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					                                                The Scientific and Organizing Committees
          8th International Symposium               cordially invite you to participate
         of Animal Nutrition and Biology           to the 8th International Symposium
                                                     of Animal Biology and Nutrition
                                              The event gathers experts and scientist in biology and
                                              animal nutrition from all over the world, who will
                                              present their most recent research and will focus on
                                              current scientific trends

                                                 MAIN TPOICS covered by the symposium:

                                              - animal nutrition within the food chain context;
                                              - animal husbandry and the global changes:
                                                environment, the new regulations, global market
                                              - management of animal genetic resources: genetics,
                organized by                    animal breeding, reproduction, biodiversity
The National Research-Development Institute      * Scientific contributions in other topics related to
      for Biology and Animal Nutrition           biology and animal nutrition will also be welcomed
               (                  Contributors are warmly invited to contact the
                                              Organizing Committee and send their articles to
symposium webpage:                          Looking forward to meeting you in Bucharest,

                                              Prof. Dr. Horia Grosu
           September 24-25, 2009              Director General
            Bucharest, Romania
SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE:                                               CONTACT:
 Belc Nastasia – Romania              Marin Daniela – Romania
                                                                    Correspondence concerning scientific maters
 Bracarense Ana Paula – Brasil        Mircea Pop – Romania          should be addressed to:
 Chrenkova Maria – Slovakia           Murphy Michael - USA             Dr. Dragomir Catalin (Scientific Director)
 Criste Rodica D. – Romania           Nicolae M. – Romania
 Circkovic M. – Serbia                Nollet Lode – Belgium         * upon registration you will be assigned a contact person, who
                                                                    will guide you through the reviewing and publication process
 Dihoru A. – Romania                  Nys Y. – France               and help you on practical aspects related to the symposium
 Dragomir Catalin – Romania           Oswald Isabelle – France
                                                                    All correspondence concerning registration, transport,
 Drăgănescu C. – Romania              Petkova Mariana – Bulgaria
                                                                    accomodation and other practical matters should be
 Drânceanu D. – Romania               Pinares C. – New Zealand      addressed to:
 Fievez Veerle – Belgium              Popa Mona – Romania               Symposium Secretariat
                                                                        INCDBNA Balotesti
 Ghiţă Elena – Romania                Popescu Vifor St. - Romania       Calea Bucuresti nr. 1, Balotesti, Ilfov, ROMANIA
 Grosu H. – Romania                   Ralcheva Simona – Bulgaria        Tel: +40-(0)21-351 20 84
                                                                        Fax: +40-(0)21-351 20 80
 Hebean Veronica – Romania            Simionescu D. – Romania           E-mail:
 Juskiene Violeta – Lithuania         Soysal I. – Turkey
 Kadlecik O – Slovakia                Souffrant W. – Germany        LANGUAGE:
 Kistanova Elena– Bulgaria            Stoica I. – Romania
                                                                    The official languages of the symposium are English and
 Lalles J.P. – France                 Şara A. – Romania             Romanian. Simultaneous translation (on headphones) will
 Levic Jovanka – Serbia               Ţăranu Ionelia – Romania      be provided
                                      Yaman Sema – Turkey
                                                                    All papers accepted for presentation will be published
- registration opens March and closes May 30, 2009                  as abstracts in the Symposium’ Books of Abstracts.
- deadline for submitting abstracts: May 30, 2009                   In parallel, papers will be reviewed for publication “in
- deadline for submitting full text articles: June 30, 2009         extenso” in Archiva Zootechnica or Analele IBNA

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