price
Packs                                                (Days)                                Per Month

Yearly        25             1          25           22         550            £40.00      £22,000.00    £135.00
Half          25             1          25           22         550            £20.00      £11,000.00    £80.00
Quarterly     25             2          50           22         1100           £15.00      £16,500.00    £55.00
Monthly       25             2          50           22         1100           £10.00      £11,000.00    £30.00

Weekly        25             3          75           22         1650           £5.00       £8,250.00     £15.00

Projected costs:

  Per                 25           No. of           25
Agent/day          agents/day      Days        agents/months

£5.00              £125.00         22          £2,750.00

Projected balance:

         Packs                Actual              Cost of all            Over Heads                ROI
                             revenue               agents
Yearly                  £33,000.00            £2,750.00               £2,500.00            £27,750.00
Half Yearly             £16,500.00            £2,750.00               £2,500.00            £11,250.00
Quarterly               £22,000.00            £2,750.00               £2,500.00            £16,750.00
Monthly                 £16,500.00            £2,750.00               £2,500.00            £11,250.00
Weekly                  £11,550.00            £2,750.00               £2,500.00            £6,300.00
Total                   £99,550.00            £13,750.00              £12,500.00           £73,300.00

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Contact Details
Company Name: SuntexIT Solutions (P) Ltd.,

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