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About Us
SuntexIT Solutions Pvt Ltd., is a security suite that lets you use the computer &
Internet with complete peace of mind. It protects you from viruses, spy ware, root
Kits, hackers, online fraud, identity theft and all other Internet threats. The anti
spamEngine will keep your inbox free from junk mail while the Parental Control
Feature ensures your children can use the Web safely. And thanks to the new
Collective Intelligence technology, the solution is now much faster than previous
Versions. Get our comprehensive award-winning annual support, service and
Solutions - 24/7 remote support from Microsoft Certified technicians for your
Computer and everything connected to it.

Support & service
 Suntex brings to its clients a complete suite of security consulting services,
Enabling them to make informed decisions to safeguard their interests.
 For Suntex, our commitment to social responsibility is about making a
Meaningful difference and seeking innovative ways to help others through
Our technology, resources and employees by partnering with nongovernmental
Organizations to address key issues facing our world.
Through this collaboration, we hope to build a better, connected
 Suntex recruits talented professionals from all over the world to join its
Growing base of 500 Tech Experts across the globe.
 Suntex is the only company that can provide you with full service without
Outsourcing any services to third party companies. Our advantage from
Other companies is that in case of any technical problems with PC’s our
Specialist is available 24 hours 7 days a week for any problem that you are
Experiencing. Suntex Global Tech Experts are setting benchmark in the tech
Support industry. Our Expertise solution helps you to access your computer
Remotely via the Internet, and kick-back and relax, while we diagnose and
Repair your tech issues. Even a novice can safe guard their PC for ease.

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 Web Filter: Lets you, use the Internet safely without the risk of infections,
Vulnerability exploits, browser hijacking or phasing websites. By analyzing
Website content links and Web reputation scores, Our Security provides
Protection against all types of Web-based mal ware and scams
 lets your children browse the Internet safely by blocking access to violent,
adult, or racist content, as well as other inappropriate websites. From the
solution’s control panel –and regardless of the browser type- you can
assign predefined filters (child, adolescent, employee…) to users or
customize filter rules according to your specific needs.

Expertise Tech Support
 The Suntex Group are the world's-fastest growing provider of
comprehensive direct-to-consumer and small business remote tech
support. Suntex has more than 90,000 customer and small business
customers across four continents for its annual subscription alone. The
company also provides thousands of single incident sessions every day on a
24/7 basis.
Customer Experience
 Corporate Accountability is about acting with integrity to inspire trust. Our
business thrives when we earn the trust and respect of our customers
through our actions and our innovations. We have built ethics and integrity
into our key corporate growth initiatives, encouraging people to accept
responsibility and enabling them to take action. We believe the secret of
corporate accountability at Suntex.
 Suntex, Group Global Tech Experts, in locations worldwide, provide a new
approach to solving problems and helping customers. The identification of
the apt technology is the biggest difficulty for any kind of business people.
We serve those clients using a rich pool of resources and technology
expertise to improve their performances. For effective sustainability, they
too take some innovative consultations from us and peak their process with
appropriate optimizations. Our approach harnesses a world-class solution

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with the highest efficiency in a cost-effective manner. It is setting the
standard for the remote support industry with a customer satisfaction
rating of 95%. Suntex Group offers a range of powerful tools which support,
service & solutions winning remote support, for helping customers
maintain technology at peak performance.
Service Methodology
 Suntex are Global Delivery Platform, Our Services gets smarter with every
customer interaction. It documents every problem, solution and relevant
hardware and software specs, while capturing each customer's
demographic information and creates a behavioral profile. All of this
information is at the fingertips Suntex are the Global Tech Experts,
combining a powerful knowledge base with a comprehensive set of tools,
and technology expertise that can be accessed on demand to deliver great
tech support & solutions.

 Our service strategies begin with gaining through knowledge about the
customer's need and proceeds with a comprehensive research about the
information gathered. Our professionals take the procedure to the next
step of assessing the scope of the objectives and reviewing current
environment and problems.

Our Vision
 We have several satisfied customers who have been using our services for
the past year and the fact that today a substantial portion of the business is
through reference of our existing customers, is proof enough of the
tremendous good will we enjoy in the market place.
 We are now venturing into Data processing and Tech support & Solutions
for various B2B & B2C customers; we expect to expand our business further
globally with 24x7 Call center facilities with well trained staff team.

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 State of the art infrastructure facilities have been put in place to get
uninterrupted quality output, incorporating the following
 25 setter office setup
 24- Hour power backup
 2 high end racks mount servers for networking as well as file distribution.
 Highly secure network connectivity.
 Call center – technology:
 Predictive hardware dialer for 50 seats licensed with using VOIP technology
which support inbound / outbound services.
 Connectivity: 4 mbps cable line from two different service providers has
been installed to ensure uninterrupted link up as well as adequate speed
for downloads and uploads.

Contact Details:
Company Name: SuntexIT Solutions (P) Ltd.,
Email: callcenterprojects201@gmail.com
Website: http://www.suntexitsolutions.com

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